Love/Obession spell would SAVE MY LIFE RIGHT NOW

…Until I am loved🥺

I have a little strange encounters with Spirits,Angels and Demons. How do I “know” they have heard me/are in my domain?

My post was flagged? For trying to power love😫

Until your clair-senses are developed you could have no idea. Just trust in the magic.

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…what happened when you tried the advice & rituals given in your other thread?


I was made in the occult. This is something I had naturally but the focus faded

I am grateful It was wise but I genuinely need straight up spells now. That was more than a month ago, I have until next month to get my sht sorted…if I don’t I guess I’m fcked

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I think your problem is that you are not even looking for a spell.

I bought two books last night out of curiosity and both books had this request in them and I thought hey I’ve seen the exact same iteration in at least two or three other books I already own.

If you don’t want to buy a book you can still get movement to what you want with a simple candle spell or DarkestKnights petition spell or the paper folding hoodoo petition spell, jar spell, the law of attraction/assumption. I’m sure the list could go on but it’s down to your own intention and not just someone handing it to you and saying here you go.

Find what inspires you and do something with it.


Probably. We had a member this year, @Jnomadik, with the same issue, and his lusting for results was destroying his efforts to bring the person to him. He resolved his issue with patience and was successful, so take a leaf out of his book, he did well. :slight_smile: You may be having a similar issue.

If you are experienced, and have already tried several spells, then it’s time to stop and let them bake. Or maybe accept that this is not the target’s will and your will is not enough to override it.

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However, I will close this thread if you cannot stay civil.


Haha thanks for mentioning me @Mulberry :slight_smile:


I suggest disciplining yourself and resisting the urge to cast any more spells for at least a month or two.

And In that time focus more on loving yourself. Cleanse yourself and your home to remove any negative energies that may be foiling your spell work and disrupting your own energy.

Also do a road opener and free yourself from any lusting of results. When you feel you are no longer obsessed with the person at hand. Then do it.

Then LET GO.

Say IT is done and know the spirit you summoned has granted your request with failure not being an option.

Pour your energy in to it and thank them like it’s already granted.

Then occupy yourself with other stuff.

Hope this helps!



I just worked with Sallos (my first time working witj a spirit) and he has helped me a lot with getting my ex to come back to me. I felt like something was wrong and before I petitioned Sallos, he broke up with me. Now after petitioning Sallos we are talking things out and he has let me know he is still in love with me but he wants to make sure we are completely compatible before saying yes to getting back together.

I would like to keep working with Sallos to make our love become even stronger.

I read that Dantilion was good to work with when it comes to thoughts. I would like to work with Dantilion to remove any fears he has (he has told me his fears and they are fears I told him not to worrry about). He wants to decide over the next 2 weeks on a yes or no about getting back together. So I really need help to quickly remove these negative thoughts he is having.

Can I continue to work with Sallos and also ask Dantilion to work with removing his fears?

Or should I just work with Dantilion?

Thank you for any help!


What is he even afraid of?

I’d try to focus more on making your target say the truth.

He is afraid of hurting me again emotionally. We have talked about the things that happened and he understands now. But he is afraid he will hurt me again. I’ve tried to reassure him but I’m afraid he will let the past keep us from being together again.

What did do you exactly with Sallos? I need the same spell :slight_smile:
About Dantalion I heard few different things, some people told that he’s incredible, some that he’s slowly. For fast results Seere is good as I read :slight_smile:

I wrote a petition to Sallos and read it several times and I made his sigil (I traced it with a black permanent marker) I said his enn over and over while holding his sigil and also thought about what I had written in my petition to him. I offered to thank him on the forum and tell about how easy he was to work with in exchange for his help.


Oh I’ll look into Seere!

thank you! I was trying the same rituals, but no results :frowning: how long had you wait for Sallos help?

When I did my petition I asked that it be completed within 2 weeks. I saw some little signs around the end of the first week and bigger results by the end of the 2nd week.


If he hurt you before, shouldn’t he be the one reassuring you?

Just saying, as a suggestion… what if you’re doing magick “so he’s not afraid of hurting you,” and then he does fearlessly hurt you?

You see where I’m going with this? Careful what you wish for…

If he’s the one that hurt you, why are you even reassuring him? It should be the other way around. If you’re the one that was hurt, why are you even “waiting” for 2 weeks for him to make a decision?

From this point of view, I’d focus magick more on making him feel a deep, sincere regret and remorse for hurting you.


Yes, thank you. I do see how I need to be more careful with my wording. I don’t want him to do those things again but I do want us to get back together and be happy together. I want him to feel confident in us being together again.

I’m very new to this and I appreciate your help.