Intro & Looking For A Mentor Please?

Hi all, my name’s Lissy. I’m interested in working with the Goetia without aligning to a particular philosophy or religion. I’d like to gain wisdom/knowledge, build a relationship (with Astaroth and Bune for now but this may expand), and learn how to communicate with them.

Predictably, I also have a lustful desire I’d like to satisfy.

No struggles really other than being new to invocation (I’ve never attempted evocation) and not really knowing where to start or what to do.

I have an altar set up to Astaroth, have been meditating on her sigil, saying her enn, burning candles and incense and pricked my finger and bled on the sigil a few times, with really varied results - sometimes I feel a connection, sometimes I don’t. I haven’t asked for anything but am doing a petition in the next couple of days to establish a relationship.

I am seeking to learn how to do this better and more reliably. Hi. :slight_smile:


Welcome! :+1:


I can teach you about blood magick but you would have to be completely okay with. Blood magick can be in a combination with working with Goetia

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*with it

Hey I am interested. Not going to kill any animals but happy to offer small amounts of my own blood. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Great, I quess I will be messaging you to day at some point

Fab thanks, speak soon. I really appreciate this.