Intranquility Spirit spell - everything you need to know

I know there have been a few threads on BALG about the Intranquil Spirit Spell (aka – Intranquil Spirit Rite, etc…). None of the threads however, go into much detail about how to do it. I plan on doing this spell within the next two weeks per the moon cycle, and it will be my first time, so in no way am I claiming to be an expert but I have done a lot of research that I wish to share here with anyone who’s interested.
But first a few thoughts:

  1. This spell supposedly comes with a lot of risk. There have been lots of stories of the practitioner being negatively affected by this spell, sometimes more so than his/her target. (I’ll explain why this can happen in a bit)
  2. This is NOT a love spell. This is a spell you use to get revenge on someone or make someone obsessed with you. Can love come out of it in the end? Maybe. But it will take a lot of work on your part to make that happen once they come back.
  3. This is a spell to correct the injustices one has received from another in a relationship. If you want to be the “better person” and walk away after being used and treated like shit, go ahead. But if you want to take the keys to the karma bus and drive it into the heart of your ex because they cheated on you, used you, etc., then this is the spell for you.

Purpose of this spell:

To call upon the assistance of a spirit trapped in hell to torment your ex-lover until they contact you. The spirit will cause them to lose sleep, their appetite, their sex drive, etc… all while thinking of you constantly, in an effort to make their life miserable until they contact you. Now, some say that the spirit can also be a spirit stuck in purgatory and that by helping you it’s their “community service” so to speak, and a way for them to get closer to heaven. How? Through the prayers and light you give to them once they deliver what you ask. I will say that you should be of a sound and strong mindset when doing this spell. If you are still grieving of your break-up and obsessing about when he/she will call, write, or return… and you stalk their social media pages… this spell will wreak havoc on your ass more than your target’s. The spirit will test you to make sure you can handle this. You will feel many of the effects your target is going through but not to the extreme that they will. This is how you’ll know it’s working. As one site put it so well: “It is used to call forth supernatural entities to torment the target while triggering memories of you that cause the target to dwell upon how much better things were when they were with you. This Intranquil Spirit spell will mentally & spiritually assault them until they return to you. In reality, this is an obsession spell, because it floods the targets mind with tempting thoughts of you, so they think about you continuously. These Intranquility spells are very successful because they take such a sturdy hold on the targets heart and mind. It literally compels your lost lover to return to you. Ideally, the intent is for the target to become mentally and emotionally unhinged and feel that they cannot have peace until they see, talk and get back together with you again. The Intranquility spell is a petition asking the Intranquil Spirit to pester one’s unfaithful or absent lover until he or she returns."

Items needed:

  • (1) pink candle
  • (1) crucifix (self-made or one a bought one or even one on a Rosary chain will do)
  • A picture of your target
  • Brown paper
  • Intranquility oil
  • Commanding oil
  • Return to me or Follow me boy/girl oil
  • 7-day Intranquility candle
  • Prayer to the Intranquility Spirit
  • Glass of ice water (it’s hot in hell… the spirit will appreciate this)
  • Graveyard dirt (optional but very effective)
    Note: I strongly suggest you research how to properly and respectfully obtain graveyard dirt. The dirt from the grave of a criminal, someone who died young and tragically, or a soldier are all good sites to obtain the dirt from but you must know how to do it properly.


  • Day of the week: Ideally on a Friday but you can do it on any day
  • Moon phase: Full moon or Waning moon


  • Carve your ex’s name into the pink candle
  • Dress the oink candle with the oils listed above (if you have graveyard dirt, include that as well)
  • Dress the 7-day candle with the oils as well
  • Write your petition on brown paper torn (not cut) from a brown paper bag
  • Write your ex’s name on the back of their picture with their birthdate if you have it
  • Place your target’s picture at the top of your altar with the petition you wrote on top of it
  • Light the 7-day Intranquil Spirit candle and place it on top of the picture and petition
  • Light the pink candle and hold it in your left hand while holding the crucifix in your right hand
  • Say the following prayer:
    • O, Intranquil Spirit, you that are in hell and wandering and will never reach Heaven, hear me, o, hear me. I want you to grasp the five senses of (name of lover) and do not let him/her rest in peace. Neither seated nor standing, waking nor sleeping, that he/she should think only of seeing me, smelling me, hearing me, tasting me, and touching me. That he/she should find himself/herself as desperate as the waters of the seas and as torn as the wind in the storm until he/she returns to me. That he/she should run and run until he/she humbly falls at my feet because nobody will help him/her. And that neither a divorced man/woman, nor a married man/woman, nor a single unmarried man/woman, nor a widow/widower, or a virgin man/woman shall ever love him/her, but only me and me alone. (Name of lover), I conjure you before the cross and God Almighty, that you are to run after me as the living run after the morning and the dead run after the light. Amen.
  • Place the crucifix on your altar just below the 7-day candle
  • Then place the pink candle below the crucifix on your altar with a glass of ice water next to it (this is for the spirit)
  • Let the pink candle burn itself out completely. Take the remains of the candle and bury it outside close to your front door
  • Say the prayer every day until the 7-day candle burns out
  • Once your ex contacts you it is extremely important that you pay the spirit for their work This can come in the form of a white candle, glass of ice water, and prayer.
  • Note: I will say that I have been contemplating using anon20147451’s layered approach here. I think kicking off the spell by summoning Belial and Sallos, for example, could be extremely potent and, or including them in your petition.


  • You will need to protect yourself and your home both before you begin the spell and after the spell. I suggest you get a hold of some holy water and sprinkle it around your home as well as sage to burn. Before and after the spell I would cleanse myself in a bath made up of hyssop and quita maldicion herbs, Florida water, cascarilla, and white flowers. You want to do everything you can to keep the spirit off of you and onto your target.
  • What happens when your ex returns? Well that’s up to you. If you really want them back, you’re going to need to do some serious sweetening and love work on them asap (NOT DURING THIS SPELL)… because when they return, they’re not going to be falling head over heels for you. Remember, for however long it took the spirit to get them to contact you, it’s been that long that they’ve been tormented with little sleep, appetite, etc… they’re not going to be in the best of shape. If you want them back for revenge, well, you’ll have your chance to dump their sorry ass when they return.

For those of you about to test-drive this karma bus, enjoy and please share your experience with the rest of us.


Excellent work with this.


Very nice work, indeed.
I am wondering why a crucifix is needed, and why a pink candle.

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Pink is used for reconciliation and even though you’re working with the dead it’s advised not to use black candles.

As for the crucifix, from what I’ve uncovered, is that this spell dates back to around 300 - 350 AD and is a combination of Native Mexican, European, Catholic, and African American beliefs.


Thank you for taking the time to share this most important information. Good luck in your quest.

Please keep us posted on progress.


A few things…

  • Contact doesn’t break the spell. If you read the prayer, it states that the person will suffer until they “fall at your feet”. You can instruct the spirit to torment them until they do whatever specifically it is you want.(for example, propose or get back together with you in a relationship). If you are in contact with the person, they can not suffer. But if you say the prayer the way it is above, speaking to them isn’t going to break it. If you want the person crawling on their hands and knees to you, don’t answer texts, snaps, email or anything. They can and will scour the earth looking for you if necessary.

  • The candle does not have to be pink. It can be black. This is not frou frou work. You are calling up a spirit from hell.

  • That said, some believe that once you die, you become the Intranquil spirit yourself. Also that the torment they are doling out is the payment. Just something to think about.

  • PROTECT YOURSELF BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER. The Intranquil spirit can and will fuck with you, too. I have seen people lose their mind while working with the Intranquil spirit and do some truly obsessive and scary stuff.

  • Do not think that because you haven’t heard from the person that the spell isn’t working. Tormented people don’t usually go around admitting that they are tormented. For some people that means they’ll fuck anything moving, drink, do drugs, work 24/7… anything to try and forget you. Luckily the longer they fight it, the worse it will get which works to your advantage in the long run.

  • Since they are being tormented day and night, they aren’t going to be in the best mood when they come back. Work to make them sweet (to you) should be done until they return and after. Some people think that it shouldn’t be done until after they come back, but spells can take time to work. And the sweetening work is specific to being kind you and has nothing to do with seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting and touching you. I have seen it work both ways, so make that choice on your own.

  • Remember that you broke up for a reason. You can’t go back to the ways things were when they return or they will leave again. While you are apart, think about why you broke up and do work to fix those issues, If they are with someone else, do breakup work. When they return, do work to keep them faithful and the relationship happy.

  • You may need to do the spell more than once. I have heard of it being done numerous times before it worked. For some a few days of one candle is all it took. You know your target the best. If they are hardheaded, it’ll take longer.

  • It might be a good idea to back your work up like having an Intranquil spirit vigil candle burning while you work or a Return To Me candle going at the same time.

  • Make sure your mind is clear and you are concentrating on the right person or the spirit can bring the wrong person to you - obsessed.

  • It may not work at all. There are many reasons why that can be. Doing a divination or having a reading before will tell you if it will work.

  • Once your target is back, thank the spirit and call it off.

  • There is no need to work with any other spirit or demon when you do it. To some it’s one spirit, for others it’s a group of spirits already. To do so it can also seem as if you do not trust the spirit(s) you have already called.


Thanks for your insights into the Intranquil Spirit post. A few comments on what you wrote…

  • The prayer has evolved over several hundreds of years. From everything I’ve read and researched on this, the majority believe that once contact has been returned from the practitioner to the target the spell is broken/over. And that if the practitioner doesn’t respond to the target the target will become more frustrated and try harder to contact the person. This is where the petition comes into play. By having a petition, you are providing the Intranquil Spirit with more specific instructions as to what you want to happen. In my petition I stated that the Intranquil Spirit’s work will be over when my target is standing in front of me.

  • I understand where the spirit resides. Again, 99% of what I have researched on this says a pink candle. Despite the fact that the spirit is in hell, I have yet to see anything that suggests a black candle… but I agree with you and see the logic.

  • With regards to trading places with the spirit or condemning yourself to hell by doing the work… I don’t believe this in the slightest. But like you, I have seen a few posts about how some believe this, but I don’t. I take into consideration the time period the prayer was written in and the religion whose foundation it was built on.

  • I protected myself and my place of residence very well when I did this and had no negative residual effects. I have read and heard that other people have had bad experiences, although I haven’t. Some say that’s how you know the spell is working because you are feeling what your target goes through. But if you cleanse and protect yourself properly as I have, you can perform it without any negative issues.

  • My take on doing sweetening work while the Intranquil Spirit is doing its thing is that they should not be done together. I believe it should be done immediately once you and your target connect. I know some people believe otherwise but this is just my opinion.

  • Some people think this is a love spell and it really isn’t although many try to use it to reunite with their ex. Others who feel they were unjustly hurt in the relationship use this as a revenge spell… to get the ex to feel the pain they felt when they were dumped, all so they can do the same to them when they return. I have read it used for both instances.

  • I have lit three vigil candles (not burning at the same time, of course) and had them backed up by other workers as well. I also did the spell each night over the course of 7 days. I believe it should be done several times but like you, know people who had success just doing it once. It really depends on the stubbornness of the target as you said.

  • The oils I used to dress the vigil candles and the pink candles were Intranquil Spirit oil, Return To Me oil, Restless oil, Commanding oil, and pheromones. I agree with you too that having a Return to me candle going at the same time can only help.

  • I believe the Intranquil Spirit is one of many in that group of Intranquil Spirits… although I know some believe it is just one. This never made sense to me.

? - Have you done this spell before? If so, how did it work out for you?

Thanks for your insights. Much appreciated.


I can’t edit my post so here’s some extra info:

  • If you are weak, any contact with them will break you and the next thing you know you’ll be back in front of them and then yes, the spell can be broken. I wouldn’t initiate contact and to take it further, I wouldn’t respond to their efforts IN THE LEAST until they drag their sorry asses in front of me on their knees (or whatever you ultimately want). John Wick that bitch. Leave them on read.

  • Detachment as always is key. If you take a genuine look at your life, more than likely you will find plenty to keep yourself busy. If you have set up your protection properly, you won’t be obsessed. If you find yourself the same or worse than when you began, you have not protected yourself properly. Many people who are successful with the Intranquil spirit care less after they summon it and barely think of their target. For many, the target returns after they’ve moved on or given up.

  • You may believe that having them obsessed is a good thing. I can tell you as someone with restraining orders against 2 people that it’s not a game and it isn’t cute. When the spirit breaks them, it could be noon or it could be 3 am. Say Anything is a fucking movie and having your target outside your house playing love songs all night isn’t going to play out the same. I’ve heard of people becoming violent once the Intranquil spirit got a hold of them. One person moved on yet thought it would be funny to continue to let the target suffer. He put out a hit out on her and her new guy. Real funny, right?

  • I have seen all kinds of people work with the Intranquil spirit. Some did it for their wandering spouse. Some did it for a booty call. Others were in between. Some tried everything else before summoning the Intranquil spirit and others did it first thing. All thought their reason was noble. I say this to remind you that no matter why you do it, you’re unleashing a spirit from hell and that control is an illusion.


All very valid points and couldn’t agree with you more. Just watch what you say about “Say Anything”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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So I did the Intranquil Spirit spell and have been reinforcing it on a weekly basis for about 3 weeks now. Have two questions for everyone and curious about y’all’s responses…

  1. I’ve heard both sides with regards to reinforcing spells. Some say it’s best to do the spell once and that’s all you need to do. I’ve heard others say that when you reinforce the spell it could piss the Intranquil Spirit off because it’s basically telling them you doubt their effectiveness or that they’re doing the work. Each time I do the spell I have a conversation with the spirit after the prayer and tell them that this is not in any way meant to insult them or for them to think I doubt their effectiveness… but it’s more on the lines of me showing and telling them I am still very much committed to the task and appreciate and respect their work and helping me in this favor.

  2. Here’s the candle remains from the latest working I did. What do ya’ll think of this?

Thanks for y’all’s input.

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And does anyone put much weight into reading the wax remains afterward?


How’s it going with this? Any results? I have invoked this spirit before, alas not the outcome that I wanted. However, there are other things at play with me.

What happened?

Well, the person came back into my life, but not the way I wanted him to. He was around and couldn’t stay away, but he fought with himself constantly to be in my life. I think perhaps things just weren’t meant to be or his will was way too strong and he knew that he was not meant to be here with me. He just kept fighting and acting very volatile. One minute we would be in love the next moment we would be fighting and he would tell me to fuck off. it just wasn’t what I expected.


That’s one of the ways the spell can work on their targets (not always, but sometimes). Sometimes they come back loving and other times they come back that way.

How long did it take between when you finished the spell and they came back?

For me it happened almost instantaneously. I actually had never been in a situation like that. It worked instantly. I did it at a lady’s shop and before I got home, a 30 minute drive, he was texting me! It was amazing.


Whaaaat??? That’s crazy!
What was this woman’s spiritual background?

Do we got to buy these oils online? Where do you get them?

Unless you know how to make them yourself.
I got mine at Lucky Mojo.