Please help me anyone there?

Well, the general rule is not draw any conclusions when you feel so negative. I’d suggest staying away from the topic if possible, and for as long as possible, by investing your attention in other things. You’ve done what you can for now in terms trying to keep in touch and also doing rituals. Now, focus on all the rest of it. I cannot overemphasize how important your overall emotional well-being independent of this person is for any reasonable chance of “reconciliation” or even moving on to something better. Take my advice: you done what you thought you could, now do other things for your benefit alone.

Sounds like quite a catch then!

Anyway. Seriously.
@Infantry_grunt_Warri , you came here asking for help and it seems the overall responces are meant for the wellbieng of you OP and for your, can we say, target??

Help is what you asked for, so I would say the help you need is within you and I strongly suggest you find some time to meditate and reflect to become a beautiful person, on the inside. Do that before you try to become a god.

Perhaps it’s more of an ego thing and the rejection makes you want her more. Everyone has a different opinion on love but to me truly loving someone is wanting them to be happy with or without you.


I would say that respect is important for some. Some woman don’t care for that. However, the one thing that ALL woman’s requirement and priority is 100% the feeling of being SAFE around you. U don’t make her feel safe.

You need to remove that feeling. If your this great rich powerful man than what I told you is going to take less than 8 months. 4 months. Get to work and you’ll still make it. Work on charisma and creating competition for her by being seen with other women. Stay in her life.

But it seems that you’re faking it for no reason, you wanted my advice here I am giving it to you and you’re getting defensive. Don’t beat up any guy that’s with her.

Clearly you’re not worth my time so I won’t even bother anymore. My wish is that that women doesn’t get physically hurt by you. But honestly I don’t really care what happens. But your type I’ve seen before and it’s usually a result of deep trauma from childhood, but then again most problems are usually If not always because of childhood trauma. You have this anxiety I feel in you that is unsettling. My best advice to you is to see a hypnotherapist to remove that and build self confidence. It’s one of the best kept secrets of the occult. Going to a hypnotherapist is actually more effective than Kabbalah magic to change your inner self.
Good luck to you.

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Thank you again for all of your advice and I have charisma I have game all that goodness and don’t worry I will never hurt her In any way I knew her and her family for years and i love her and her family to death and yes I respect her wishes she blocked me anyways and there’s Notting I can do I can’t even bother her and No I will not stalk her and follow her I don’t want her being scared. Just the man I want to hurt but I doubt I will see him I don’t know a name and I don’t know how he looks like. And if see her in family events I will just say hi and bye that’s it there’s Notting to talk about I will just wait. And the reason i think that she does not like me is because probably I am not her Type that’s all that it is. Because i do have charisma and very charming too. And I know I have all that. So I will let it be I’m just not her type every woman has there own type.

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Is this thread for real??

If so, that girl sounds great. Stop bothering her.

Probably what hurts you the most, for what I’ve seen, is the rejection that you say you never got before, even from better looking girls.

It might take a while to forget her, but you will, we all went through that. I used to have a crush on smurfette when I was little, 30 years later I’m totally over her.

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Now I will say something in dudes defense. If he is being sincere, it seems people have gotten through to him and he is listening. Give him that much, everyone has their faults, and no matter how bad those faults are, people can change their ways.

With that said OP, make sure you work on being comfortable outside a relationship so you dont obsess and take things too far in future relationships. Work on your self mentally and emotionally. Get help if you need, military is a rough life and it doesnt hurt to talk to someone who knows how to deal with it professionally.

Edit: i wanted to add something in the hopes some understanding and positive reinforcement will help you improve. Military life can be lonely and coming back to civilian life is even more lonely. You replace genuine brotherhood with the cold, alienating life of modern society. You dont need a woman to be complete. I think you need family and purpose. Work to be happy alone, and when you are ready a God or Demon CAN help you find the right woman…but only after you are capable of treating her right.


Not sure about that. Even if you are capable of treating her right. She might not be able to treat you right. So it’s the timing of both parties. Takes two to tangle. If the other don’t know how , it end in disaster. Such is life. We have to live with the ups and downs. Never had any woman treat me right. I’ve gotten use to being single. I’m ok with that. It’s better that way if the other person isn’t good enough. I rather be by myself then have fenemies.

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Me too, but thats why you need to be comfortable alone first before you even consider that type of relationship. Its just dude (rightfully) got shit on this entire thread but he showed humility when most would get more defensive and toxic. People can redeem themselves and I had to say something. There is potential in all of us to be the best we can be and live the best life we can live. It takes work and sometimes a push from others, both positive and negative.


I’m not sure this is how it works although it is one way to experience reality.

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This is actually correct: without being happy with yourself it’s pretty hard to attract happy relationships.

What you need to do is actually drop it for 3-6 months and do other things for yourself. Really, that’s the best solution. I’ve been there in a general sense.
Travel, get into work or play or whatever you like, self-knowledge, meditation. You have no idea how advantageous focussing on your well-being. without ill will, is in any situation.


Sorry got caught up in real life

Here is the heartagram ritual: Powerful Love Ritual - #259 by Libradoll

Here is a thread about working with Satanachia: Ex back with Satanachia - #27 by Satanachia19

Here is a thread about the intranquility spirit spell: Intranquility Spirit spell - everything you need to know

I cannot find the exact thread of evoking Sallos and Dantalion that I was looking for but if you type evoking Sallos or evoking Dantalion into the search bar something should come up. The basic principle is this you gaze at the demons sigil and chant their enn until the sigil starts to flash. Sometimes you will feel an energy and sometimes not. You make your request to the demon. This can be done as a petition if you wish

Hope this helps

It’s important not to lust for results. There is no best method to get this girl. What matters is your intent.

Try Ho’oponopono and think deeply about the words and the problem as you say them. Keep repeating over and and over and over again. After a little while it becomes all you are aware of.
It gives you healing and sends a good message.
It’s as simple as this:

“I am sorry,
Please forgive me,
I love you,
Thank you”

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I second this

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Now that is one helluva good book. :))

The spell begging and psychodrama doesn’t belong here. What I am seeing is a someone who has no real magical ability and is seeking someone here to perform some kind of love spell for him. How fucking pathetic your post is a complete waste of this forums time. I have no interest in your personal problems or texts either.
What I would do is contact E.A. Koetting and do a consultation.

E.A. Koetting, the co-founder of this website and could help solve your problems through his experience and knowledge. He offers consultations and rituals for a fee. He’s a very skilled sorcerer and I think he could help guide you through this.

Here’s a link:


For once, I am at a loss for words…