Are the tools necessary?

So a few days ago I posted that I was doing healing and health divinations. One member asked me if I needed a photo or them to be in a position or altered state etc.

I’ve never thought to need or require those things…it got me wondering are those tools truly nessecary? Or are they things we set up for ourselves to focus or this GS we think we need to perform the art?

No, tools aren’t necessary at all. You were spot on when you said that they just focus us. In an ideal world we wouldn’t use tools at all, it’s all about confidence in what your doing.

I e been practicing without tools since I started. I find it easier then trying to perform a ritual. In make I’ve never used anything material wise…course then again I’ve never gotten too too deep

Agreed, I’ve healed people successfully having little more than a screen-name and been able to give them information about things they’d either forgotten, or had never mentioned at all beforehand.