Curse Breaker

Good day folks.

I’m interested in a ritual I can deploy to break a serious curse. I believe someone put a powerful curse on me, and is still relentlessly cursing me. I notice a lot of constant negative self-talk, people seem to be distancing themselves from me, even outright hating me & everything in my life seems to be taking a downward spiral. I feel horrible and I know this is a psychic attack.

Scroll down to the “Uncrossing” tutorial:

Also look up “Return to Sender”, and “Hex break”.


incantacion for protection againsest all that binds you and targets you
lekra’x jeenas mah’jeenas entemonos lena mo

this is my new favorite incantation. It not only protects you with what is outside, but also with what is inside, i.e. your own emotions. When I say it, for example after the 100th time, I feel happy and strongly grounded. I have tried various protective incantations, but this one is really special. This is gold. Of course, the more and more, the better the effect.

That’s enough. Say these incantations each at least 100x2=200 times a day. Of course, even the smallest amount is always better than nothing.

Give yourself 30 days and notice the differences

Another issue is that people are vampires, they gossip about you because they are stupid and looking for a victim. Life is based on the law of the jungle. That’s what they are like, what you think is a magical curse may have nothing to do with it. Do you think you’re the only one they’re talking about?
You’re white, that’s not good
You’re black, that’s bad
you are hardworking, it’s bad because you make others look lazy
You’re lazy, that’s also bad
If you have a good heart, it means you’re a wimp, but if you’re too tough, they’ll say you don’t have a heart and you’re a bad person.
This is how people are and you have to accept it.

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I do believe in vampiric attacks. It sometimes feels like I was drained of my energy and left some kind of battlefield.