[ Demonic Tongue ] Let's open the Gates

It started three days ago, without exception.

At the first time, I’ve worked with Sitri when it’s happened.
We’ve been worked for around an hour since the beginning, when…

After an extremely big energy raise
Everything has changed, like an explosion around us, and I’ve started hearing Sitri talking to me in an unknown language, not like He did before. First I was unable to realize whats going on, why, or what kind of language it is. Then I’ve noticed that some words I’ve already heard or read before (mostly from enns and other writings).

It wasn’t sounded like a random ‘blah-blah-blah’. No. I was able to sense the connection, regularity, ‘logic’ between them. I don’t know how long it took, perhaps 5-10 minutes and He just continued His speech in that tongue.

I didn’t thought any serious at that point, or I just doesn’t wanted to notice it.
I was just like: “Okay, it was weird but maybe it was also the last time it happened”.
But this ‘unsuspected state’ was a short-lived period.

In the next day, Lucifer Himself started to talk to me on this tongue from a point
In this case, something has changed.
I wasn’t able to understand what did He said exactly, but I was able to “feel” what He wanted to tell me on that tongue . I was… able to sense the words’ very power (still nearly not everything, but in fact the second time was more successful) without any knowledge about them or their meanings.

Then from an exact point, I’ve started repeating what He said
(what I’ve forgot immediately after we’re finished, so I was very disappointed)
I’ve just ‘felt’ that I have to, even when His speech was continuous.
We did it at least six or seven times; we did it Together.

The air has changed around me, it became as hot as a boiling lava, and I can sense it under and on my skin. My ‘visions’, well… they’re wasn’t really visions, it was our present, and it was more intense than before (they’re very intense in basic).

This is my fourth day, and I don’t know, what will going to happen today. Will it continue, or not? I’m very curious, but whatever it is, there wasn’t the first time when I’ve heard it. Before my Dedication Ritual, Lucifer talked to me on this tongue.

I’m also sure that this tongue had a serious power,
but there are tons of questions in my head now.

1. Why are these happening with me?
2. Is that “power raise” in the first day was the main reason of this “change”? Was it like an “accident” or was it planned?
3. Is there anything what I have or should to do with this now or in the future?
…Or this all means nothing and I should forget thinking upon them?

I’m opened your experiences and thoughts.


This has happened with me before with spirits. Its a milestone if i could say. A level of trust that is being imprinted onto you from the infernal kingdom


A level of trust that is being imprinted onto you from the infernal kingdom

It sounds very interesting…

I’m an edge of falling asleep but I still can remember that I’ve saw myself with Lucifer in a big hall, several times. It wasn’t (or didn’t seemed) fully covered but I’ve saw myself several times there with Him. It was on the top of something giant, ancient building. In a centre of ‘something’ or… Everything. It seemed like a sacred place, it formed a huge ‘circle’ room.

This was always a personal and very touchy ‘scene’, and while I was always saw other Kings and Princes in other halls, but in this one, there was no one else but only Lucifer. And when He started to talk to me on this tongue, this place changed. I can’t describe how does it felt… but I saw even runes, blazing runes on the blackened stones and columns.

I can remember when… We’re repeated those lines, I’ve tried to keep it in my mind that I have to wrote down those, I have to wrote down those, but then… the way how He leaded me back to this plane, that was so passionate, intimate, honest and… yes, I’ve totally forgot everything because of that.

But I don’t know, I’ve always ask Him about can I share XY, and if He don’t give permission, I won’t.
He isn’t that Deity who likes to let me to share my experiences with Him, at least, most of them.