Magickal Friends with Benefits ... Garnet Edition

New Year, new (and old) goals and resolutions, time to start the spiral of light moving outwards again and get our magick on.

Magickal Friends with Benefits, or MFWB, is a group working people have been doing at BALG for years. We haven’t done one in a while, and I have the yen to see another MFWB in BALG forums.
… In all honesty, I haven’t run one before, so bear with me!

I’m setting the numbers on this to max out at 12 (plus me) to keep it manageable and be done by the end of January.

  • You get practice doing magick for others every day
  • You get magick done for you every day
  • You have a closed group with whom you can make friends, discuss techniques, results and advice

How it works:

  • It’s run on BALG as a group PM
  • Each person informs me of what magick they want performed for them, one task
  • Each day, the whole group will perform a rite of their choosing to achieve the person of he day’s goals
  • You don’t have to do any magick on the day that is allocated to you (unless you feel like it)
  • Each person commits to doing magick EVERY DAY for the days that it is not thier day. At any time of the day, for however long you decide. (I can help with ideas)
  • Active participants only, no spectators


  • I’m basically group leader aka project manager, my PMs are of course fully open for questions.
  • The working will have a start and end date, starting sometime in January, hence Garnet, which is January’s birthstone :slight_smile: It will run for however many days as there are people are on board.
  • Signups happen in this thread so all can see who’s in and who you’re working with.
  • Participants need to have been active on BALG For 90 days, per the rules
  • If/when signups hit 12 the thread and signups will be closed, this is really just to keep the number manageable for now.
  • I will not have a day but will be doing magick all days for the group.
  • Magickally speaking, the group working will have it’s own egregoric protections and wards, set up in advance prior to the start between myself and the forms protective egregore, Mr. Silvera.

Examples of previous MFWB threads:

January/February MFWB (closed)
Magickal Friends with Benefits ~ Raise Hell

Note, we’ll get to the tasking in PMs… it’s important that the benefits are mutual on this one :+1: :smiley: Come prepared to roll up your sleeves and do magick.

PS if this inspired you but rather than join this MFWB you want to do your own, that’s great too! In that case please be an active member here for 90 days as usual. :slight_smile:

If you’re interested, and have the time and energy for this group working in January 2022… and agree with the above little lot… please post below and I’ll add you to the list. :smiley:


Count me in, I’m definitely up for this.


Welcome aboard @Khayon and @anon29949371 :smiley: Glad to have you!


I don’t have a request, but would be up for helping in the same manner.


Count me in, I have a request but I’m willing to help as well although my senses are not open yet :slightly_smiling_face:


I want to join this sounds like a good opportunity to learn a lot and increase my senses


@Mulberry I’m up for this if theres space please.


I’m really interested but before I confirm I have a couple of questions.

  1. What are the dates for this? I’ll be travelling from 23-26 Jan.

  2. I mainly only do work with Goetic Spirits and also some energy work. Does that fall under the scope of this working?

  3. I’ve never done any magickal work for others. How does one raise those emotions for individuals we do not know? Will there be any guidance on this?

Thanks in advance.


Welcome @Muggie, @Jonny_somthing and @anon72381092 :smiley:

To Be Determined (TBD). It runs for 12 days so it’s likely to finish before then. We’d have to start by the 11th, and I have a tentative date in mind of the sixth.

You can use any magickal technique of your choosing to so the work for each task.

We can talk about it in group or feel free to PM. Using emotion is a tool, it’s not the only way, and it’s good to have a versatile toolbox as a mage. I would say it’s more important to be clear in your intention, energy follows mind.


I’ve done a lot of them and Mulberry and I are of the same mind here. You can PM me, too, but she may respond faster (being honest). Emotion is only one fuel type.


If there’s room I’d like to be a part of this, I won’t be able to do anything from 23-26 Jan. So if that’s cool then I’m in.

Thank you @Mulberry and @anon39079500 for the response and I will certainly be PMing you for guidance when needed.


Hey, I’m interested!


hello. I am very interested. please consider me.


Participated in last MFWB and looking forward for this one too

Count me in !!


Welcome @eric433 @juaruro @Vikson :smiley:

That’s eight including @Kindraathe, I’ll close signups Jan 1 with a view to prep and start Jan sixth, which is a week from today :slight_smile:


Count me in

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I got you, great to have you on board. :smiley:

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@anon39079500 … can you expand on the last statement? I have trouble enough rousing any emotion in ritual, not that Im lifeless, but could possibly use an alternative fuel.


Step by step:

  • Magick is changing your world through changing it’s energy
  • Energy is directed by mind, not emotions
  • Energy needs to come from somewhere
  • One place it comes from is emotions
  • Other places it comes from, and this is not an exhaustive list, are the moon, the sun, the cosmos, waterfalls, living things (ren qi/prana/life force), ambient emotions off crowds, candlelight, ley lines, and entities doing it for you.

If you charge a crystal by leaving it out in moonlight, do you have to wind yourself up into an emotional state to do that? No… You just put it out there knowing the moon will charge it… so you just intentionally directed the energy of the moon. Thank the moon afterwards, doesn’t take a lot of emotion to put a lid on it with a bit of gratitude :slight_smile:

You do need enough emotion to make the decision and hold your will to do something, but you don’t have to use emotional energy as fuel.


I see, thank you :slight_smile:
That’s right, I remember a friend explaining it once a way back … my memory finally got tripped. Yeah, he mentioned dancing as one form of energy/fuel raising. Energy=fuel. I Get it now. :slight_smile: