You guys are all tools!

… of magick.

YES that was clickbait, however, to all new magicians:

The most important tool for the new magician isn’t a wicked cool chalice, a 800$ hard cover grimoire, a 500 year old dagger, or a human skull. Fancy wands, cool bling, robes, masks, or EA’s wicked T-shirts are not (initially) magickal either, although there is some debate about EA’s shirts granting Wisdom +1 , but that’s another story.

Magic works because of your connection to this world and to the currents that flow within and around it. Your connection to other human beings will help you influence them. Your connection to nature will help you harness some of its power. Its not the placement of the triangle, the size of the circle, the cryptic (for now) characters around these crazy ass sigils. Magic starts and stops with you, and you alone.

The rituals, drama, special ingredients (blood, incense, sacred Sylph spit, etc) and bling will help with the mood. What all these tools do for starters is help separate your mundane life from your magic imbued spiritual life. That’s why its important to treat your implements, tools, and even incense with some respect.

I don’t know about you, but my temple doesn’t look like this:

When you are just starting out, and admit it or not, many of us have this romantic pull towards magic. There’s something attractive about it. Don’t forget that mood! Its an excellent starting point and keeps it fresh, and magickal.

So use the tools, the scents, the incense, the obsidian plate, the drama, the chants … use whatever you want, or none of it, as long as it feels legit to you. Dancing nude in a field with a goat head mask? Hey whatever floats your boat.

… cause yep. You are the instrument (tool) of magick.

Although I love skulls, gothic chalices and nude demonesses, this lovely altar is quite suitable for natural magick don’t you think?

Let yourself discover what works for you later on instead of filling your ritual space with useless shit you’ll just regret down the line. So investing in “authentic” Harry Potter wands … uh … yeah … you might want to wait on that a bit.

Trust yourself!



I really like that last picture of that altar…very pretty and earthy.

Haha…my altar looks like left over from a garage sale…but one persons junk is anothers treasure…or so they say.

Thanks for sharing this.


Lol, my altar is a space heater. Whatever works.


Mine is temporary and is mostly packed on a shelf. I take what I need out.


Great post Rahnoren. I discovered this place recently and it truly works better than doing rituals in my bedroom as I used to do till now. Got to get rid of those nasty incense sticks though. I have to use the whole pack to produce a thick cloud of smoke.



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Fantastic post.
And by “fantastic” I don’t mean like “fantasy” but, you know, “fucking AWESOME”.

I sometimes refer to all the bits and bobs as “crutches”. I realized a long time ago that the only thing I truly needed was myself. And I still know this to be true. It can help to use some of those crutches, especially if one has imbued them with power, etc. And symbols can play a huge role, most likely because of the energy that people have put into them for countless years. The same goes for Names.

Ultimately, magick is deeply personal and if something in your personal process “feels right”, well, then it is. Because that allows you to put forth the energy that will allow you to bend the universe to your will.

In short: I agree.


Indeed. Crutches. Sometimes the crutches can be blockers such as in the case of an overly poetic, symbolic or philosophical “grimoire”. EA’s books are great at getting to the core of the matter. Anything more complex can mess with neophytes. Leave the overly cerebral tomes for later.

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Loved the clickbait, a great post actually! Thanks! :smiley: