Casting without tools

how to? is it possible? you see, i’m worried that my roommate is going to find out about my activities and do too some certain situation he can legally throw me in the loony bin. so, how do you do magic when you can’t have a bunch of black candles and leather bound books with reverse pentagrams on the cover?


just use your mind its really all you need. do the entire ritual in your head. if you need candles for focus. just get like some glade scented ones. the roommate will just think you like scented candles and want the room to smell good.


I’m not in a situation where I can freely practice magic either. So, I’ve learned to Lucid Dream and I do my rituals as I sleep. It’s very convenient. If you’re interested in learning how to Lucid Dream (it’s not difficult, I was able to have my first semi-Lucid Dream in the first week) then go to this link


You can always do sigil magic and destroy it after you fire it off. You can do it mentally as well, just have to make it as real as possible


@LadyEvA made a post on casting with your hands. Definitely worth checking out, Use the search function


The ultimate goal is to do all your rituals on the astral realm. Lucid dreaming is a good idea. Try daydreaming your rituals. Visualize your intent. Use mantras as personal affirmations. Act like you’ve achieved your goal.

Make sigils on your computer and save or delete them.

Say you’re playing a role playing game (RPG) or writing a novel.

Or, you’re just an eccentric collector of mystical stuff.

Say you’re an artist.


To be perfectly honest, there are TONS of threads on this very topic already. Use your forum search function and look it up!

I say this often, but I’ll say it again, i RARELY use tools in my magick. I create vessels for long-term spells, but don’t really use much else. I HAVE tools, but they generally stay in their chest. Most of my work has no robes, no athame, no pentacled grimoire, no fire, no water, nothing.

My body IS the tool, a fabulous balance of all the necessary elements for magick.


Learn energy work. It’s one of the fundamental skills I use to make my magick work. And it doesn’t require anything other than yourself.

The best intro to the topic is “Energy Work” book by Robert Bruce.

He also has a free seminar YouTube …

Robert Bruce – New Energy Ways – Part 1 of 8

When you get the hang of this skill, you can use it raise the energy you need for the ritual, imagine yourself performing your magick in your mind, and then releasing this energy to do the work.


Sigil magic. Chaos magic with technology. Maybe simple candle magic and spirit contact through candles. Dreaming. Remember it is your desire that matters. Most of what I do is Chaos magic based heavily on imagery and sigil work. You don’t even need tools, although they can be helpful.


Chaos was where I started and honestly IT FEELS LIKE ITS THE GROUND WORK OF ALL MAGIC. Like they explained the mechanics broke them down and were like “here you go”.
Do you agree or is that just me?


Chaos magic is basic magic theory. If you can do Chaos magic, every other magical system is accessible to you, because it really is bedrock. Honestly I love it for that reason.


Exactly🙂 If it weren’t for chaos Magick I think Magick would be a lot more confusing for me honestly.


This is the tutorial I did, going to PM you a method of simple soul travel that requires nothing more than a notebook, pen, and some drumming downloaded from the net, that you can do lying in bed without making any visible signs of what you’re doing:


Someone published something titled The 4 Laws of the Sphinx, I think. Said Magickal weapons were props or something.


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