The Master With No Tools

The Master With No Tools.

There came a time in my ascent where I loved my temple space, I felt more at home in my temple than anywhere else.

I had crafted handmade wooden triangles of manifestations, in various colours adorned with various symbols.

I had a huge inverted pentagram circle of darkness in black and red.
A obsidian black mirror, various magickal idols and spirit vessels.

I had various coloured consecrated candles, different blends of enchanted incense.
Charcoal disks, heat proof bowls for pyromancy and a gorgeous athame.

I had my stone temple walls covered in symbols, demonic runes and scripts, I had consecrated powders, a bag filled with herbs and gems and crystals.

I had a huge altar, rams skull, magickal beads, talismans etc.

This temple was something else, I couldn’t believe it how far it evolved over time.

All that then began to change.

What Happened ?.

In my ascent I reached a point where the spirits I worked with which ranged from Demons, Elementals, Planetary beings, Lwas, Gods and Goddesses etc.

They all advised the same thing, that I became attached to the tools I was using.

That it was time to walk a hard path which my guides set me on.

I was challenged to perform the same magick, with the same power and potency, without the tools.

Becoming The Tool.

It got to the point where the spirits made me go outdoors to do rituals.
I was told to make a circle with stones I found in nature.

I was then told to do away with the physical circle too.

Simply invoking omnipotence, solidifying that power within the temple of flesh.
Directing that power through my middle and index finger, directing that energy upon the ground drawing a circle.

Once done performing circumambulation, then afterwards hands upon the ground and using a potent incantation to open the circle to the powers of eternity.

I was even told to try physical evocation without the incense as a manifestation base, I used the wet soil and life in the nature as a base of manifestation.

The best natural manifestation base I found was having the spirit manifest in the absolute darkness.

I was taught how to structure gateways using structuring and energy manipulation.
Visualisation and energy manipulation to create aethyric sigils instead of physical ones.

Mediation, energy manipulation, trance work, incantation, mantras, postures etc.
All these techniques I used and tried to do away with the tools all together.

From time to time I jumped back to the tools, eventually I was doing channeling’s, invocation, evocation, possession, soul travel etc without the tools.

I was taught to use the power within and the power within my environment.
Pushing me one step further into the path of mastery.

Why am I telling you all this ?.

The reason why I’m telling you all this is because we are the masters, the magick is within us.
No excuses you don’t need tools, even the vessel for a spirit can be a brick or a stone from the outdoors.

The circle you create with your energy yourself, the ground is the actual temple.

Your hands are the cauldron, the chalice, the athame, the sword etc.




100% agree. I’m currently living at a place where I don’t have much space or time to do my workings as I want them to be, however, I’ve been learning that I don’t really need a lot of tools to have big results.


Same things the spirits are getting me to understand
Attempted a physical evocation of Erebus in complete Darkness the other night. No tools, just me and the silence lol.

Didn’t see him with my physical eyes, but he showed up.

Indeed we are the tools


Precisely brother :metal:t2::fire:.


:100:! The tool helps but not needed! Once you acknowledge that everything is within you, you are all you need!


And that’s what I’m doing since…the beginning :smiley: I tried to use an athame few times, but bleh, it’s not me.


PREACH IT! :fist:

Even the simplest tool for tracking energy, the pendulum, that can be disguised as a pendant or bracelet, can be dispensed with and the energies read by just the hand.


When I was homeless living on the streets, staying in homeless shelters, and sleeping on people’s sofas I had no tools. All I used was my imagination, intent and will. I already had the gift of lucid dreaming, visualization and meditation. I used all of these to do my work.

To this day, this is mostly all I use. Pieces of paper with sigils, a knife as an athame, a candle and sticks of incense. Other than that, I leave offerings to the nature spirits and at a crossroads for Papa Legba. And, I don’t even practice the voodoo current.

I never needed tools. They help, but are mostly a hindrance. I am the altar. I am the gateway. The tools and rituals are just symbols.

I done the LBRP in libraries. I’ve chanted mantras in parks and on street corners. Some of my most vivid dreams were on subway train cars and buses. I’ve made people disappear with a thought. Is there a such thing as a street shaman?

Magick is ultimately the control of psycho-sexual energy from the inside of one’s self with will to affect change within the universe. As above, as below. From the inner mind, to the outer limits. (Catch that pop culture reference?)

Change your thoughts and your reality will shift. Slowly but surely.

That is magick.


Exactly. The way I see it, we are the Gods and our body is our tool that moves the forces. We are everything we need for our practices.

I like to have an altar, even though I barely use it, it’s that space in my physical surroundings that keeps me focused when needed. Think about it as a picture of something that calms you and makes you happy.

As for Divination, I use cards because I really enjoy it not because I need it. They’re just an outline.


I just lay in bed and watch YouTube and that’s enough for me


I’ve always worried about not doing ‘‘enough’’ magick in front of my altar, which I’ve already minimalised whilst I had the best experiences outdoors after a walk and a good hardcore/terror set on my iPhone. Or just being in nature and starting at a single point. I’m finally starting to realise that magick isn’t in the stuff, it’s in the mind. It’s also the mindset and your view of the world. And what makes me a witch? By doing ritual every week? Nah, I do it when I feel like it. I started a witchcraft training in september last year and to be honest it’s not doing it for me, it feels like it’s blocking my own creativity. And also: Dreams work for me, I think I’m doing more in my subconciousness and dreams that I can actually imagine. Probably a realm I need to delve in more. Without tools of course :slight_smile: I had a strong realisation a while ago after focussing on Lucifer: The air I already breathe in, the water I can drink from the Earth (it’s already in my body), The warmth I can generate through walking, hiking, bouldering etc, and it’s also a good way to ground my energy. By using the week to week activities and transforming them to a a tool of power does make more sense. So the magick is already within, it just needs a way to channel it’s way out! Through thought, movement and action! Keep it simple.


I’d recommend Carl Jung, super smart guy. His views on spirits is different then most LHP or RHP people but hes very smart and was huge on magick, occult, and psychology. Hid approach for psychology is big on dream analysis and shadow work to help the patient self actualize.


Ive done away with most of my tools as well. Years ago, I knew I had the magic inside of me, yet felt something\myself holding it back. I remember my drug crazed sister in law busting down my front door because I wouldnt let her into my house to smoke crack one morning. 5 of my 7 daughters were waiting to go to the bus stop, but I was afraid to let them out of the house with her prowling around. My 1 yr old was standing directly in front of the door when it was kicked in and instinct, hatred, protection, whatever you wanna call it took over and i pointed my finger at her and let forth years of pent up frustrations and grief and hatred at not being able to keep her away from my family.
That day a dam was shattered and I have never needed any tools since.
She was toted off to jail and hasnt bothered my family since.
that was 25 years ago.

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do you just visualize the entity in the dark swirl when your in the TGS?

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This is exactly the constant debate i have with myself and whichever spirit is guiding me. I would look at so many tools and ritual styles and designs but time and again the raw uncut in the moment instictual magickal acts always work best…and fast. Thanks so much for that reminder. The truest test is when you have nothing but yourself.



I will add to this. I never wantes to get wrapped up in thr idea of using rituals or icons or such. My life has always been hecktic and i virtually havw no privacy.

Fortunately i found a method of practice that allows me to work through out the day and undisturbed.

I got so good at it that i was able to practice with little effort or focus. I can do what i do just with intent ans nothing else. Focus and do the work