Looking for a mentor

im looking for guidance. im new to the practice of magick but have studied every thing i can. mostly pertaining to chaos magick. looking for someone open to emailing and phone calls. email me if you think you can help
email: [email protected]


I hear you and I’m sure you can get private consults. Then again, that’s what this forum is for. It has been around for a few years. Tons of awesome stuff.

EA Koetting vids on youtube are fun and get you in the mood. I’ll go ahead and plug Psycho Sorcerer on youtube as well since you mentioned chaos magick. He’s pretty cool and teaches everything he’s got for free.

EA’s ebook collection is like 100$ or something and you get all of it. His company pays the bills around here. Of course go ahead and ask specific questions. EA, Timothy, S. Ben Qayin, Asenath Mason, … and the rest of the authors are permitted to perform paid consults.

We are all learning here as well. Same as you. We learn from each other.

Stick around the forum and you’ll find the gurus that speak “your” truth.

I know who my gurus are! I keep an open mind since everybody contributes. Everybody is my guru.


The Serpent’s Key has great information for beginners and of course EA Koetting’s material. I learned the majority of the basics from them and I still learn from the content that EA and BALG put out. And as Rahnoren said, this forum is an amazing place to learn. I don’t know how I survived and kept my sanity before finding this place. Another good YouTube channel is Grail Of The Serpent. Welcome to BALG :wink:


Some of us have blogs you could pick up a thing or two from. Just a heads up if you go to mine, I need to update mine a bit so ye.


Welcome to the forum! There’s a lot of great information available on this site, and you might find these links useful to begin with:

✦ the Member Resources thread, which has a ton of links to newsletter tutorials on things like opening sigils, attaining Theta-Gamma Synch (TGS), and also practical advice on using the forum, posting images and YouTube videos, etc.;

✦ over 4 years’ worth of good topics in the archives, which can be found using the Search function;

If you don’t know anything about magick whatsoever (which is absolutely fine! We were all there once) then we can help you best if you focus on the goal/s you hope to achieve from learning magick - scattershot questions about different techniques, like chakras, how to summon demons, cast spells, etc., tend to be the type of things it would honestly take a book to answer - and may not get you closer to your goal!

By all means research these using the Search function, and of course, normal search engines, but it helps members here to help you, if you try to keep things a bit focused and specific.

Magick is about results, and staying focused on those might save you time and feeling overwhelmed, especially when it comes to the different methods used to contact spirits or build personal power.

But first, please take a minute to post an introduction in this thread

It can include:

✦ Your name, or whay you chose you magickal/forum name
✦ Photos if you’re comfortable - NOT mandatory!
✦ Kinds of magick you like
✦ Current goals
✦ Current struggles

It’s one of the forum’s rules, but you probably didn’t see them because we’ve just moved to new software and have still to sort a few things out! :slight_smile:

Oh, and while I’m here, mod hat off now to say that this is a really good article, just so you’ll know what kind of things to avoid when asking experienced magicians for help!


Wonderful article Lady Eva. This quote is priceless:

Facts alone, like recipe rituals, have no place in magic. The Mysteries cannot be accessed like fast food, they are powerful, deep and ancient dynamics that take a lifetime to grow within an individual. There will always be those who simply wish a spell for this or that, or a glittery pedestal to stand upon, or a magical fashion accessory.


I am Eliza Maxfield I am new to all of this

In order to teach you must first learn. I could take on an apprentice but…most of what you will find is in members resources dont forget to say hello in member introductions to the forum

I will take you up on that I am going to do some studying today and make notes for future reference

Hey I’m just a curious mind with alot of talent. I know I belong here. My goals are to sale my music, poetry, books. Keep my family happy and travel the world.

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@Nathan_Tidwell Please post an introduction in the Intro thread and tell us about yourself. It is a rule of this forum. Just click the link below:

That’s the problem with complex system of spirituality like occult, which is also kept secret for some weird fucking reason. Getting good guidance is not easy.

That’s why middle path spirituality is better in many ways. It operates on some basic sutras / formulas and success, attaining divinity depends on how much can a practioner/seeker can incorporate it into one’s like. Goes without saying they are open to everyone. In fact it is handed to you by missionaries, monks almost by force.

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Hello guys,I am new here, and also new to magick. I’m 21 years old I live in Africa, I got into a serious problem: I used some bleaching creams which made me very ugly, i have tried all the dematologies in my city to no avail, so I was wondering if I could ask Marbas for help, or what do I do? I’m really depressed

Try calling on Hathor, goddess of beauty and joy to help you restore your skin, if you also work with Marbas there should not be any conflict.


Welcome to the forum, @Fon_Judith. Please take a moment to post an introduction in our New Magician and Introduction section and tell us a bit about yourself. It is a rule of this forum.

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Hello Darkest Knight, I have been trying to do that, but I do not understand how to, I don’t know where exactly to type my infos, please I need help!

Thanks Lady_ Eva, but how will I do that, and does she come to you physically And give instant healing or you see results over time?

If you click on “Become A Living God” at the top of the screen, it will return you to the entry screen. There you will see a button labelled “all categories.” Click on it and a drop down menu will appear. The “New Magician” section is the third on the menu. Click on it, and then hit the large grey button on the right that says “New Topic.”

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