Magick without tools, just mind + evocation

so i wanted to call upon the archangel haniel for help some private stuff
i had the idea so i walked torward my bedroom and finding out my empty altar with nothing on it ,no candles,no tools,not sigils,no scrying mirrors,no nothing!
but ant’harratu popped at my head and said

“the real work begins,the use of mind,the mind is all”

so i did a shower awake my soul using this:

then called haniel i focused on haniel and had clear intetion
i heard by ant’harratu saying

“clear your statements clear your intention,the worlds shall shift”

i focused and holded on haniel not the word but the conciousness the energy behind and guess what
haniel came FAST AND EASLY i stated my desire and haniel said clearly

“believe in me as i believe in you”

by that means trust the proccess

ant’harratu said to me that this kind of magick without anything can ultimetly train you for better abilities and power,i remember koetting saying,

“with nothing we achieve all power and everything”


Its all about connecting with your mind… You can have all the ornate magical tools that exist but without total focus and intent on your goal and evocation using the determination of your mind to summon, conjure a deity to carry out your goals you would have nothing.


I dont use ritual tools. I use them if I need a kick to my sub-conscious but they’re more like guidelines to help you.

Evocation literally only requires :
Trance state.


Yep but I only did without sigil


In my opinion if you can properly say their chant and / or visualize them, you don’t need the sigil either. I think the sigil just helps your mind connect to them on a deeper level.

I could be wrong though.


can one evoke an entity laying in bed? i mean, you are all ready for bed, (showered, lights off and stuff) you put on headphones ( i happen to have a noise cancelling one) listen to enn and then state your intentions/request( of course greet them first with up most respect) conclude your business, thank them and doze off? or it is something seen as disrespect?
oh yeah just stare at a sigil on phone for a minute or two.


I’m gonna assume yes?
I lay down on my tapestry on the ground outside so it cant be much different.


even for newbies ? just outta muggle world

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Showing them respect isn’t about your ritual space. It’s how you interact with them. They deserve respect and if you confront them as someone who thinks they’re a higher being, they’ll make sure to let you know you’re not.


If you can meditate yes


i think you right from what i have been told if you visualize the entity in front of you when your in deep trance and chant it name in that direction that should manifest the spirit.

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In my opinion, this is because you’re inviting them in and not just telling them what to do.

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