Invoking Spirits Secretly

So lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m being called to work with Naamah for several things and I’ve been wanting to invoke her. But I’m living with people that aren’t exactly accepting. It’s not a bad situation but its not very convenient. This usually wouldn’t be an issue but lately it’s become more difficult to keep things discrete. They’re very sensitive to smells so incense is out of the question, candles bring too much attention (I do use some tea lights candles since they don’t shine nearly as much and I like altoid tins for sigils or imagery) and I don’t have as much privacy to do anything too elaborate for too long, even at night.

Most things I’ve read about working with Naamah implies something more complicated if you’re starting out and obviously I wouldn’t want to offend her if I can’t follow them. Moving isn’t going to be possible for a little while. Has anyone here worked with or invoked her with little to no tools? Or would it be better to find a temporary space?

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You don’t need tools or elaborate rituals of any kind!

All magick is in the mind. All you need is your mind. Your subconscious mind is the gateway to the astral realm.

By searching BALG, you can find many examples and tutorials of this:


Oh, wonderful, thank you for this resource! Plenty of reading material to keep me busy!

I agree with everyone that you don’t need any tools , I live alone yet don’t use any alters and the spirits always arrive :blush: and I only buy ebooks because I don’t want any visitors seeing all my books on magic and thinking I’m wierd!
If you really need to light something , you can always say you are praying or meditating, these days others are too scared to make fun of those things :joy:

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Thanks everyone! This really helps a lot :smiley:

invocations a great way to work, and has its own spiritual benefits benefits, so go ahead and try

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What I do is communicate with spirits through telepathy while going about my day.

That and invocations, like @Wanderer9 said.