Making Money With Youtube!

I am going to make a Youtube channel with the purpose of getting a lot of subscribers and making money. My goal is to make this thing get pretty big. If I get big enough I will start a twitch channel and then get even more money from random donors (for those who do not know how twitch works) Hopefully wealthy ones too.

I have had good Success with Bune, but I don’t know if this the best situation for her to be used.
Which I have a few questions

The you tube channel is basically going to be about movie reviews, game play videos, etc… and other funny shit I have been working on.

  1. would this be a monetary magical approach or one in which I try to become more popular.
  2. Which incense do you guys usually use with money workings
  3. Since this will be considered technically entertainment as a form of business, are there spirits that specialize in entertaining the masses or others.
  4. Or should I approach this as a salesman selling a product to others.
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I normally use Rosemary or pine incense with money magic.
I’ve heard the big money comes from YouTube advertisers. If your channel gets really popular, advertisers pay to put ads on your channel.
Hope it all works out for you.

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