Magickal Friends with Benefits ... Garnet Edition

Hi, is this still open? If yes, please count me in!


Yes and you’re very welcome to join :smiley:
I’ll add you to the group PM!


I would like to join.


If the group is still open, I would love to be able to participate this year


Welcome @Jastiv and @Zabazu22 glad you could join :smiley:

And with that the group is at capacity. Yay!

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Is there still space for me please

I’m sorry we just got full. I’m strongly considering another in February at this point though, which will give more folks an opportunity.

If that would work for you I will start a waitlist for Feb. :slight_smile:


Hello Mulberry, would you please add my name to the February waitlist? Thank you!


Will do :smiley:

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@Mulberry … You can take me off the list, Im sort of involved in other stuff atm anyway.

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Excessive emotion is cheap when you’re young. It is a currency, if you will.

But emotion -= magic.

If that were so, the mature members would be helpless and those having literal psychotic episodes would change the world for that brief moment in time…

I can be calm, call on the right type.of energies, and deliver the curse before supper .

The young and immature depend on emotions for the workings. The rest have developed energy work - accessing different types of energy over time.

Frankly, I don’t care how much anger someone has at me,.for example. I will mark your signature, let you waste your emotional fuel as I counter enough to stop it, and be fully fueled when you run out… This isn’t theoretical.

So, diversify your abilities, regardless of age.

Oh…and before I forget…create a servitor their excessive energy into a crystal or stone (even in the ground)…


Yes please much appreciated. Thank you. And if you are doing a general healing and blessing please throw my name in it if you can. I would really appreciate. Can use something positive.


Hey you should pile on over here… I am also joining and I’ll send a little extra oomph your way :smiley:

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Thanks I will and thank you for the extra ooph

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Many thanks