Is a magick circle necessary for evocation? Also where to buy those triangles that are used with it? Asking as a beginner

Is a magick circle necessary for evocation? Also where to buy those triangles that are used with it? Asking as a beginner…


All of those are tools to help you concentrate and not necessary at all.


There are many theories on casting a circle it is created supposedly to protect you. The reason for doing this is simply one of precaution.

Metaphysical energy attracts a certain amount of attention from beings of a spiritual nature. Just as you wouldn’t leave the front door of your house open to anyone who happened by you likewise need to close supernatural doors.

Casting a circle for ritual works can be done in many different ways. A circle is used in order to establish a sacred space for ritual works. Some people use them to keep energies inside (to keep spirits from escaping into our plane), others use them to keep energies outside.

My advice since your new is to also cleanse your ritual area. First, clean it physically by tidying up and vacuuming or sweeping (with a regular broom, not a ritual one) if needed. Then cleanse and purify the area of negative energy.

I like to also purifying my ritual area by fanning incense around the area, smudging, sprinkling salt or saltwater. The most important thing, no matter what method you use, is to visualize the negative energy dispersing. If you don’t focus and visualize, the physical actions will have little effect.

When casting the circle i like to visualise white light as it is considered symbolic of protective energy. To begin, sit quietly with your eyes closed, imagining a white light surrounding first you, and then the area where you are working. It is easiest to envision this light as coming from above you and through and from you.

As you see it clearer in your mind, allow the light to grow brighter, you may begin to feel warmer and the room may seem quieter or different than when you began. This indicates that sonething is working and done before your ritual work.


Ok thanks, so would you recommend to buy solomon circle for evocation or the e.a. koetting universal circle or maybe both?


Yes. You can also go online and a search for a triangle Google it or simply go to ebay. I took a drafting class that had a nice large wooden triangle although this might still be to small for magical ritual.


Ok nice thanks, it would be nice if everything needed for the magick/spellcasting/evocation would be sold here on the website, would be kind of genius to just sell a magick toolkit bundle, i’d buy it for sure$$$ :):grin:


I agree, one of my greatest frustrations is collecting the proper materials for ritual. I do not want a cheap shitty looking altar with cut out paper triangles colored with black sharpies, unfortunately it is had to find good supplies. I think eventually EA will take care of this and have an online store with everything from statues, incense, daggers and circles available. It took me a few weeks to even find the right way to burn incense using charcoal and then I needed some nice vessels to burn it in. FRUSTRATING, the local occult bookstore is a joke, so its online and to places like etsy I end up searching. Use EAs circles, the more money and attention you put into your materials the better results you will get. Set up your work space like a staged Hollywood set, create the world you want and it will materialize. I used glow in the dark paint and created a magic circle outside on my boat landing alongside the river, I use it for rituals and it is amazing, the circle provides enough light that you can read out chants etc… without using a flashlight.

Also if you have not done this yet buy EA’s black magic video series, it will really give you a strong foundation so you can understand how to evolve.

Good Luck and stay active in the craft, that’s what counts more than anything you have to put in the work and take it seriously. It is not what you do but who you are.


Right? In Iceland we dont even have an occult store, we basically have 2 new age stores, that might just scratch the surface if you’re just looking for incense or christals but ghey dont even sell candles! I have been the last days looking in every store in Reykjavík just to find black candles all the way through! Guess what, they dont sell black candles all the way through in this entire country! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

But I will definitly need to check out the video series with e.a. on magick, I assume I can find it on the website. Thanks for the kind words and the recommendation😀


You do not need a physical circle or triangle.

In EA’s book Works of Darkness, both are drawn in energy and strongly visualized.


I’ve used black organic facial masque and applied it to inexpensive tea lights and it worked well for me. That was economical compared to buying all black candles, and I live in L.A.


I’ve been using a circle made out of a piece of rope. It isn’t very fancy or nice at all.
I’ve mostly never used a triangle, I think I may have tried one time with one I made out of paper, and then it promptly disappeared. The spirit must not have liked it. (or something) I’m pretty sure I didn’t get any useful results out of that attempt at evocation either.

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Interesting thread… So I have really been evolving my ritual magick using technology. For example I use battery powered candles, LED rope as a circle, and the best one yet is I use a strobe light on my iPAD in place of incense and a triangle of manifestation. These things are NOT traditional but have produced way way better results for me in contacting the angels. I also am using bineural beats and different musical frequencies in place of saying hebrew names again I am just getting better results… I am documenting everything in a book that I will put in a month or so. Be creative… be a God, Do What Thou Wilt.


“The master will leave behind his tools, he shall be the only tool”.

Actually I’m gonna make a post on this.


Very interesting, I didnt think tech would be so useful in this…

YEs I agree, Bruce Lee said, Absorb What Is Useful", It is so liberating to free yourself from tradition and experiment and make up your own rules. This is called Magick…


Tech is useful.
Tech is not useful.
Get it? You are the Master.


~ Reference topics on Circles and use of them.


The Circle i suggest to use.



I’ve never used, circles or triangles or anything. I usually just cleanse. There’s that one ritual from NAP I use and another, but sometimes that one isn’t necessary. I use those and consecrated water, sometimes mixed with lavender. Never saw the point and I’ve never been tormented, even if I have been I didn’t notice because almost nothing gets to me. A little noise or voices? I welcome it, it just makes me believe more and opens up my mind because it can become skeptical.

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