Belial's "Advice" on "love relationships"

I was in a relationship, and today it’s over, but I’m tempted to try to still handle the situation.

A few days ago I asked Belial if it was really for me to stay with this boy he was going to stay in the city where I live, then I was not there, I left Belial’s hands for him to do what would be best for me, Boy left town. Today the boy calls me to get away from him, he claims that he is in a difficult time where he has to reconcile school among other things, said he wants to avoid at all costs meeting me and staying in touch with me. But I feel Belial confront me by telling me to use my “power” and command the situation, and I feel him saying that if I had imposed my will from the beginning he would still be here in my city and with me. My fear and fear is to ask Belial to resolve and I get frustrated with it, to let him escape himself, to let the boy go away for good.

Briefly, I should have been in charge of my relationship with the boy from the start. Not that I’m saying that Belial does not know what is best for me, but I feel that he let the boy go to confront me and say that I have the power to make him stay and that I should use now as soon as possible ( on the day the boy was about to leave my home I felt myself stop in time for thousands of seconds to hear something like, "Use the power you have, make him stay here in your town, ask me to make him stay.
But I’m being silent because I do not think I’m going to want this kid forever and not want to waste my energy for something I do not know if I’ll want it forever.
I think I have to be more selfish and think of myself (in this case, loving). I also hope Belial or Lucifer will send me somebody else or even make this kid stay.

Someone has gone through something similar in their relationships, please tell me, or even someone who has gone through situation where they could have used the “power” they have, but ended up not using and letting things take a different end from what in fact did you want in your “unconscious”? (One part of me wanted it and the other did not, and I’m not falling in love easily, but with this boy we had a very strong sexual connection, where other feelings began to arise).


The “power” that you have is to make a choice based on your true desire. It seems to me you don’t really know what you want and you’re leaving this entire mess to fate, moreover this boy. you did nothing therefore it unfolded this way.

I don’t even know why you even posted this, this was expected. ask yourself what you want, and make it happen


You said everything, translated the mess well and why is this mess, because I left it in the hand of fate. I had to create this topic to get answers that I knew deep down. I was really not listening. Thank you for your words, thank you very much.


similar on what he told me in my situation


Leaving things to fate is crap. It tends to make a mess of things when you don’t know what you want, you can end up with a lot of stuff that you don’t, so your first step is to figure out what you want. The hard part is when some of those desires are conflicting, then you have to figure out what ones are the more important essential ones.


I have to agree on this. I learned this time and again. Leaving things to fate especially things like this will result in a mess. I learned that the hard way before. There is a difference between a set out plan for your growth and where you should be to just letting things go to blind fate that will rip your world to pieces like a tornado to a house. I think we all experienced this lesson one way or another at one point or another.

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I was in a relationship with a very beautiful southern girl and she was starting school to be a medical assistant. At the time I was dealing with a great deal of personal problems and I knew our relationship was at a crossroads. I decided to hold back and not use my power it fight for the relationship and I ended up breaking up with her, so I didn’t drag her into my problems while she was focusing on school. I wanted her to graduate. I was devastated for months, didn’t date anyone new for 2 years, but I resolved my problems, and she graduated. Fast forward 5 years, she is now a Christian minister. Had I stayed with her it definitely would have ended up becoming the wrong path for me. Satan saved me from what would have become a totally wrong relationship, it just took me several years to see it that way.