Money Spells not working


Curious to know why and how money spell won’t work and how should it work…


First I’m gonna start with the classic “lust for results” mistake.
Then, I’ll ask you what you did. Please describe how you did the spell and maybe we can find what went wrong.


Normal Incantations, En chanting, insets, Not a actually full blown ritual, they told me I didn’t need one so. Perhaps maybe you can help.

Also I have a Sigil which I use to meditate.

Who is “they” ? Are you working with a spirit to help you manifest wealth?

  • Since you have a sigil that you use, there may be a possibility you haven’t opened / charged it correctly. - You may have made the sigil wrongly (Did you use present tense ? F.e “I am a millionaire” and not “I want to be a millionaire”?)
  • Then there may be an issue with the strength of your intent. Your will must be strong, you must feel like you “need” money in your life, not just “want” it.
  • You might be lusting for results which may interfere with the energy you put out to the universe and wreck your spell.

I am not saying you did all these stuff. I am just shooting arrows randomly hoping to find a target :slightly_smiling_face:


An idea that I’ll try myself is to do the magickal working as if it was for a client… The magickal name “issue” may help with that.

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Hello Fapa,
Can you elaborate a bit please. Thank you for your help.

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Either search a method for obtaining your magickal name, or create it, and so on. This isn’t required but it may help you to “divide” in two persons: the magician who does a spell or ritual, and your everyday self.
Perhaps by not asking something for you but working as if you was a client, it may be easier (for example) to deal with the “lust of result” problem.

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ahh thank you very much

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Yes With Bune, and Lucifer.
I just feel like something is missing something do manifest, some don’t mostly with money. it takes a longer concentration and a lot of will power.

Read Genevieve Davis’ books or Holly Alexander’s. They both explain what to do to set up money magick.

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Yeah, all of that shit isn’t going to help you do money magick of any value.

Here are a few money magick setups you may want to consider, to actually get money coming in:

1 - Use a daily planner. If you waste your time, you will also waste your money. Get that sorted out first.

2 - Reset your bank accounts. You’re doing money magick, but don’t have anywhere to actually PUT the money once it shows up. Smart, right?! Go to your bank and get it set up properly, with a checking account, at least one savings account, and a retirement account at the very least. Read Holly Alexander’s books to find out how to maximize your bank account once it is set up in this way. She describes in great detail what you do in books 1 and 2.

3 - Learn basic personal finance here and here, and follow ONE of the great money blogs online.

4 - Call the right spirits. Lucifer isn’t a money spirit per se. Bune is, but he brings money slowly. Look for a spirit related to the Sun to bring money and honors.

5 - Set up a working altar to whatever spirits you are calling for money. This is not a one-time thing; money comes slow. You have to work with your spirits daily.

6 - Donate regularly to a charity you believe in. Don’t ask me why it works. It just does.


I’m doing half of these, I didn’t know Bune brings money slow, I do see it but very slowly. which entity do you recommend for money precisely ?.. Thank you for your honest help =)

Ya no, Bune is good for money. Slow money forces you to create a solid financial foundation.

You may want to find another spirit to bring you faster money from time to time, or to level you up by adding a 0 to the end of your income here and there. It helps to gain slow money but it’s also cool to have quick cash influxes coming in every so often.

You may also want to add Napoleon Hill’s Invisible Counsellors Technique to bring to you business mentors from the past and present. Mentorship is very important in business.

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which Spirit do you recommend ?

There are so many. It comes down to what you want to do and where you want to earn. You have to figure out what you want; nobody else can do this for you. Read Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich and really think about what you want to do in your life. The answer will come to you. From there, look for the right spirit that will get you where you want to go. I can’t tell you that; nobody can. Its up to you

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