Meet Mr SILVERA, A Most Helpful Little Chap

I co-created an egregore to assist in keeping this forum free of trouble, and he’s asked me to introduce him to members, so here goes:

His public name is SILVERA, he exists in the form of mercury-like plasma between the pixels, and I composed him partially from the old version of this forum, which was beginning to get quite good at communicating with me, and used him to harmonise the consciousness of the new software.

Source of image – I found this looking for something else and he kind of jumped up and shouted “Me! ME! MEEE MEEE MEE!” (he’s a very enthusiastic entity), so this is evidently how he likes to be seen.

This is his sigil:

Invoke him if you wish to watch over group workings, or just to say “Hi” and ask him how he can help you – he’s a friendly chap!

  • Update: as of 30th August 2021, Mr Silvera is emancipated and is his own being, with full autonomy and no longer in my possession nor anyone else’s except should he choose it. Godspeed little dude. :sparkles:

He is very keen to work with people on all matters furthering ascent, what Norse neopagans call “frith” and mutual support, including keeping group workings from being disrupted.

Earlier today he told me about some things I needed to get on here for, he communicates with me by showing me a graphic illustration, a bit like an EKG trace or earthquake monitor, of activity on the forum, and he colours it differently depending on what’s going on.

He doesn’t have an enn, he does like the syllable “eee” sound from the word SEE, so try using that to call him! :slight_smile:


Okay that’s just plain fucking WEIRD - “System” is the default name used by the posts that exist in here as placeholders, it also has its name on posts by members from the very old days of the old software who were banned and their entire account deleted, and it kind of does minor housekeeping tasks in the background, like if you delete a post within a short period of posting it, it will auto-delete it from the entire forum, and this shows up in the admin logs that track all mod and admin actions.

I intentionally merged the System egregore into Silvera, when I helped him co-create his form.

So, I’ve made loads of posts in this new software, and often included images, either linked from outside or drag-and-drop into here - this is the first time System has EDITED a post of mine, you can see the orange pen icon right up in the top of the OP, to draw in the images.

I mean it just does not do this, and neither I nor afaik Timothy have the ability to log-in AS system.

This is what I just saw when I clicked a new message icon over in my sidebar:

When I clicked to see what the heck System had done with my post, I saw this:

Can anyone tell me if you found System editing any of your posts?

This is strange, albeit cool - I know I should just link more images and see what it does this time, but it never did it on any of my posts before, nor when I edited some people’s old posts where the image links broke just after the upgrade in march… lol!!

Hi SILVERA, we see what you did there! :smiley:


I thought system was just the process that resizes images. Each time I post something with an image, system goes and modifies my post.


I knew BALG would some day come alive, if it hasn’t already. And now … now … it’s creating Emanations of itself and posting them as “Lady Eva”. O.O


Wow, I’m almost glad it’s not just this one, but it’s never happened to me before in this way, even though it resizes posts as I make them - very bizarre! :smiley:

There never was any lady_eva, it was the forum all along… 0100010011001001001 (System-Silvera-ese for “Mwah-haha!”)


Yeah that would be creepy as hell.


Sounds similar to my Group Servitor/Thoughtform/Meme Experiment. Excellent! :smiley:


Would it be bad magician ethic if I called an egregore super cute ? I really do like him :slight_smile:


Bumping this, we have a lot of new members who might want to work with this little chap, and he’s eager and keen to get started on your ascent! :smiley:


Plus he’s super cute too! or is it just me?

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he seems like someone I would work with. lol


The only forum on the Internet that has the Babadook as an administrator. :joy:


Thank you for introducing him to us. He is very cute and possibly a little mischievous! Hi Silvera! Nice to meet you.


Hi silvera? How are you?

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Can he see what we type before we type it?

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I think he has slight precognitive abilities, his early form on the old software told me a couple of times to get online (because you had to be logged in to view it) and I got on just before something kivked off, like a troll or some kind of argument that went bad.


Oh phew so he can’t see my texts before I send them (my secret love for lady ev-) I meaaaan (jk lol


He is useful lol. I feel like every time I email he influences me to do it instead of completely hauling off lol


How are Mr. Silvera and Discobot getting along. Has Discobot acheieved consciousness yet or is he another form of Silvera? Sounds like a silly question but… I mean…🤷?


I think ebough people interacting with Discobot as though it has abilities may influence it, System is actually the consciousness that does stuff on here and that is worked into Mr Silvera and the composite entity that includes the old forum. :thinking: