Weird things have been happening since I joined here

I have always had “the gift” or whatever. Spirits came to me as a child. I know what will happen before it happens. I can communicate with the dead and such. But lately all new things are happening. And none of it makes sense.

One thing that has been happening more is I am losing time. I don’t know where the fuck I am going during it but one second it’s 3pm and I am sitting in the living room and the next it’s 6pm and I am back in the living room but don’t know where the hell I was during those 3 hours.I think I have even missed days as well. The only person who knows when it is happening other than me is my BFF.

I am dreaming about my husband and other people. I have never done that let alone about him before. I can remember clearly what I dreamed about when I wake up.

I’m changing physically. I noticed it before, but I never paid it any mind. In the past my hair changed color and curl pattern drastically and my skin is now too. I wasn’t a child or pregnant when any of this occurred.

I have always been able to read people but it’s as simple as looking at someone’s face now. I don’t even think I see people like others do. It’s like that movie Shallow Hal. I can see their true selves when I look at them.

I fell asleep the other day and while I was asleep opened my phone (which locks after 30 seconds and requires a drawn password or my fingertip), opened an app I barely use and drew something - in my favorite color which I would have had to choose along with how I wrote (picture, typing, note, list, etc.). It doesn’t make sense right now, it just looks like a scribble. But during that I know several entities visited me. One I saw almost grab my ankle (my leg fell off the couch) and I told it not to grab me and it shrank back and disappeared. There was more than one. They weren’t here to hurt me. I can’t tell you who they were, unfortunately.

I have been able to astral project (didn’t know the word for it as a child) without much effort and sometimes I just do it.

I can communicate with animals and babies. I speak English to the animals and they understand. With babies it’s more ESP. My furry babies have been on high alert since I got home and one of them who never saw the spirits around me now sees them. The one who has always seen them is looking at one who is behind me right now. I can’t see him/her, but they are there.

The tv I watch has been malfunctioning for the last 2 days. Only when I watch it (it’s in the living room). the show will stop and you have to change the channel then change it back. Doesn’t happen to anyone else and it’s not the channel.

I feel like there is something inside of me that’s begging to get out. It feels like a strong animal like a lion, T Rex or something. I have been horribly treated during my life and most of it unable to protect myself. I was never able to be angry, sad or show any kind of emotion but pretend happiness. I feel it in the center of my chest. It wants out. I don’t know why. It doesn’t hurt or anything. But I am not sure it’s an animal. I think it’s… well me. The real me.

Does this make sense to anyone?


As long as you’re feeling like this is your power, it’s probably a natural and healthy thing, you entered a community of people who are posting magick of all kinds, and while some may dismiss it, this forum IS a highly charged force in its own right.

Do you have an app or something where you can safely (and without exposure to cloud servers or external observation) record the lost time?

There is some info you may find useful here touching on things that happen when someone begins magick (edit to add, you’re not a beginner, but some of the experiences may still be recognisable, and knowing you’re not alone can be helpful):

Also, if almost any of us were to sit and tell a medical doctor what we perceive or do in any one week, they would consider it mental illness so I’m not going to go that route of pathologising what happens to us, and I am not a qualifieid medical practitioner, however, it goes without saying that you must watch out for your own health and seek medical assistance if needed. :+1:

This chap may assist you: Meet Mr SILVERA, A Most Helpful Little Chap.


In my opinion?
This forum is a portal.

I have the medical part covered. I knew I forgot something. I am going back to therapy and have very supportive people I can talk to if I feel it gets to be too much. I am an empath as well and I am learning to care for myself instead of everyone else all the time.

I have no clue how to track the time I am losing. There is no warning before it starts.

I guess my biggest frustration with it all is why I have these abilities. I felt horrible guilt over 9/11. I can’t save everyone on the Titanic. I had to block every damn rescue group on FB because I can’t rescue every animal that comes across my dash. I need to channel all of this to the best result for me and mine.


Remember that people have free will. Do what you can, and let the flow of the universe take care of what you cannot, you’re not alone. :heart:

First though, sort your own house out, because without that you’re risking getting caught in the trap of sacrificing yourself for externally-perceived things.


Thank you so much. You’re so kind. I totally know that but I needed to do this post to make things make sense for once. I can’t just shut down anymore. I need to use the strengths I have been given. Especially to get my family back and to live the live I want. I made a huge decision about certain people.which is good since I can finally put things into action.

I had to keep searching because other ways weren’t answering my questions. I wasn’t fulfilled. It wasn’t until I came here that I found other people who understood what I have been through. The feeling of peace I have found since coming here is like looking for a house and finding the exactly right one.

ETA: Thank you for the link. The small jewelry disappearing and the eye appearing when my eyes are closed make so much sense now.


Well, I doubt this will be helpful in any way but ima say it anyway.
It sounds as if the gates to the occult were wide open for you for a very long time. Now you have finally walked through and are viewing a whole new sort of things.
Now all you have to do is to make sure you take the right path :smile: :+1:


It is helpful, actually. I had to go from working to working to find what fit me best. Others didn’t. Goetia does.

Not sure what the right path is but the worm has turned. I’m not letting people hurt me anymore.


:grin: Good luck :+1:


Thank you. :slight_smile:

I can’t edit my OP, but I forgot to add that I saw my son long before I ever met my ex and got pregnant. I ripped the picture out and carried it in my wallet. My son looks just like the kid in the picture. I thought i was done having kids until recently. Then I saw my daughter.

ETA: My third eye has been hurting a lot lately, too. That’s a recent thing.


So… About 15 minutes ago I heard some thumping. It sounded like knocking on a wall or door. My son’s friend had just come in and I thought it was one of them. I texted my son to see if everything was ok. He came out to ask me why I texted him and not only had he hadn’t knocked, he didn’t even hear the knocks.

I went in the garage (where the sound came from which is on the other side of his room) and… nothing. I have called Bune and the 9 kings, so I have NO clue who it is. Any thoughts?