Need a Harming Spell or Curse

I need a strong spell or curse to utterly annihilate someone’s state of mind. I want this guy to be unable to form a single coherent thought and spend his life screaming at walls in sheer torment. He is essentially using a woman’s child to keep her hostage in a marriage she hates. I don’t care for moral implications or what the blow-back in accordance with the Threefold Law of Return may be. I just want my desire realised.

So, does this wonderful community have any effective harming spells or curses? :slight_smile:


I believe this one will do the job perfectly…


No worries about any threefold law. There is no such thing unless you believe in that.


You had me at annihilate😍 I hope you find the spell, curse or entity you’re looking for to get the job done!!! You’ll find it here, there’s a ton of good info available. Good luck.


One of the options is also the incantation ‘to rouse vengeful destruction’: “I’chalaz itz’rechel ahn’tal ah’tan’tel regrezitahl me vaskalla pert’ent’itzu”, chant it while visualizing the desired result and having a link to the victim (name, photo…)
Further, there are the enns of demons with baneful power: Focalor (“En jedan on ca Focalor”), Vepar (“On ca Vepar ag na”) etc.


Use the square of Saturn, trace the name of the victim, a=1 b=2… It will help you to directly connect your curse to the target and somewhere connect the Djinn of Saturn or Saturnian Demon to empower it.
Saturn Djinn: Maymun
Saturnian Demon: Leviathan, Azazel, Furcas

Furcas knight: Enn - secore on ca Furcas remie

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Evoke Disordia, the Demon of Madness, from Kingdoms of Flame. She “constantly whispers terrible things into the ears of her target until they go insane.”


You mean a letter of his name for each square? This is my first time working with the square of Saturn.

Is the basic numerology. Lets say target’s name is Arnold

A 1
R 9
N 5
O 6
L 3
D 4

Now the square of Saturn and draw the sigil starting with A 1. The lines uniting the Letters can be straight or round or both. Just listen to your heart or Inner child with the idea to ‘’ touch’’ your target.


Cthulu for his mind
Andras for his life
Vine to tear down his defenses

A lovely unholy trinity to destroy whomever

Cthulhu really does know how to psychologically destroy someone.


Too true. Its a lie to hold people back from taking revenge on their attackers.

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How do you do this?

The same way you evoke any spirit.


Do you need candles or anything to perform this?

I believe candles aren’t required (still, they make workings more powerful) although in the video E.A. did have two lit candles: