Need help for this target


I am looking to do a love spell or any spirit that would help me in this situation. I have been invovled with this guy for 5 years and he told me before he loved me but is now drifting away to someone else now completely leaving me broken he told me he is diagnosed a sociopath and if theres any way I can invoke or cast a spell to make him come back to me and obsess me again, i feel theres a blockage because he would tell me before he wants to be with me but instead hangs out with the other women.

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You may get further assistance from the Love / Magic sub forum so I’m not sure if you want to ask a mod to move your topic there.

Sallos and Dantalion have good reputations for love magic. Their Enns can be found on Google, YouTube and in numerous topics on this forum

You should be aware that love magic is the most difficult to perform. Arguably love magic is one of the biggest areas where people lust for results. Avoid lusting for results as it interferes with magic.

You could try a binding or the intranquil spirit spell. Although these are considered curses because they cause your target pain until they come back to you.

There is also this topic which may help.

It began about a discussion on narcissists but I believe touches on sociopaths. Arguably it should help because narcissists and sociopaths share similar traits


How to perform Intranquil spirit spell? I have considered contacting Dantalion for love magic as well. He told me he feels he still cares about me since I make him angry but I want him to feel hurt and then come back to me.

The spell can be found here:

While it’s natural to want the targets to feel as hurt as we feel before they come back to us unfortunately that mindset affects magic because on the one hand you want them back but on the other you want them hurt which leads to a conflicting dichotomy and one of the reasons why love magic fails.

Please keep us updated as to how things go.


Would invoking Dantalion be less likely to fail? I have never invoke before but would be more willing to try that as well how do I do that though?

I have to ask: why do you want to hook up with an admitted sociopath?


The target has something I want which is money, I do still have feelings for them as.well despite this but have kept it to a minimum.

If this is your ultimate goal, then why not do magick for the money, instead of binding yourself to someone who is unlikely to ever truly care for you or be empathetic? If he’s truly been clinically diagnosed as having anti-social personality disorder, love magick won’t change that.


he has told me he cares for very few people and still cares for me so that is why I still like to try. I will try evocation for the target since he is a stubborn one

My question is, why would you believe him when he tells you he still cares? If he is truly a clinically diagnosed sociopath, then one of the defining characteristics of that disorder is dishonesty and deceptiveness, as well as little to no empathy for others.


My 2 cents: whether he’s a sociopath or psychopath him saying he cares should be taken with a grain of salt. Psychology texts say that kind of caring if is like the caring you have for your car or house. That they care because your theirs not because the love you. According to those books it’s ownership or sometimes about keeping up appearance to them not love.

So why do you want to settle for that kind of caring instead of love? That’s a rhetorical question btw. I don’t need an answer. I just ask it for you to consider at your leisure.


In the case of APD, I would personally advise you be armed, but in spots where the APD is unlikely to be able to grab to from you. After verbal disarmament attempts of course.

Being serious, yes, you can bind someone to love you or at least appear so, which I assume is what you want prior to the money, to comp[letely manipulate the person out to their money.

Well, angels or demons … your pick. Several mind control and love powers in most of them.