Scrying mirror, Universal Circle and Triangle

I figured I would ask here first before receiving the “Evoking Eternity” book and another credible book among users here.

Regarding the Universal Circle sold by E.A, would some of you agree that it’s more likely for an evocation to be a success compared to without using any circle at all? I ask because it seems the Universal Circle has some sort of power that brings them to physical appearence? Correct me if I’m wrong.

Regarding a scrying mirror, should the mirror be placed inside the Universal Circle or outside the circle? This also is a physical evocation, correct?

And lastly the triangle. I have’t seen E.A. and few others use the triangle - only a circle. For evocation or invocation, is the triangle an important neccessity along with the Universal Circle or is the circle alone enough for evocations?

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I have answered all of these questions elsewhere in similar posts, but I will do so once again:


The UC sold by BALG, has a mediator spirit bound to it, that helps to make evocation smoother, and the summoned spirit more agreeable. His name is Malzaz Hyroth, and he is respected by all spirits. However, you still have to be able to bring the spirit down into physical manifestation yourself. It doesn’t do the work for you.

It’s actually referred to as an astral evocation because you are not bringing the spirit directly down to the physical realm, but viewing it on the astral through your mirror. The book Summoning Spirits by the author Konstantinos has a good explanation of astral evocation with a mirror.

It depends on the system you are following. In traditional Solomon magick, the mirror is placed inside the triangle, but in most other systems it is placed on your altar, along with your other tools.

Again, it depends on the system you are working in.

EA uses a circle and a triangle in his system outlined in his books Evoking Eternity, and Works of Darkness. He has now evolved in his practice to the point that he doesn’t need one, and he prefers to let the spirit manifest wherever it wants to because he’s powerful enough to control it if it gets out of hand.

The prime use of the triangle is simply as a place for the spirit to manifest. In Solomon magick, names of power are written on the triangle to bind and constrain the spirit, but those are not necessary. I’ve always thought of the triangle as putting out a chair for a guest. It is simply the place set aside for the spirit.

You can use the UC alone if you prefer. I do. Just be prepared for the spirit to manifest wherever it chooses, like behind you, or beside you, or even continually move around, never standing still to talk.

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I’ll take time to read this. Your responses were much more detailed, though. Thank you.

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One more thing. For a beginner like myself, would you recommend the triangle for physical manifestation at least until I gain more experience and knowledge to no longer need the triangle anymore? Without the method Soloman used, of course. I don’t think I’ll be ready for the spirit to roam freely just yet.

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I would. That’s what I did, anyway. I just found it easier to look to the triangle for the manifestation of the spirit, than looking around wondering where it was going to pop up lol

I followed the methodology of Works of Darkness, which has you trace out a visualised circle of blue flame around yourself, and a triangle of red flame set aside for the spirit.

I’d probably still use a triangle, if I had room for one.

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Perfect lol, that’s the advice I needed. I’ll definetely have use of the triangle. I’ll look into Works Of Darkness as well. I’m trying to gain credible books that are beginner-friendly to some extent.

I can’t seem to find the Triangle on BALG. Any recommendations elsewhere? (if it’s allowed on the forum)

BALG doesn’t sell a triangle. You would have to make your own out of wood, or use a visualised one.

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