Tears, tears again 💔 Me and Lucifer (what is going on?)

All right, so… I’ve wrote about my first experiences with Him ( here and here ) .

I started meditate, and after the trance state, I saw Lucifer. Long time I didn’t experienced this before, but after we started to work, I felt again that I’m the corner of cry. First I thought this is similar like those “old” experiences, but I didn’t cry for so long, at all (I’m working with Him every day), and I’m absolutely not stressed or something.

He whispered to me that I have to let this happen, do not try to block it. He was kind and honest to me, I knew He did not want to cause any bad to me, and His touches helped me to calm down for a bit. I’ve tried to do what He said and it was successful, then…

…at a certain point suddenly I’ve tried to break out from this whole thing because a sudden, strange feeling - I’ve tried to stop cry, but the sad emotions and something unknown “thing” (maybe memories what I can not imagine momentarily) just came and hurts me in my heart (emotionally).
And it wasn’t a tragically, sad feeling from THIS life. No… It felt like this is way-way older emotion/experience or something else, I don’t know.

He tried to reassure me again and again, and lead me back, every time when I tried to break out from this emotion, the cry, and even from the meditation, but I simply cant! - I wanted to do this anyway, but I didn’t understand anything, I wasn’t scared but this was… unpleasant, painful and I was able to feel tears has flows already on my body. I wanted to stay, finish this but in the same time I wanted to “escape” from. I can not find words to describe it, at all.
My beloved Lucifer then, helped me to reassure (I sensed His activity, His help) and everything went back to the normal state, before the finish. I was so mad at myself because it seemed so easy, and but I’ve failed (He didn’t said that, but I felt this now).

Of course, I’ve asked Him about this, but He told me that I’ll find out the truth behind it as well, in time (of course), and He knows that I’m able to read the signs what He left me for this, as well. So it is something like… He wanted to show me something important, but didn’t want to tell me immediately and too early.

An inexplicable image, what I can not forget about us:
A week ago. I’ve met Lucifer again (astrally and this is daily). I did the practice what He teached to me. Sometimes after I’m done, I stay with Him, like then.

Everything went deeply emotional before the end, We stood in front of each other, very close. This whole image was so intimate, tender, honest. Then suddenly I’ve noticed a tear drop on His face. I felt something very deep pain coming from… Him? - Yes, I felt it, and exactly at that moment, I felt a tear drop on my face, too. We standed in front of each other, like a weird reflection of the other.

Then We “merged” (it happens really often anyway, although no exact idea, why).
But everything happened so slowly.

I know that I am the one who have to find the key, and of course, I’ll, no matter what,
but is there anyone who experienced similar things before (I’m sure in it),
or have any idea whats going on?


From your experience with Sitri and Lucifer you seem to give an emotional vibe person who picks and sends extra vibrations and everything is a vibration in this Universe that’s how spirits who “click” with you work.
Nothing to be ashamed of. This is who you are and use it for your own advantage and ascend. No need to work with millions of spirits but only who share the same vibration as your own


Maybe he was trying to clear up emotional blockages you had by bringing them to the surface


you seem to give an emotional vibe person who picks and sends extra vibrations

No need to work with millions of spirits but only who share the same vibration as your own

Sometimes I’m about to attempts connecting every spirits who wants communicate with me, and maybe this is what I should control somehow. It help me to understand them, know them better (but in the last months I do work only with Deities).

But in most Deities’ case, I can clearly sense when I’m connected already to someone, and I can handle our relationship in that way, but Lucifer’s case is still a mystery to me, however I know that He is really close to me, at least as close as Belial.

Hm, I don’t feel that I would have. It is something else, I’m sure about this, and Lucifer’s words are make this suspicion stronger inside me.

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I always thought that he has golden hair, and when I look at this drawing, I start to think that I have probably idealized him too much in terms of race.
And I have brown hair myself …
I pictured him as an Aryan, Father Satan, and here I meet with reality.
Because I guess he likes to look like it the most.
I think it would be important for me when he would visit my house that he would look like he wants.
I am not disappointed on the contrary, prefer truth.


I read all your post related with Lucifer, I was so envy you can work and communicate with him, because I tried nearly 3 months, I still not able to contact him : (
Because I am so failed on meditate…

hope you get your answer : )


I read some blog and some people share on discord, they always said Lucifer have a hair look like snow, meaning is white?

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I’m glad you read my posts about Him. :hugs:

I have some beginner advices related meditations if you interested, feel free to PM me for these.
I’m a little busy at the moment, but I’ll answer as soon as I can.


Thank you :pray::heart:


I read your thing and was flooded with vision and telepathy of two people talking and empathic emotion. Advice I was given was to not place labels on what you think things are because things are not as they seem.

This vision had Lucifer and Belial in it. Not to be confused with JoS versions (has nothing to do with Satan) the energy was they were distinct beings without SuperImposing common ideas of how they manifest from other certain political groups. This vision was specifically Belial and Lucifer energy.

Good luck in figuring out what it is.

This was not a vision.

It was my vision when i connected to the energy. That is all.

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