All these beings aren't infallible

I’m tired of people criticizing lilith because this person was nice to them, this forum is litered, especially lately, with posts about lilith fucking them up, also just FYI.

Then they just go “oh it’s just a parasite bro” as she, they, can do no wrong, but this just doesn’t go for lilith, it goes for everyone, including me, we all do our best, but there is flaws or differences in all of us, and sometimes they don’t always mesh with other beings.

News flash, almost all of these mighty beings from light to dark and all the colours inbetween have been at war with each other at one point or another.

That means, at some point, some of them had to be in some kind of wrong, if one of these great beings thinks another is wrong and vice versa, they can’t both be perfect at once.

None of them are, even big god himself (not the christian god) isn’t infallible, hell he’s said this to me himself, yet all these lesser gods and demons, yeah they’re just perfect.

It seems a lot of you have just became sychophants, hell probably out of a very real conscious, and subconscious fear, I get it, I really do, these are some pretty powerful scary beings we’re dealing with, but the truth is the truth, and it bends to no one. Not even god.

So the next time someone tells you some greater being is fucking them up, give them the benefit of the doubt, or at least don’t assume the opposite is true, or it’s not your being, because the fact is, you simply don’t know.


You are correct. They are not infallible but what you are talking about is quite common in the religious. When you give all your power away to an imaginary friend, that imaginary friend has to be considered infallible, otherwise there is no justification for your worship.


yeah my dude, no doubt.

We are not infallible too…
Not taking in account the possibility these people deal with imposters, we make the mistakes of offering ourselves up as a victim instead of an ally sometimes or forcing a connection where there isn’t meant to be one. Inviting beings of chaos, ask them to help us and then freak out when they help us in their best abilities and start breaking stuff. Or just being an entitled little ant.

I think a lot of these problems also stem from our own inability to view these beings for what they are (and instead project our own issues on them) or to even imagine what the big picture would be for a being like that.


I am destroying her and her children, in the name of Sorath, I will incinerate their very souls as well as consume them. Same goes for Lucifer. She’s nothing to praise, just an abusive, manipulative, overrated tick-like parasite.

I’m not stopping you, but why the need to destroy? Even ticks and leeches have their role and their use in the totality of existence whether we like them or not. You can also choose to not engage with them, which is the best option if you want to be rid of them. Making it your life mission to hate and destroy these beings… Is making sure you are tightly connecting to them anyway.

Second… I don’t think Sorath is the best choice for Lilith (and Lucifer in particular, since Sorath and Lucifer represent different aspects on the same universal spectrum). If you want to destroy the vampiric aspect or face of Lilith, you might have better results with the aid of Ra.
Good luck to you, you are probably in for a bumpy ride ^^

I never said we weren’t.

But everyone already knows that, no one here talking about how we need to give humans impossibly high credence.

No one, infact, is ever taking their side when they criticize a spirit on this site either, and infact, are always assuming their wrong, en mass, overwhelmingly, that is the reason for this post.

I’m not preaching they can do no wrong.(humans) Just not to assume on either side.

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I know, but that was not really my point.
My point is that in these cases, there is bound to be some human error involved in dealing with these beings
…okay to explain further and make this post perhaps longer than it needs to be…

These beings are what they are. Fallible or infallible is maybe not even really the point. It’s not the first time that I would be stating that… These beings are not our friends!!
They can be great allies or awesome and perhaps even nurturing mentors. I am very much in the process of forming bonds with some of these that might span several lifetimes myself
But I think the biggest mistake is anthropomorphizing these alien (as in non-physical, non-human and damn near immortal) beings and in some cases projecting our daddy, mommy and even social and relationship issues on.
Of course some of them are going to play on our delusions and milk those repressed psychological issues for their own gain.

These beings don’t have the short sighted vision we do, when we only see the effects and desired outcomes for one life at a time. As such they are not plagued by the same moral standards as physical, mortal, tribal monkeys like us. Probably treating us with respect and honor means just as much (or little) to them as treating us like food.
If you forget all this and don’t treat them with authority, respect and curiosity they will either not engage at all or take advantage. That is just how things work.
And don’t get me wrong, them taking advantage of us might even be beneficial for us in the long run. But it’s not going to be comfortable and pleasant right now. As is all progression and growth when involving demons/ chaotic beings.

Oh that is just part of my endeavors, I am here for much more.

Ra is a good choice but I usually just infiltrate with Angels, especially those that enjoy obliterating demons such as Bezaliel or even Abaddon. I’ve dealt with Lilith before, she always cowers away in defeat, eventually coming to try and get my acceptance again and again. Lucifer is the same, he knows he can’t touch me, I am emperor Sol Invictus to be exact. He is just an old slavemaster so called “king” who’s movement has collapsed/withered away before his own eyes, thanks to beings like me.

Hydramalades, I think that the Gods do not allow themselves to be dealt with so easily when faced with a simple mortal like you, who takes yourself to be Sol Invictus (who is Satan), so I suppose you are talking nonsense to us.


Satan is my father, Lucifer is not.

Please do not name-call other members of this forum. Flinging childish insults is against the rules and damages the culture of this forum.

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Things seem to have become a tad heated and strong opinions are fine, but lets keep it about the subject and not personalities. :+1:

If needed I can close this temporarily to give folks a minute to regain their equilibrium.


But Satan IS Lucifer.
Lucifer is just a title.

No dear 666 daughter Lucifer is a rebel son of God, Satan is a punisher.

Good evening, in fact, Satan is God and Lucifer for me, so what you are telling me does not make sense to me. They would have made sense if the Bible Cloth would have been true but no.

Otherwise, how do you see Satan and Lucifer exactly ?

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This has now gone completely off topic and become a platform for preaching.

Again, you’re welcome to an opinion, but do not assume you can tell other members that your opinion is their truth. This is not how you have a mature discussion.

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