Magickal Friends with Benefits ~ Raise Hell

I’m starting a MFWB group for the Holidays.
This is how it works. Everyone that wants to participate gives let’s me know what their magickal requests is… money, love, home, sex whatever.
Then I make list. Everyone in the group will do magick for the one on the list who’s day it is to have their request done. The only day in a whole month that you will not be doing magick is on the day that your request is being worked on.
So please do not sign up if you can’t do magick everyday for a month.

The benefits are that on your day not just one or two magicians will be doing magick for you but several.

I have had two very very successful FWB groups so big I had to split them into two teams.

Join me if your up for the challenge and the rewards of this work.

And lets go into the New Year , being Hell Raisers.

Love Ya,

Ari :rose: :star:


Oh oh I want in! I just don’t know what I want? Maybe a stable life for my son and I as we start a new chapter alone? But I am not sure of a focal point…


You’ll have a few days to get put together how you specifically need it. I’ll leave this post open for a few days then have it locked. Get my list together and then we go private so no outsiders interfere.

I have I Base idea of what you need already so we could even run with that.


I’m definitely interested…not sure on my personal request yet…:blush:

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Just let me now by the time I post the dead line.

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Will do…I do magic everyday so if I can help others at the same time…bonus😃


Awesome! :sparkling_heart:

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Hey, this looks interesting. I’m in.

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Hell yea, just let me know what your request will be. You have a few days to think on it :slightly_smiling_face:


what’s the requisite work needed? I’m not the ritual type but work intuitively on the daily so I am potentially interested.

I’m in!

You would have to do spells or a ritual everyday for each one, which will have an asigned day so the only day you wouldn’t do magick would be your day to have others do your request.

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I’ve been waiting for another one of these :grin:

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Nice! Do you know your request? Or need time.

I know my request. Can’t wait :blush:
I’ll coordinate with you via PM

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Ok :ok_hand:

This sounds really interesting. So do the others know what the exact request is? Or do you just do a general boost of the others’ intentions?

Do we all do a specific ritual or spell? People can approach the same thing in very different ways. Sex magic, sigil, candle.

What if you don’t agree with what a person wants? I won’t be involved in any kind of sexual coercion magic, but a spell to make someone More attractive and bring more love into their life is fine.

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So basically no desires that would infringe upon another being’s will.

I can agree with that. Good point.

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I’m fine with baneful magic under certain circumstances. I just feel like it can be overused. Sometimes what people say they want isn’t even the real issue.

I’d like to get rid of a pesky neighbor. Our schedules just don’t fit. He’s fully aware of it and just doesn’t care. It’d be nice if someone else moved in that I could actually be friends with and part of a community. But I have to get the other guy out first
I don’t have the means to pick up and move. It would be easier to give him the old heave ho.

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Ok thank you so much!!

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