I grew up loving magic and I distinctly remember trying to make things levitate by my will even when I was a child. I knew that somehow that it was possible.

I asked god( I think (I started calling this force the creator maybe) to tell me the truth about what is really going on and I was then led to leave the church and told to get into meditation.

The kicker tho happened when I had a kundalini release. I was meditating on the couch at my other uncle’s house and then fell asleep on the couch. I was dreaming normally when I stared to feel some sort of golden energy build up inside me and heard a roaring sound that proceeded to get higher in pitch. Then I felt a tugging at my feet which I let pull me out of my body.

I felt my astral body sit up straight like a bolt and then I took off like a rocket, feeling like I was going higher and higher. I had astral projected before and could control where I was going by my will, but this time it was like I was being taken somewhere by someone and I was just along for the ride.

I could still hear the roaring sound, but there was no room and quickly I realized that I was in what looked like a hollow tube w/ walls of golden fire and there was the energy and feeling of bliss or love like I had never felt before.

It was so intense that the best way for me to describe it was like the most love I’d ever felt before but magnified a hundred times and then liquefied and poured onto me/thru me.

I tried to look at where my hands would be normally, but even though I sensed where they would be, I noticed that I just became pure energy and had lost my physical representation of form.

I also noticed that from the tube that I was in, I could also see space all around me as this golden fire was very translucent as well. I saw the planets of our solar system as well as stars.

After what felt like only a few minutes, I started to question whether this was a one-way ticket and that I had accomplished my goal for incarnating on Earth and would my body now physically die, what would mom and friends think and say?

I then thanked the creator for this wonderful gift and asked to be brought back into my body because I couldn’t leave mom yet and I couldn’t have her find me this way.

I wanted to do more with my life and experience more on the earth plane. I asked that I remember all of this as I go back into my body. The next moment I was shot back into my body like a bullet and I woke up feeling amazing w/ my fear of death gone.

I don’t think that I lost my patience nor got angry about anything for the next two weeks because I was so charged and impacted by that experience.

Oh I almost forgot to mention that after I thanked the creator for all of this, I said that I wasn’t ready for that level yet, but I’d be back when I could re-assimilate what I had just experienced and integrate it w/ my everyday life.

That was my initiation as a magician.