Intranquility Spirit spell - everything you need to know

Were they expensive?

Not too bad. Their shipping is one flat fee so I recommend getting everything you need in one shot, otherwise you’ll wind up paying the shipping again if you happened to have left one or two items off.


Did you bury the remains in your front yard?

As far as reading the remains go, if you’re going to do that then you need to pay attention to the candle the entire time it’s burning because that will tell you a lot about your results as well.

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Different companies sell the oils or you can make them yourselves. The recipes are usually easily found online. As far as lucky Mojo goes, if you are in the US or even outside of the you asked you can find retailers that actually have them. I am in Los Angeles and there is a retail store where I can pick up their oils if I need them in a hurry. There are also a few people who sell their products on eBay.


I live in an apartment so I put the wax remains under the mat outside my door. The ashes I wrapped in a pink paper and put in a crossroads.

I don’t know why you would separate them. That makes absolutely no sense at all. The whole point of putting the remains in your front yard or in a plant in the front of your apartment is to bring the person that you’re doing the spell on to you.

Intent will help a lot, but you just put half of the spell remains in a place that’s designed to send things away. The other half are in a place where a third party could tamper with, destroy or dispose of them completely. Spells are to be done and dispersed in a specific way to get specific results. If you’re not going to do them properly, there’s no point to doing them.

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This is exactly why I suggest doing some sweetening work while you’re working with the intranquil spirit. Usually the person is tormented into coming back to you which can mean that they’re not eating, sleeping or taking proper care of themselves. That usually tends to create a pretty irritable person. As I stated before, whatever issues you had before you do it, you’re going to have after if you don’t fix them.

I don’t know what your issues are, so I’m just going to pull something out of my ass to make a point. Let’s say the person you are with has a Wandering eye. You’re going to need to do some things to keep them faithful to you once they return. I think we’re so upset and heartbroken when they’re gone that we don’t think about this until they come back and the issues that caused the breakup are still there.


There are a few methods to this spell. You’re correct, putting everything in your front yard or in a plant is one way to dispose of the remains. I worked mine with someone else to reinforce the work and this is how we did it. And if you do the spell more than one night, which can be done and which is what we did, taking the remains to a crossroads for one of those nights is not wrong. Using crossroads in spell work is not uncommon. I get your point… agree with you… and not looking to start an argument. This is how I approached it with this other individual.

As far as sweetening work… to each their own. I don’t agree with doing sweetening work at the same time as your doing the IS work and I’m not alone with this theory. Now, if you want to do sweetening work once you know you’re going to see the person then that makes total sense. But to sweeten them while tormenting them is counterproductive (in my mind and many others). Because you’re having the IS work on the 5 senses of the individual, the spell won’t be complete until they are with you physically. This means that when the person contacts you and wants to see you, that’s when you should begin the sweetening work, not during the IS work.


I’m not trying to argue with you at all. I’m trying to help you. I don’t know everything about everything, but hoodoo is what I know extremely well. If you want to do work that’s not going to come to fruition because you did something improperly, then that’s on you.

You’re not going to get the results that you’re looking for and you’re going to have to do the work over. You may not care about what I think and you don’t have to. You were told how to do it and chose not to listen. You’re asking spirits to assist you in your endeavor yet you’re not even bothering to give them the proper respect of handling the remains of your spell work properly - on purpose. It’s incredibly disrespectful not only to the spirits but to those that you have gone to and ask for help and again chosen not to listen. You’re wasting people’s time and that’s not right.

As far as the sweetening goes, people disagree on that and that’s fine. That person did get their loved one back, but there were still issues and fighting. If you ignore the sweetening work conversation, the other issues still need to be addressed. I mentioned that in my last post. She did not fix whatever issues were causing them to fight, which is why when he came back they fought again. It’s going to happen every time no matter how quick he comes back due to the intranquil spirit until the underlying issues are dealt with.

I’m done trying to assist someone who doesn’t bother to respect a tradition that’s been around for centuries if not longer.


I never asked for your assistance!!! And don’t tell me what I’m doing wrong or how I’m disrespecting spirits. I don’t make public everything I do with my spiritual work. And the person I worked with to reinforce my work I’m pretty sure has many more years of hoodoo work than you. I’d give you their contact info so you can have it out with them but I’m pretty sure they don’t wNt your assistance either. And who do you think lives at the crossroads, btw??? Hmmmmmm… :thinking:

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Thanks for the input. Out of curiosity, what would you recommend for sweetening work for someone if the issue was unfaithfulness? How would you fix someone in that area if the obsession spell is a success?

Remember that my knowledge and expertise are hoodoo, so everything more than likely is going to be based in that. Everything is not for everyone.

If you are a woman, you can feed the man your menstrual blood (I know it may sound gross to some people, but it’s been done for centuries in many different countries). If you are no longer a menstruating woman, you can use your sexual fluids. If you are a man, you can use your sexual fluid. You only need a few drops like I said.

At the beginning, probably do it as often as you see the person for like a week. Usually with a woman’s Menses you would put it in some kind of red sauce or in his coffee to hide the taste. After you initially do it you might want to only do it once a month just to keep him/her tied to you.

Get a length of ribbon or string that is the length of his erect penis. Then tie a knot but not all the way into the ribbon. You put his semen on the knot and then as you call his name; when he answers you pull the ribbon tight. You can do it only one time, but it’s best to do it nine times then you put it into a small bag and keep it on you or hifden away. Remember that when you get his semen that if you do it when you’re having sex that you should not have an orgasm. The only fluid that should be on it is his.

You can also do things like burying worn underwear in the backyard so they won’t want to go out ( if you do not have a backyard, get a potted plant and put the underwear in there). You can also tie one of their worn socks and it tie it together with one of your worn sock then put them under your bed. If under the bed is not possible, put it underneath the mattress.

ETA: I almost forgot to mention the sweetening part. A Honey or sugar jar is the easiest way to sweeten someone to you. It’s rather simple. You fill a jar with honey or sugar then add your picture with their picture. If you can get any of their personal effects, that would help as well. There are herbs that you can add as well, but if you just want to make it simple a picture , a petition and some of their personal items and yours mixed together should be enough. I light a birthday candle on mine daily but on Friday (which is for love), I do a larger chime candle.

I hope that helps!


Thanks for all the information. It’s very intriguing. One question, what would you do in the ribbon section (I.e. Length of penis section if target is a man) if the target is female?

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I failed to mention that you should be careful what you wish for. A lot of these things can cause a person to become obsessed and/or violent.

What you’re referring to is tying a man’s nature; not a woman’s. I will have to look into that for you because I’ve never done it for a woman before. You can use the other things that I mentioned for women, though.

*** By the way, I was attempting to be human about this but Stfnwlf is making that absolutely impossible. He has been taking information from another board where he has been asking questions about the Intranquil Spirit then bringing the information over here acting like he is an expert in it. Since I do not have the same username there as I do here, he does not think I know that. There is no block feature on this board unfortunately, but I have already let a moderator know.

I have also let the owner of the other board know and she doesn’t take this type of thing lightly. I’m going to say this once publicly for Stfnwlf to leave me alone, stay out of my messages and I’ve already let the moderator here know that he’s been harassing me.

I take hoodoo very seriously because it is personal to me and he has been passing off the information he’s stealing from the other board here incorrectly. I’m not going to allow that to occur and harm other people. ***


Any update? I heard this spell is supposed to work pretty fast.

You may have this particular spell confused with another one because the intranquil spirit makes the target go crazy due to lack of contact with the Caster. That takes time. Unless you are extremely weak willed, it takes weeks of the target not eating, sleeping being able to concentrate, work and everything else due to lack of the caster being in their life to drive them crazy.


Yes, it makes sense the target to feel miserable a long time before contacting you. Weeks or even months.
First, the target has to understand why this is happening to them.
To connect their suffering with you.
Second, the target can be very stubborn. As mine is.
Can be a narcissist. When he is living with another woman, the things are awful.


Now how do you hide your spiritual work? Meaning everyone has a spiritual guide and or guardian. Say for instance you do this work but it’s interfere by their spiritual guardians. What methods could be use to protect your work? Ok. I hope this makes sense in what I’m asking.

I’d like to use this in a bit of a nontraditional way. Can I use this with someone else as the focus? For example, instead of Player 1 fall at my feet, can I use this to influence player 1 with the result that they become obsessed with one of their own exes not me?

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Hello my name is Tiffany and I’m new here so my spouse left me and I found a root-worker who did a spiritual reading and told me I would need a bunch of different spells basically to get him back and that I would need to use and tranquil spirits well before I found her I already paid $1000 and of course no results so I guess I was scammed anyways now I have paid her almost $1600 and I am broke now completely struggling and used my house payment to pay her as fast as I could I now only owe her the last $450. Okay well she did the IS and I blocked him from everything so he couldn’t reach me but I’m curious as to why none of the other spells are working that we did up to this point and also what can I do to make him stay and be loyal to me when he does return. The Rootworker is really nice and has been trying to keep me patient saying it takes time but he’s out screwing every one. I just want him home and loyal again like he use to be should I have her do an obsession spell or some kind of dark love spell when he returns