My start with the first gatekeeper - Belial

That is amazing. Sounds like you had a real breakthrough. I am sooooooo excited to see what’s next for you King Xag :slight_smile:


thank you :slightly_smiling_face:
tommorow i will evoke ala’tal’zol and post more;


This is all very interesting and beautiful, particularly

This is wonderful :black_heart:


As for the girl you love, my advice is two major things.

  1. teach yourself to not want her. Do spells on yourself to not need her. work to transform your desire into a casual, almost indifferent thing.

  2. use magic to bend her will and keep her chained to you completely. Remove her free will entirely.

I think this is the only way to have a person you love and have them not leave you. It will take away from the “high of victory” as you will simply fall into this manifestation casually, but I think that is the only way this works with love.


Thank you!


right now i am going through my third destruction in this path working.


So what’s your third Destruction involve, And how many phases do you have to go through?

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i seen relationships and friends going away myself being stripped my ego stripping away but i resist


It’s funny, just before joining here, I was on a Buddhist path, I did that for one year after which time I joined here. Only after joining did it make sense. I learned a lot about ego, and letting go of attachment. I feel for what you’re going through, but the end result will be worth it.


theres a quote that says when the ego dies the heart blossoms.

through the journey of ego destruction we understand the nature of ourselves and the universe too it is through ego death that we become gods like belial says “you cant undestand untill you pass through it”


Alatalzol enters in the room

i unleashed the infernal idol before i said the name of this being about 3 times he came as darkness then morphing into a thin robed man i entered in the "light code " conciouness beyond thoughts and he said

"on this age the demon kings shall rise…

visualise the keys of the inner abyss of the solar plexus the manipura in another tongue
opening the pit within
whire reciting the keys of the inner pit visualise the father rising yataeton tell him in an vibrating tongue if he accepts you are enlighted by his knowladge and power,the father shall bless you…

then call me again tommorow

what you learned its only a shadow,as you cannot see becuase you think you can see the uknown you are trying way too much try your trying,put effort in the effortlness

use this chant to call me
Yaxa’na’oom mata intz melentiz yaltis belis yalta danxa’ya’oom

then belial comes
and gives me a key and i saw visions of massive gates opening before me
i asked him if he was real he said

“i am real as the room around you
as your family,as the idol before you
as the rock and crust beneath you and as the darkness infront of you
its not a matter of belief in me but its on trust on your very own vision”

how does a one enter your kingdoms?

“only those of worthly of having the keys of the abyss,they must turn into monsters and then masters,only those worthly of worship”

after meditating into the meditation that alatalzol provided me he said
“the father is you,we are you personified”

during my intesnly works i had found that everyone is the abyss personified,belial azazel and takkalos (my abyssal godself) are all expressions of the abyss like masks or scales upon a dragon,bael is me,azazel is takkalos,belial is asmodeus,we have no difference at all,but like bael said we all have a bit of indiviality and uniqueness.



i heard again a voice telling me that i am accepted in the night of mysteries
i see again a key dark as night yet it glows like a day i reach it and open myself

i chant itz ra cha belial he says
“you are the key and the gate”

what are your kingdoms?
“you cant understand drop yourself”

as i drop and enter the conciounsess of takkalos i was there i saw symbols and magicians i had so much coded info he said “all that is yours”

belial i wanna know more
“its not the time yet,learn what alatalzol wants to teach you.”


Belial is wise lol


for tonight .before evoking alatalzol
i will do an qlippothic attument ritual
i will open the infernal idol before me and vibrate the names of the 11 speheres 11 times after each repeaticion i will attune my self in the energy and evoke the black light.


thats the secret of godhood

letting go and being just godly?

“yes it is,but theres more into this path that you are awaken from,”

then i tried to rise up as a good,perhaps too hard belial said this.

"dont try to hard

isnt you that says in ordere to becme gods and powerful you must just be?,in order to be come your own master you must blaspheme all the lies that you believed in and the false truths of the outside world,as true ascend is nor outside,inside nor lifting high in the heavens or decending in hell,you are correct about that belief and secret that you found,yet i am telling you again you make it too hard for you,in the you will find that you are only punishing yourself
you are only punishing yourself christopher
you are only punishing yourself christopher
you are only punishing yourself christopher
truth growth happens when you accept and move on that you become more,that is waht you have been looking for in your life,was that so easy?yes it does but you are only made it harder on yourself,correct yourself and you will find that the only enemy is you,nothing more

what you pay attention grows what has meaning has power,what does worship is meanigless
in this path you must worship none,but rise and decend,isnted of petty worship,devotions and un-bowing praise is good."


i missed the rituals last night i over-slept i will try doing them at day.


i have no idea how to start this but
in order to become a god you must be the best of the best version of yourself
put effort yet effortless effort in it ,it opens the ajna chakra
you will get respected from the gatekeepers and belial if you straighted your spine and act as a god using your full power,will,dedication and potencial in your works
strive for today to be better than yesterday and tommorow better than today go beyond your limits and really do your best

i have to apologise that i didn wrote down dialogues with belial its kind of hard right now becuase i live in a christian family.


today i opened myself to the current of belial
i did the ritual in the compedium shared by asenath mason
i drawed the sigil for some reason it cant be seem in the camera probably from the bad quality
i felt that i had become belial,belial himself said
“i am belial,i am takkalos,takkalos is xristoforos,xristoforos is takkalos,i belial is you xristoforos
we are one and the same yet seperate”

during my gnosis that i discover that we are all are one and the one is all us
they are all masks of the abyss ,they are the abyss expressed in different way takkalos i belial and all demons are ,we are no different
i cannot express this understanding that is on the light code
chant this incantacion given to me by amaymon:

"alush taltus kamana yeltus"

belial said that he will teach me like a brother teaches his brother
we have no difference the only enemy in my ascend is me and no other is worthly to enter in front of me and stop me only i have the power for it.

the ritual

first draw the sigil (badly) but i made it godly becuase it was created by a god.

before i chanted belial belial
itz rea cha belial
then i said something today is the day of belial
i remember clearly that i said that i dedicate my self into him
i said

“my power is your power
your power is my power
your blood is mine
and my blood is yours”

then i continued saying my soul,my body and more.
i said i am belial
i felt his essence spark within me deeply he was always a part of me.

i vibrated belial at the sigil and i said

“creature of paper
creature of substance
now you shall become the gate of belial
itz ra’cha belial”

i said over and over again till i felt like its over
once i feel like it i straighted my back with authority perform the ritual
then i saw the kingdoms of belial,darkness become gold and gold became darkness it flew into my ajna chara i said a word of silence shared by kurtis the word of silence is that of the black alchemy and it shall start


because i live with a christian family i cant have great ritual tools but i made a incense burner (sort of) anyways it works,i mixed jasmine oil and lavander oil and lighted the clay beneath it it worked like incense belial said some things that i dont quite remember becuse he told paragraphs but thats not an excuse.

after the ritual ,i was instructed to bath the sigil in the oil and set it on fire.

after it became ashes belial said to keep it and to use it to "anoit " my ajna chakra with him

i am becoming and i already became belial.
theres more work to do to work with the dayside the nightside summon his top 5 familiars the extraterasial connection the lord of earh and do all the rituals

Itz Ra Cha Belial



for tonight theres some black alchemy going the activate my lake of fire current and meditate on all sounds of silence.


man i feel such strong energy and vibrations by just looking at your post!