Lilith - Sex Goddess or Lethal parasite - The warning is out

Lilith is highly selective and will only communicate with whoever she finds special and suitable for her learnings.

She will only come to a very small number of summonings, and it will be just with the people she respects.

The rest of the summoners get a parasitic egregore that take advantage of them, and because they have already been rejected by the original one, chances are they are not able to identify this being as fake, and will let themselves to be drained by it.

If the latter being is actually another known entity ,I don’t know, as I personally haven’t had experience with it.


Yes that is exactly it, OP, Listen to Lotus, she is very selective and has many attributes

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Btw, you cannot trust Jewish writings to tell the true story, although Jewish mysticism is very very interesting, remember that the 5 books of the old testament were about an extremely bloodthirsty though love god


Btw, Ninlil is Angelic

Yes but take a look at HOW the Jewish texts are being used in Josephine’s examination of demons and Lilith/Ninlil. Those texts are just some of the material she is using to illustrate exactly how Ninlil/Lilith started to become distorted and perverted into something, which had no correspondence to the reality of this being (which supports your statement that you should not trust those texts).

Then she is referring to other sources before and after the Jewish texts and she also demonstrates how Lilith/Ninlil had been even more distorted and severed from reality in more modern times.

Well but may I kindly suggest then that you study the material and point out to me where she got it wrong and why? And then we can really have a discussion. To me it seems pretty convincing and matches perfectly with my experience and what I have seen in vision my self. And maybe refer me to some other good sources that support your own believes?

And about NoxLotus’ statement then I say that is an interesting story that I would like to be a little substantiated also.

Very powerful parasites have no trouble working in disguise to match your ideas of a Goddess of darkness, individuality, lust or you name it, it digs into your mind and tries to blend perfectly in, so the experience will be as convincing and comfortable to you as possible in order to remain welcome in its home and food source (much easier with charm than brute force). And they can be very convincing if you do not have proper psychic visionary skills to really see what is going on behind the veil, then you may just be seeing what the parasite is fabricating in your mind of illusions.

The outright battle comes when you resist it, starve it and fight it, then it gets desperate for food and it shows its true colors and the theater collapses.

According to the source I referred to, Ninlil was never Angelic but a deity, so please link to sources supporting this claim thank you.


I’d have to agree angelic doesn’t really align with any of the Sumerian/Canaanite race of deities.


my source comes directly from one of her sons, its a personal thing.

And in regards to the parasite, you yourself said you werent sure if it was her or something else, and I have responded in mybig post, that because people get involved with Deities like her with certain subconscious thoughts plauging around and certain preconcieved notions and expecting certain things to happen, they might just screw with you, because they can.

You cannot look up other peoples ideas or theories on a Being, you need to get to know the Being, yourself, that is the best way, and your tiltle when you wrote this suggests you went to her with wrong preconcieved notions, Lilith is not to be messed with, like the other Lords of Hell, respect is key, throwing out all preconcieved notions is key, let me ask you, did you, or did you not assume she was a sex goddess? and did you or did you not contact her for the purpose of a sex magick ritual? and how did you want to go about it? And did you get to know her well beforehand? please answer these honestly and we might find out where you messed up

Angelic Deity of light, Anunnakis are a varied family

I do agree that parasites can mess with your mind and make you think what you want to hear, thats why it is very important to distinguish through vibration and energy when calling forth a Being

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Yes but they’re not angelic. It’s more that some are underworld gods and some are sky gods and some vary from fire and so forth. Light isn’t always angelic. Light can be standalone from angelic light.


Im only saying what her son told me, but I think he meant the same thing

Oh no I understand you, just when most hear or read angelic they try and sling it with angels same when one hears demonic they sling it with demons. So I understand you, just wanted to clarify lol.


In regards to the Anunnaki, they are refered to as angels due to their wings, however to me, they have always been more like Angelic gods, some Demonic

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You respond with a preconceived notion about what exactly I have experienced, which goes contrary to my own experience AND these sources I refer to.
You now imply that I base all my statements on a written source, even though this is false; my experience came FIRST (like you say you have to know the being your self and see for your self first and for most, which I did) and it is the foundation of my whole conception of this and then I researched in order to corroborate my own experience.

So you have already made up your mind about what kind of being messed with me and that it is only because I messed up somehow, you show that in your response that this is not even up to discussion. Ok fine.

Because you actually already ‘know’ the truth right?

And that is just fine. I will let you have your truth and may it rest in peace. No need to try and push further into something, which is already blocked.

Also, if you are unwilling to even look at the sources provided for your perusal and take them just slightly into consideration I can’t see how this is going anywhere.

I am not going to discuss a preconceived truth, which I am not agreeing with (yet at least!), when I am trying to discuss and question this very thing you take for granted. Sorry.

That must be the end.

I never said I know the truth of this

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In any case your best option is to cut all ties to the dark current all together and ask the Archangels and Jesus christ for help, Lilith doesnt get offended when that happens though, im sure she understands

Samael would also be a contacting option, being her husband, though im not 100 percent sure it would be a good idea for you

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I even asked you to walk me through what exactly happened so I cxould understand, because you have not done so in any of your posts

Yes alright,
First of all it has been fun chatting with you Warrior, so I mean no disrespect when I close the discussion with you about this Lilith.
To be more precise I would say you asked those questions based on a premise, which I cannot recognize as I see it all at the moment; the premise that we are talking about a dark deity/goddess, which have messed with me because I have done something wrong.

Since I do not agree with that premise from which you are asking those questions, it is a little difficult.

You know it is all cool, I mean no offense. It is just like you have your experience, which is different from mine and we can’t talk about other sources apparently than our experiences and then what more is there to talk about?

You have said yours I have said mine, we see and experience this differently, and it is all cool.

But I don’t really see what you are getting at when you say my best option is to cut all ties to the dark current all together? Eehhm, that is a little silly, since I have had great contact and results with Lucifer, Shahtan, Nogah and Diopes after I kicked out the parasite. And Nogah even very recently who even happily helped me banish some remnants of the parasite, so according to your philosophy here it seems Lucifer does not have more allegiance to Lilith than to me huh? Or maybe it just doesn’t work the way you think all of this dark consortium of demons…

Though I do also work successfully with angels and archangels, so it seems to me that all options are pretty open on this side of the screen :thinking:

Even though I am all good and fine, I allow my self to take your comments about Jesus and the archangels as a caring thought, so thanks hon :wink:

And you know a little bit of irreverence can be a very healthy thing in magic, fear and obedience in the face of powerful beings may not be so helpful actually.


Well no, I just suggested to cut all ties because there was someone else who did the same and for him it worked, however, I am glad to hear you cut all ties to the parasite, and have a good relationship with Lucifer, he has been really good to me too

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Seems like a stuff to think about