Hi i wanted to ask if anyone here have worked with set, evoked him, what did you learn.
My hope in working with him, is that he will teach me how to go forward in life. Right now i’m unemployed and really need to work, and i think he has allot to teach about doing whatever it takes to succeed. To be clear how hard the market is, i have been rejected from McDonald interviews 9 times. And that suppose to be the safety net, cant find a job, flip some burgers.

It is ment to be then. You are not supposed to flip burgers with the knowledge you have.

I agree but we all have-to start somewhere. My hope is that working with set will start to produce some good result on my career front and life in general.

Flipping burgers for eight hours a day will drain the energy you could use for something much better. People use so much energy on writing applications. You could use that energy to think about what to do for yourself. What you love - make it your job. To make a businessplan. Try get into soup kitchens (They always work if you got a spot where many people walk around). You dont need much material to get a shop going. Like 5 - 10000 bucks you need to get the cashmachine going. Everything is better than to make someone else your boss and yourself a slave.

And never ever say ‘i cant do that its too hard’. Everyone can do that. Even the smallest fish in the pawn.