Love/Obession spell would SAVE MY LIFE RIGHT NOW

Everyone loves a love spell until its very hard to get a good love spell, I’m seeking a Love cast so powerful she’s deeply obsessived with me, When two people desire eachother and obstacles are there it’s a fate you wouldn’t even wish on an enemy, to prevent these obstacles I seek an obsession spell to keep us both at bay,

If any Fellow Mystic was to help me I’d be beyond grateful. Thanks and Bless Our Kind.

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You might want to know, an obsession spell won’t remove obstacles. (Unless the obstacle is that your intended isn’t into you.) It’s quite likely then, to make your situation worse, by increasing your desire but not fixing the separation issue. Obsession spells also have a nasty tendency to affect the caster and make them obsessed as well, so caution is strongly advised.

To remove obstacles I would suggest something like a “road opener” spell like you find in hoodoo.

If you click the top right magnifying glass icon and type in “love obsession” or “remove obstacles” or “road opener” etc etc, you will find a few discussions talking about these things here. :slight_smile: We have some of them collected together in this topic:


Thanks very much I’ll keep that in mind, I appreciate the sources as I choose an Obsession spell to both strengthen the love(ironically) and at the same time Open more opportunities, the Problem is contact and time between me and my beloved, I seek “instant results” I want it to me a snap click.

Are you sure? Obsession is maybe not the word you want, because obsession isn’t live, it’s a mental disorder. I don’t think you want to send someone you love crazy?
And if you’re keeping your opportunities open, that means you’re not sure she’s the one and you don’t love her anyway.

So now you risk having a crazy person doing crazy things, like stalking you, breaking into your house and stabbing your tires and shit. I kid you not it’s happened to people on this very forum. Crazy people are not attractive or fun.

It sounds to me like what you actually want is to spells, the one to remove the time and contact issue, and a lust spell so when you do get together it’s a lot of fun, but nobody goes nuts. Lust spells are easier and more instant, they don’t fight free will the same way and don’t carry the same risks of going wrong.

For that you want Sitri or Asmoday.


Do you reckon a Devotional Affection ritual/spell will substitute for obsession as I’ve been reading obsession spells allegedly play on the caster if their obsessed though I’m sure their would be a way around such effects of an obsession spell

That would work fine I think without the same risk of it going wonky. :slight_smile:

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No worries I’ve done so

Do you have any Spells I can Get Finger-snapping results on? This is like a Main Story Mission of my life so I actually have to get it done to continue anything else I must achieve.
Any Easy Witchcraft Spells? Demons/Spirits/Angels to summon? Rituals?
I have Sent contact and Offerings to Sargantas who is said to be great at Obsessing the opposite gender. Let me know please id appreciate it👍

That’s not how this works. Spirits don’t get things done at the snap of a finger. Sure some people get results in the blink of an eye, but it’s because magick works using the path of least resistance…and those people probably didn’t have much resistance standing in the way of getting their results.

All it boils down to is having some serious intent, working with the right spirit if you choose to work with one, removing whatever obstacles may stand in the way, and letting go once the spell is done. Since you’re focused on obsession, search the forum for obsession spells, choose one, or choose a spirit known to cause obsession, and do what it do.

Good luck.

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Bless you perhaps meditation will better “instant results” if I eliminated obstacles I guess I could better the spell. Thanks

It would help if you told us what the obstacles were, so we could then advise on what to do in order to eliminate them.

Some obstacles are people (family members, love rivals, enemies etc)

Some obstacles can be someone’s train of thought and their frame of mind about the situation (desperation, doubt etc)

Some obstacles are financial


You say “contact and time” are the problem, but how?? Is this person slowing down on the contact, and is communication the issue? Are you two separated by distance? Are they leaving soon? You leaving soon? Have you been fighting?

There’s always a solution, but the problem is knowing how to get to it…


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Im not here to flash myself to fellow powerful Mystics with my personal details, I am only looking for an all round spell to get my lover to spend more time with me/give me more attention/affection and devotion

Try this:

Please listen to @QueenMustang. No one is here to probe into your personal life but to do not need to go into details,a simple description like “distance is a barrier” or “health is a barrier” or " ethnic or tribal difference is a barrier" or “finances is a barrier” would suffice. Increasing obsession without addressing the barriers would make situations worse off. The results may be unsavoury and you may end up complaining about it backfiring or magick turning on you

From my guess you are a beginner in magick and that explains your emphasis for a speedy all round spell. It does not work that way. You break down issues into smaller bits and address them one by one.

For example if I want to be the be an Oscar winning actress I will layer my magick to target many areas of my acting career. There would be magick for increasing appeal to the audience, also magick for creating opportunities that will boost my career,there will also be magick for finding favor with the directors of a movie etc

From your posts I can sense lack of patience. And I presume you are most likely to lust for results which will sabotage the very own spell @verdo recommended

I wish you the best of luck.

Yeah no. I am not a “beginner” to magick at all,
I am no magickian and only a witch by the physical realm… I know a ton of you “Internet/Forum Wizards” like to show off with extra comments and bluff info but i am not into that shit, Opinions are meaningless
You waste your time telling me about myself & how you think the spell will go without even giving me one…

I am not looking for anything other than what I am looking for… a nice love spell/spells of simple ingredients.

Please do not talk to me about anything other than what I have asked. With no disrespect that is!

Thanks & Bless you!

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I would recommend searching the forum for “obsession” or “love spell” and similar terms, there should be plenty of results :slight_smile: good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Yes but I’m specifically looking for loyalty but cannot find results

I believe there is either a Shem angel or one of the “angels of omnipotence” who can deliver on this front. Failing that, AA Haniel might be a good option.

Edit: Yeliel the Shem angel is said to have this power. Also the goetic demon Agares can bring someone back to you.

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How many times in a given month are you going to ask for a love spell?