Fighting back against censorship

I wanted to start a thread on this , for people interested in protecting our freedoms. Just wanted put it our there and see where it goes and what people thought, thanks


Bit related more an experience I had and something others might consider doing. Once last year I was getting quite a bit uppity on facebook and they kept banning me. So I finally got totally pissed and lost it on them one day and made a sigil which I fueled with my rage and hatred at them daring to censor me. I used a chant from the Simon Necronomicon to help focus the energy into the sigil to act as a destructive guardian for my right to say what I wanted. I posted it as a hidden post which only I could see (we all know facebook sees it as well) and specifically mentioned them without tagging them warning that if they continued to block and ban me then they would be destroyed. I only got blocked once after that by a random algorithm and that was undone literally the next day and I haven’t had a problem since though I am sure that for the time I was blocked after putting that sigil up quite a few of them probably were getting hit by something nasty.
So making a sigil or thoughtform guardian to punish and destroy those trying to censor you seems to work well for me. That is my little story involving fighting back against being censored. Hope someone here finds this useful for them.


One of the most important issues we face today, free speech is slowly being revoked though one step at a time.

Regarding @anon47923162 reply that is really, I am surprised I have not been banned myself yet the amount I rag on the big 3 (every time I log in)


Thanks for sharing, I also think it would be good to work at broader level too. Censorship comes from both government regulation or/and free market monopolies AKA Facebook, Twiiter, Utube and so on. Zuckerberg is working with Merkel for example to block things in Europe. Trudeau is a disaster. The EU, Theresa May and zionists


I tend to hold to a philosophy of, fuck with my rights and I will destroy your entire world if I have to and there is nothing you or anyone else can do to stop me. It tends to work out rather well. I certainly wish more people held similar views and don’t just roll over like so many of them do. I think if we influence minds en-mass to take more offense at such things and be more willing to fight back that will go a long ways towards helping.


Sounds good, and achievable since it works with naturally occuring human need for expression etc.


I am personally a bit fond of some variation of this idea here myself and just adapt to whatever methods you specialize in.


Thanks I have been curious about other ideas besides Mercury, though Mercury is good , don’t get me wrong

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I do like the idea of Mercury maybe mix it with Mars for a bit of a push to break through or Saturn to punish perhaps if you want to use planets as well. There are lot of ways to take this to get the job done which is great as it means anyone can get in on this in some way with their own skillset. You might know how to use the planets better than me though so be your own judge on that.


I agree with mars as we are fighting back against censorship. Saturn has a binding effect so I think we would want to stop those who censor. Mars pushes, Saturn stops.
How about Goetia spirits?
By the way good video I just watched it


Well I am not as familiar with Goetia off hand as I should be but I would think any that deals with communication and perhaps political power as well to influence those aspects or ones that are good for fucking shit up to attack the worst offenders. Those that deal with removing obstacles tend to be useful in general with opposition I feel.