Everything except the Triangle and Circle

SI I litterally have everything - candles, drawn out seals, hundreds of incense and the Incantation to Summon forth.

Except the triangle and circle. Are there pros and cons of not having neither of these when summoning, even with ful respect? The spirit of course may stand before me but what am I missing?

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I meant “respect” sorry.

Contrary to a lot of the misinformation spouted about circles by LHP folks, all they really do is help separate the mundane from the magical, and provide a space where the man becomes God. To create one, simply call down some power from above into yourself, and shoot it out of your finger in blue fire, turning in place to draw the circle around you (it’s what EA teaches in his book Works of Darkness). If you want to use a triangle, do the same thing, but draw the triangle in red fire.

Ultimately though, all you really need is your mind.


@DarkestKnight in your opinion, could a well performed LBRP do the same?


Yes. Part of the LBRP involves drawing a circle around yourself warded by the pentagrams at the cardinal points.


Reminds me that EA does not use a triangle. At least it’s been years. But it make sense. It’s like the circle is a world in itself and you are WITHIN that circle. I see. But is a circle absolutely required to prevent spirits funning amuk. I beleive the Triangle is, well, somewhat.

I’m pretty knew, and I had this sensation.
Thank you

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I’ll be honest. I only have a desk with everything set up on that desk ready to call when the time comes. I DO want to purchase the UC eventually, though. I simply hope a parasite or critter doesnt answer that phone call from that sigil.

Not sure if it’s possible unless fake sigils going around

EA has evolved his practice over many years. He has used both triangles and circles in the past so he understands their significance and their use, which is something I think many people forget. They just hear him say he doesn’t use circles or triangles, and as beginners, they’re like, “Oh, okay,” and then they wonder why they don’t get the same results or things go badly.

A circle will not prevent a spirit from “running amok.” However, a binding triangle will.

If you are not following a tried and true system of evocation, then you will have to take your chances with possible parasites and impostors. Most systems of evocation make that impossible, but if sounds like you aren’t using any system in particular.


I see. Triangles are a thing of the past to most as time goes by… Thank you, as always

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@DarkestKnight Last question I CAN evoke without a circle and triangle, though, right? It would be “less ritualized” but can be done?

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Yes, of course you can.

I forgot to mention, you may want to do a banishing before commencing with the summoning. The banishing incantation from Kingdoms of Flame will clear away any energies or wandering spirits that may interfere.

All you have to do is stand in the centre of the room and speak the incantation 3 times with the intention of clearing it:

“ashtu malku ta dat arkata Sastus seckz altamu partu
Iretempal krez ta felta Vaskalla regent met sentutus
Ta sastrus estos melta Kelta, Kelta, Kelta hine”


Something new i’ve just leaned. Is this equally as effect as LBRP? Either way I’ll try the pronunciation the best i can repeatedly reading this.

No, it is not as effective as the LBRP because it doesn’t set up a boundary to prevent anything from getting back in. It just clears your immediate work space, so to speak, so you can do the ritual without anything mucking about.

As with most incantations, the intention is more important than the pronunciation.

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I never use them, have had many talks with king pain and king beleth never needed them and both come almost as soon as I think about them, I just used there end chants and sigil the First time

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King Pain? You mean King Paimon?

Vety briefly, how does one go about a binding triangle to keep those spirits within the triaangle?

It usually involves bordering the triangle with godnames and angels.

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Hmm doesnt seem like a good idea summoning demons. I may be wrong.