Evoking without tools

Hi all,

Given my recent success with Paimon, I’ve been readily preparing for college. Living in dorms, with people -mundane people…etc. I have run into a complication though, 1) my new dorm is not going to be big enough to house my ritual tools, and 2) I’m not going to be able to openly practice with the beady eyes of random students looking in on me. So the problem that I have is that my entire ritual set is gonna have to stay in my current home. Which means I’ll have no candles, chalice, athame or circle. While these things aren’t needed for an evocation, I do struggle to get into the right mind set without them.

I could house the set at a room in Freemasons hall potentially as I am now technically a mason (that’s a long story…) but I doubt they’d let me anyway. So, advice? Would Astral evocations work just as well? Especially since I’ve now officially started working through the OAA initiations and Discorces, and that requires me to call on numerous entities through the methods outlined in EE, which all require Manifestation bases and circles and what not.
I do recall a segment in the evocation mastery video course where Eric evoked a spirit in a fire without any tools whatsoever, so, is it the same process for a normal evocation? What other Manifestation bases would be good for a quiet evocation? Blood is evidently out, incense is touch and go -don’t wanna set my smoke alarm off in my tiny dorm lol. How does the elixir of Manifestation work?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

My advice would be to try and link yourself more strongly to the astral, once you do this you’ll find magic without tools to be easier. You could start with a mental link to a spirit then go from there. It also has the added bonus of reaching a meditative state faster, among other boons.
Reckon you’ll have time to sort it out before sept.
Also yes, evoking in the astral is another excellent technique. Though it may be easier to just visit the spirit in it’s realm/plane.

Anytime you magick you are already evoking in the astral. Astral energy is the same as magickal energy. Its just that when you astral travel you are more charged with said energy. So if you go into a nice super focused trance and do magick or evoke while raising alot of energy it is the equivalent.

Scrying into a black mirror or crystals, those are silent and simple enough to hide.

I’m not promoting laziness by saying this but whole ceremonies can be carried out in your head.

I’m kinda having this same now. I’m a total beginner and can’t even get any alone time to try and evoke at all. How do you do any evocation in the astral?

Hey Azael,

I currently am going to a college in a very Christian area, and have faced many of the problems you’ve mentioned here.

What I did going into college was evoke a trusted spirit to create excellent housing, I had a list of aspects I wanted in the housing and one of the aspects of that housing was to have a private room- nobody else in the same room. This allowed me to meditate and do any sort of operation I felt comfortable doing in there. Additionally I had plenty of space. This will also allow you to store all your tools.

Now I don’t know if a foot of wood and plaster between you and your roommates will give you enough ease of mind and separation from the world to perform traditional evocations. Its your call. I tried two things after realizing that the walls didn’t work for me. There are mountains close to the college I am at, and so I broke out my boots and went into the mountains searching for the perfect ritual temple, surrounded by natural beauty!

I called upon the spirits I was working with to guide me to places to do my evocations. I was guided to a cave about fifteen minutes hike into the mountains. On another day I hiked an hour or so to a mountain peak. It had a fitting view; being concealed from the eyes of any hikers who might be walking the nearby trails, it overlooked the very valley and city I influenced through those mountaintop rituals. Definitely added to the “feeling” of power, and I guess I enjoyed the symbolism.

Nevertheless, it was novelty. Taking all that time to simply get to and from the ritual site was very impractical given school, work, etc. This led me to evoke without tools in that private room I had.

Evoke without the candles, remove the athame from your hand, leave the chalice dry and in its storage place. Cast no circle. While I could have easily used these things in my room as they are not loud and I can easily reach up and remove the smoke alarm from the ceiling; I wanted to develop the skill to evoke without tools. Without bounds; anytime, anyplace.

A manifestation base? Fresh blood is the best base, its full of whatever the hell it is that facilitates evocation. Rather than taking a knife to your finger to spill that energy from you; learn to spill the energy from your pores, to force it out through the thin layers of skin that wrap your body. Turn your entire physical being into the manifestation base. Congratulations: you now have nothing at all stopping you from evoking.

Some important last points:
-Don’t expect physical evocation with this technique, as others have already pointed out, evoking without tools is “astral evocation”. Is it as powerful as physical evocation? I don’t know. If I can communicate with the entity and receive answers to my questions- If I can achieve my ritual goals- then the reason we do Magick: the results-- are still obtained. If the results are not obtained then practice is required.

-Just because you are able to call forth the gods of heaven and hell in an instant and at your whim and pleasure does not mean you should. I have more than on on one occasion offended my allies by abusing their time and attention. Consider the preferences of the spirits you work with even as you consider your own preferences. There is a reason we don’t use blasting rods or threaten with god names when we call forth demons: they sure don’t prefer it. Similarly, different spirits prefer different things in their evocations, it is always wise to contact a spirit before the evocation and let them know your intent to evoke them; as well as ask if they have any preferences in how the evocation is performed, explaining how you evoke in a non-traditional manner. Some may ask you to use specific tools.

-For all this, you may find creating an astral temple and evoking there to be much more effective. I simply saw you describing many of the challenges I had and thought I could give a bit of advice from my experiences. Good luck with the OAA and good luck starting college! You will love it.

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That helps a lot thanks! I found out yesterday that I have one of the best accomadation for my college, in a private room and everything (don’t know how that happened lol), so that’s certainly going to help. Candles, incense and weapons (athames) are strongly prohibited by the college (apparently students can’t be trusted with anything that could potentially cause a fire or harm…the safety briefing said one guy didn’t know how electrics worked and doused it in water and blew up his room lol). It is funny though, the room is a decent size but I still probably wouldn’t take the circle I have, but there’s a excersise in the OAA that teaches you to create your own atral circle (the flame circle If I recall) so that will come in handy. I also found out that the campus is 2 blocks away from my go to magick store, family run and all that. They have a basement and quite often do “open circle” meetings for magicians all round London, so that was a nice coincidence lol

There is an NLP mirroring/matching exercise i have learned for contacting any archetype through lucid dreams. I have been using it with interesting results for the last couple of weeks, and it provides simple but deep insight when you do it. It works like this:

At night when you go to bed, write the sigil on paper and put it under your pillow sheet where you will lie with your head directly on it.

Go into a light trance, and from that trance close your eyes. Imagine the spirit you want to conjure is right in front of you staring at you. For Paimon, you see an orchestra in front of a camel. On the camel sits a tough guy with no facial hair, wearing an ornate crown. That is your Paimon image.

Then as you structure (see Paimon clearly in detail), see him moving as he breathes, and match his breathing so you and him are breathing in time together.

(Hint: When i conjured my spirit, it breathed way too fast to mirror, so what i did was breathed at half its speed, but still in time to it. I got the same result doing that).

Do this for a couple of days. You will have some deep dreams and wake up every morning with stark realizations.

When you and Paimon have been breathing together for a couple of days, then ask him to speak to you. At that point you will have established contact with him in lucid dreams.

I’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks as a prepratory to my own possession rituals and have learned SO much about myself. Some mornings i wake up and realize i have amnesia from my dreams, which lets me know i achieved somnambulism in my lucid dream work. Even with that, i wake up knowing i received important information. Sometimes i can recover that info during the day afterward, and it usually comes back as a realization that seems very simple but is profound.

From there, ask Paimon how to conjure him empty-hand and he’ll give you more instructions. You’ll figure something out from there. Good luck

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i havent used my ritual tools in a few weeks but i have focused more on astral projection and opening my third eye, its working very well, you can commune with spirits easier this way imo cause for me i have gotten a stronger bond doing this. try invocations as well maybe just bring a candle and cover the holes where they can look in at, or lock em out if you got roomies lol

You can use lucid dreaming to perform ritual.I’m in a similar situation and use this method.u can manifest anything in a lucid dream,tools spirits and effect change in the physical.I’m currently experimenting with connecting with my higher self.after all I want to be the master and not always rely on spirits.its a fascinating and powerful area of study and blends perfectly with magic.also its easier than entering the astral by projection say.also u can enter the astral through a lucid dream.as I said u can.do pretty much anything in lucidity with some creative thinking.

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I’ve gotten in the habit of performing my rituals with nothing now, my circle and tools are still set up but I’m just doing rituals in another part of the house without them to get used to it. I performed one last night that was a sort of semi evocation, and just had the incense, candles and a hand drawn smaller version of the universal circle…and if I’m honest I actually like it more than a regular evocation. Without all the tools and circle distracting me (and without the circle creating a set space in my mind) the whole ritual was much more intimate and I got more verifiable results.

Bro your promoting how to save your money and I need to know how to be confident that you are actually taking to the entity and not an impersonator or you’re just taking to yourself

So if you can just “see” the magic happening in your mind, your mind will believe it to be real? And the spell would work just as if you did it on the physical plane? If so then that’s real cool!