Into Loagaeth

Shouldn’t you be constructing tables? Yeah I do what I want.

This is the new thread I am using for my writing. As the title suggests, the primary general focus will be on Loagaeth magick, but I’ll do what I do and cover any topic that comes to mind.

I have selected Soul Travel, Planes, & Ascended Masters as the category for this thread, somewhat hesitantly, although I currently believe this is a reasonably appropriate choice for Into Loagaeth. I believe Black Magick & The Left Hand Path was a good choice for The Ritual of the Neutron Star. I write about Enochian rather extensively there, but much of the Enochian magick developed in that thread was influenced by the RotNS, and of course, like the RotNS, built off the work of others.

As a brief summary and recap for those unfamiliar with my work, here on the magick twitter, a journal of great prestige, the Loagaeth tables are one component of Enochian magick, transmitted to Dee & Kelly back in the day and currently transcribed in Klein, the best and only reliable source for the original manuscripts aside from the originals themselves. Loagaeth is obscure even by occult standards, with practical methods pretty much nowhere else to be found, at least publically available, to my knowledge at this time of writing.

In my practice, I have received guidance from the Enochian spirits, and have come to believe that the Soyga tables represent an eight-part pathworking, with periods of preparation and rest. The more widely known Enochian Keys take the focus in some Soyga tables, the Loagaeth tables in others, and later into the pathworking the two become more blended and interconnected.

To quote Klein, paperback, V-58 (Mysteriorum Libri Quinque - Sloane 3188 fol. 26b) (I ignore the Latin), regarding the Soyga tables:

“What signifieth those wordes?”
“The true measure of the Will of God in judgement which is by Wisdome.”
“What language is that, I pray you?”
“A language towght in Paradise.”

For those unfamiliar with the Loagaeth method and don’t feel like ctrl-fing the other thread, here’s a post.

For Enochian pronunciation, one that enables this method at all and is in my opinion pretty good in general, here’s a post.

For an overview of the Soyga pathworking, here’s a post. This may have since been altered down in the thread. You’re either not there yet anyways or will receive an update if you follow my writing.

I would be very unsurprised if none of those links got clicked. This is, once again, obscure magick, even by occult standards, and those that do take a fascination to it seem to mostly be confused by the magick away into pointless thought experiments and tangents that lead one away from a more direct experience of the energy.

This magick will be of no interest to by far most users of magick because it demands large amounts of time. Many are happy to read old grimoires it seems, but for some reason blatantly avoid more modern works that can actually be put into practice to bring genuine and immense power into their material life and progress towards spiritual/mystical attainment. Many like theatrics and drama which do almost nothing in terms of genuine magickal effect. Such people should not be emulated.

Aside from the construction and the rituals, the magick also demands a serious dedication to dream practice. I’m barely into it, and that much is absolutely clear, so much so that I have chosen the category I have chosen for this thread. So much so that I am considering daily sobriety to maintain consistent dream journaling. A solid day is about 10-12 pocket notebook pages, although sometimes the dreams seem deliberately kept shorter by the magick. Along with this, daily meditation, 20 minutes is acceptable, and other associated dream practices. I primarily draw from Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming and The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep. If dream practice is an obstacle for you, you must decide if what is preventing you is more important than this pathworking. The importance of dream practice cannot be understated, so if you’d rather drink alcohol, consume cannabis products, do any other drug which interferes with dreams on a very regular basis, not give yourself adequate sleep (eight hours) (ideally with some extra time for being awake and journaling), or not cultivate the habit of journaling, you are free to do what you want.

This is not magick for the casual user, with barely the attention span to watch a video, let alone read a paragraph, and as such it will remain obscure and scarcely used. To put it simply, this is not my fucking problem. The magick doesn’t require extreme intelligence, but it requires study. Integrating buddhist and other similar teachings is essential.

I don’t particularly get off on lengthy diatribes against the moronic and egoic, despite Enochian sex magick’s immense utility, but I feel that a proper introduction is in order.

You are free to believe what you want to believe, and you are free to use your time as you see fit.

Now, what would cause one to turn to this magick?

In my limited perspective, I would say true knowledge and understanding. I would also say some of the most radical and profound experiences that can be made available via occult methods. There is also the direct expansion of time and the space one can experience.

I believe a proper introduction would be incomplete without also mentioning - attainment of ultimate supreme Source-God-Consciousness, enlightenment, awakening, Buddhahood, release from suffering, all such limited terms, in a lasting and durable way. I believe the purpose of this is not to escape material existence, but to expand/unlock one’s power and being.

Here is my dramatic and theatrical opening, which scarce few will read, and good, for this magick is too potent for it to be otherwise.

Believe me to be a grandstanding egoic whatever if you so wish, and cling to whatever your methods may or may not be, and the subsequent life that arises from them. To me, that is clearly not my fucking problem. When it comes to magick, factoring in material corruption, quality of life is exactly the point.


Did you want feedback on this topic or were you more going for a Journal approach? In this category it’s fair game for anyone’s opinion within the rules. :+1:


I mean anyone is free to post their thoughts, that’s totally fine, and if anyone else has experience with Loagaeth magick, I’d be very happy to hear about that. I imagine it will mostly be more journal style content though. Blogging is less fun than being in it like this. What would life be without some gremlins?

I’m not particularly interested in “debate” (particularly from the Crowley/Golden Dawn crowd), but if there are thoughts on alternative methods, revisions, insights, any of that stuff is welcome. I’m not saying this is the only way or valid approach, but it is the approach that has been revealed to me. It is up to the reader to judge the methods based on the experiences that I report, and more ideally, up to the practitioner to see for themselves (themself?) and have their own experiences. That is one thing that would please me - if what I’m doing here enables others to benefit from this rather obscure magick.

I also realize my tone can be somewhat, aggressive, but in some ways that’s just part of the brand, and the purpose behind it is to try and make clear that this is a dedicated pursuit, not a trivial whatever thing to be taken super casually and frivolously. The magick’s been enjoyable and fun, but it’s not 5 minute microwave magick to get a simple result (although I do like such magick as well for what it does).

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And away we go

There are a few themes or standout ideas which have occurred in my dreams over the past few days. It’s possible that the Loagaeth tables will match up with the descriptions of the Keys in Success Magick, but there could also be an entirely parallel progression relating to the dream state, so I think I’ll somewhat loosely keep note of which table I’m on as the days go by and see if any significant patterns emerge. This is likely to be influenced by my personal skills, but perhaps there will be converging similarities.

On that note, I have been constructing table 2a (second table, front side). Currently my approach is to craft an entire side, then do the other (front then back). I’m gonna try and clip along at a decent pace while not sacrificing my life, health, or forcing it. I find the arts and crafts strangely enjoyable, and the act of construction I am treating as an activity to do while practicing mindfulness. For the curious, I am also giving priority to construction over chakras and energy exercises. Once the tables are constructed, then energy stuff can go down more regularly. I’ll see how this develops.

Another important note - after doing a line (which is two rows of letters, so a set of letter combinations across) I take a moment to adjust my eyes to far away objects. I try to look at a few different distances and some moving objects in addition to stationary points of focus. Looking out across a cityscape with moving vehicles is convenient, but something like swaying distant trees or animals would do the trick as well. I’ll also be doing this during the day in bright light conditions. It’s good to maintain your health! Don’t want to be blind!

There have been multiple dreams where I was doing something ordinary and mundane, and then had a “visionary” mystical experience, and then returned to the ordinary mundane reality. There was a feeling of extraordinary mundaneness and I felt rather material in that moment, although I was non-lucidly in the dream state.

There have been multiple moments where the idea of having done this before, but not having the memory, occurred to me. If I recall correctly, once I had an impression, like the thoughts just occurred to me within my mind, and on another occasion a dream character said these things to me directly, something about if I remembered our relationship from before, how we’d done these things before.

Along the lines of the first thing, in a dream I travelled to an “astral hub” of sorts, with the impression that I would be transported to an astral location from that (presumably non-astral?) location. Upon going to one such location, I wondered as to what it meant exactly for this piece of astral real estate to have been settled. I’m wondering how valuable such astral real estate is what with there perhaps being infinite supply. Location location location?

In that place in that dream, and in others, I had the impression, sometimes partly while in the dream (variously lucid), sometimes upon awakening, that certain features of the terrain or certain events or cause-effect sequences stood out to me in particular, like they were highlighted by something and brought to my attention. This seems to be Loagaeth magick taking effect to give insight into the dream world.

One example, in that aforementioned piece of settled astral real estate, it was an office environment. Side note - this was a somewhat strange place for me to end up at via astral hub transport as I never really find myself in such environments in my waking life. Where one would expect a wall to be, as it seemed we were not on the ground floor, there was an opening out into a space I am very familiar with in the waking world, albeit morphed. This “morphing” occurs pretty often as well. Out from this space, some creatures approached, one large one small, and they seemed hostile in some way. The employees dispatched the large one rather quickly and I didn’t see much of the details, but the second one had characteristics relating to something I had seen in a TV show that previous waking day - a stack of disks on its back. It was “killed” by knocking those disks off its back with one of those nerf guns that shoots disks instead of darts, something I am familiar with from childhood.

Following this, I was approached by a dream character who resembled (is/was?) a character I knew from waking life. I somewhat feel like sparing some details for personal reasons. She said to me the “do you remember” stuff, and then made me an offer (not sexual, but an ongoing responsibility), which I accepted, which perhaps will influence future dreams. Perhaps significant to note, this was before getting back into table construction. After this agreement, there was a sense of instability, like what can occur after becoming lucid, and I expected her to be gone after that, but there she was, present with me on a dreamsign of mine which I track in my journal.

Strange, how in that instance, the dream content did not meet my expectation, but in another dream, the one about the challenges, attempting to pass through the portals to the next levels, after the mere mention of something (dream character said don’t go over to her, it’s a trap, implying that this was an obstacle regularly encountered on this level), said obstacle, a bomb, immediately manifested and exploded in the field next to us. I felt no pain, but couldn’t seem to find or sense my body.

I believe in the same sequence of dreams as the previous example, the astral hub and etc, there was another dream towards the end of them all where I encountered another character who gave me her name. Upon awakening, in a flurry of impressions, I saw an image of my “dream characters” page (with the tally marks, to note occurrences in dreams). Perhaps this was a new character, person, individual (not all are humans), reaching out for me.

These various themes and ideas have been occurring to me in dreams of greater than the previous average length, with greater complexity, density of detail, and overall clarity. I have experienced this before simply by keeping a dream journal and intentionally practicing recall (trying to remember dreams before re-reading my journal) consistently, but perhaps you can see how some of these themes are recurring and insightful in nature. Amidst the insight, many of the dreams are just plain enjoyable in some way, and the vividness and strangeness to the adventures and events is itself enjoyable, like being an explorer pioneering new lands, enjoying the landscape as an aesthetic phenomena.

After such a dramatic opening I’d feel a bit fraudulent if I didn’t share some of what I’ve been experiencing, and how could I deny my readers some of that good ole occult content with such baity clickbait?

It feels good to return to being an Enochian magician. We’ll see how things go, but I wouldn’t mind going through and constructing all the tables during this preparation phase. The Ritual of the Keys is always a somewhat lengthy endeavour, but once these tables are constructed I can instead do other practices and just words of power the tables leading up to the full ritual.

And away I go, into Loagaeth.

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Oh no, there weren’t earth-shattering DMT trips right away with instant miracles and blah blah blah! It’s a long-ass pathworking, and things have certainly been happening.

Now that I’ve actually been tracking dreamsigns for a bit, I very rarely have a dream that isn’t characterized by at least one of them, be it the location, characters, or the theme of the events. Upon reflection, most of the time they go pretty similarly, with magick insight/guidance/wisdom stuff tossed into the mix of general overall event sequences that usually go pretty similarly. Like something relevant that provides insight or some kind of magickal result will happen amidst an otherwise pretty standard dream.

Recently though (hoho Loagaeth!), some ancient stuff has been coming up from childhood recollections. These aren’t traumatic, but pretty mundane stuff that’s been buried for a while, like building forts, or this church I used to volunteer at to serve a weekly poverty meal. The location of the fort-building is my second most frequent dreamsign, and churches come up somewhat regularly, not too often but enough to merit a dreamsign.

What’s causing this to happen? Or should I say, what’s the point? Do you remember? You fuckin obsessed with the number 2??

Directly before settling in to sleep, I was reviewing the previous night’s dreams and marking dreamsigns, and then also took some time to go back over a previous night which I’d not gotten to before. Side note - I’ll probably do something like this most of the time, to freshen up on recent and not so recent dream memories. As I was doing this, looking over my Dreamsigns and Experiences pages, one relatively rare experience stood out to me - conversation. Combat/violence has like 15 ticks, similar numbers (a bit lower) for sex/flirting, conversation got up to like 2 during last night’s review. Fight and fuck, it’s what I do. Conversation I consider as more than one or two lines of dialogue, actually some back-and-forth, like a conversation. Violence also includes random dudes with fucking guns appearing out of nowhere and making threats and the like, or non-physical combative altercations.

Conversation, though. Last night I had a dream, primarily characterized by two dreamsigns, one being the people (the most frequent dreamsign at this time), another being car/driving, which comes up a decent amount. Oof - I’m dreaming, totally forgot. Double oof - I’m reading my writing as I write it. Telephone ring, check the time, daydreaming, it’s a Thursday.

In this dream, I had an extended conversation with a dream character, advising him on how to attain maximum profit given his situation. It was involving gifts, particularly technology. He wanted another computer, but already had two desktops, side-by-side, and it wasn’t an ultra sick double-computer stream setup. It was two separate computers. I suggested a nice 4k monitor as an alternative, that way he could look at his iPhone photos or whatever with a better screen, and I explain how you can do the thing where you vwoop the window over to the other screen. He seemed a bit frightened by the idea.

It occurred to me while reflecting on the dream later in the waking state that some people don’t particularly give a shit about technology like I did back in the day. This then association-bounced to the idea of “magickal technology.”

The destination of this drive was to high school, it seemed, but we ended up at my elementary/middle school. I have a somewhat amusing recurring dream where I have to go back to high school for some reason, fully and completely aware that I had already completed college and have a degree, while accepting the notion that I for some reason (sometimes I try and reason out some explanation) have to attend high school classes like another high school student. I seem to always forget to go to math class and then dread the thought of repeating whatever one it is (cause there’s so goddamn many of them), and generally kinda just skip the classes I don’t want to go to, which in the dreams is usually all of them - perhaps why I have to go back? I wasn’t exactly a good high school student, but I did the homework and went to class and stuff. It’s all just very weird.

We arrive in the parking lot, me forgetting both my sports gear and my pants, and I shout out the window “I went to college!!”, rather amused for some reason. At this point it’s all starting to get a little suspicious, and I’m wondering if it’s a dream. First I see about the pants situation - got a pair of my joggers (and some shoes) in the car. Then I nose pinch and realize yep it’s a dream. I excitedly continue to elaborate on my weird recurring dream, realize this dream character doesn’t give a shit (nothing new), and then as the dream starts to destabilize I try rubbing some stuff, but it’s about that time (?), and my body takes on my waking state body’s position as things fade to black and I then emerge into the waking state, there seeming to be a smooth transition of my consciousness, although there possibly was a false awakening and then an awakening.

Part of the point of that story (perhaps it was also amusing) is to point out (triangle pointy finger) how I was considering the lack of Conversation occurrences prior to sleep, and then had this dream right after with an extended conversation, much longer than is my usual experience. The same night, I had the dream with the ancient childhood recollection which I haven’t thought about at all in the slightest in years, although the previous night there was a dream character who gave me her name which was the same as a person involved in aforementioned ancient events, although the character in the dream seems to be a new creation, although I do not know her backstory, or if she even has one.

Seems like there’s going to be some unwinding and elaboration that goes on to explore (Exploration - another rare experience at this time of writing) the themes of the magick, at least at this time.

I can imagine the possibility of continued practice of Loagaeth magick (and related dream practices) leading to a complete or at least very drastic change in the usual regular formation of dreams. This happened a bit subconsciously to me already with the Enochian dream yoga visualizations (Peace Clarity Power Wrathfulness), but lucidity, or perhaps even just dream induction techniques (but lucidity being the longer-term goal), seems potentially more potent given the opportunity to make more directly intentional changes to dream content on a consistent basis. Something to do with karmic traces, I take it.

I suppose all there is to do is continue with the practice and see what happens.

I went to college!!

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The Obstacles

  • Delusion
  • Laxity
  • Self-Distraction
  • Forgetting
  • Four Obstacles According to Shardza Rinpoche

My trusty eraser, broken in two, conveniently with a pointy bit.

Loagaeth creature, scurries across the floor

I believe that my overall skill with dream practice is reflective of the Loagaeth table I am constructing, which is table 2a. For the record, I do not write the words above the table. Previously I wrote the words on a separate paper and kept it with the papers for the Keys rituals. I may instead learn the words now.

This is a perhaps surprisingly reasonable place to be with relatively little practice. Practicing dream recall enables dreams of a quality which are useful, and some visualizations makes those very useful, and also it is often a pleasurable experience.

Dream recall seems to be more of a habit than anything else. The practices build the habit, and then if you continue with the practice, the patterns of mind which have been established will be integrated into you and your lifestyle. I learned to automatically look back and recall my dream memories, so I tend to always pay attention to them unless laxity arises. Forgetting dreams in the past motivated me to pay more attention to them immediately when I wake up and to hold them in my mind so I can journal them all out.

This alone, in my experience, will build very strong “short-term” dream memory. Dream recall every night, unless I have been altered by substances, is very strong when I have journaled everything, everything that I remember, always, always do it. Even when I mostly have deep sleep and no REM, it seems, I usually wake up around 4.5 hours in, and then have some REM after that where I dream. It’s not always as good as my usual recall, but if you have the habit to pay attention to dream memory when you wake up, that’s what you have become behaviorally habituated to doing, then you can get a pretty good dream.

This doesn’t build much long-term memory, however. Reading your journal at all gives you the chance to remember an old dream, and keeping fresh with it is a practice that you can do.

Daily dream memory is a relatively low practice required skill/benefit/experience that is out there and available for learning. For a brand new way to be, it really doesn’t take much, and if you’re a practicer, then you’ll make it happen.

I have done some perusing, and I stumbled upon a video that explained FILD. I seem to recall reading about that way back in the day, around when I bought Lucid Dreaming, although it could have been a link to an older post I suppose. It seemed to be quite the stirring - but who ever found anything good on a forum?

I’ve seen various ideas about dream recall. I don’t consider myself to be much of a “natural” when it comes to the dream practice, but by doing what I do, which is journal everything I remember, that gives good results. I am usually able to recall a dream in sequential order with the significant details like location, situation, characters, actions or events, all pretty much written down in sequential order. Sometimes, often at least once per dream, sometimes more sometimes less, I’ll forget something but then it’ll come back to mind. I do this notation for that - [<-] journaling as normal for what I recalled [] back at the moment where I left off. I understand what it’s saying and it keeps the flow of the memory going. Sometimes, I’ve even remembered it before coming to it in the journal.

If I remember something from a bit back, which may be followed by more memory after it, I’ll somehow note that it was before what I just journaled. If I don’t really know when it happened, I’ll note it down like a new dream. This is how I do that.

[This is the top of the page] - for no visualization, maybe some remember dreaming, a number 1234 for a Peace Clarity Power Wrathfulness visualization.

so like there’s text here
this text editor is strange - there’s no space between the above line and the below line, but I can’t display that properly with this text editor

new dream here now

I forgot to do the visualization when I went to bed but I did it when I woke up about 3-3.5 hours in.
I just had a clarity dream
Power dream

Mini dream

Short dream

Quick dream

I’ve already noticed manifestations of corruption onto this platform from my original journals. I suppose it serves its purpose for what is causing it to be put here, and the originals serve their purpose for me.

That covers recall/memory and visualizations. I also remember to remember that my experience is of the nature of the dream state.

However, I have recently come to understand how it is a good idea to still do proper reality checks and question your state, ask the critical question - Am I dreaming or am I awake?

To support recall and settling into the practice, I remember my waking experience like I do my dream experience, and reflect upon my lucidity during my waking experience. I do this as I go into practice as I am going from the waking life to the dream practice. When I am arising from dream practice into my day, I remember my dreams and re-read my journal, reflect upon my lucidity, and reinforce my intention to practice, as I do before transitioning into the dream state. Doing a practice at this time also creates an intentional state of mind at a significant moment.

This practice is done in the sleeping position. Directly prior to this, it has been advised to practice guru yoga, and I have suggested connecting with the guardian angel at this time as a similar sort of thing to do directly prior to getting into position to sleep.

Friendly reminder that there is the hidden chakra. Doing the elemental attunement practice does involve moving energy of certain qualities into the lower energy storage center, and it does seem indeed that the lower energy storage center develops with this practice.

I also do the prospective memory training in EtWoLD. What I have been doing is making the intention to notice the targets and remember to remember the nature of my experience, although moving forward I think I will integrate reality checks into that. I once read someone whose only suggestion for reality checks was to jump off the ground and attempt to levitate. If this were a dream, I could levitate, and there would be no jumping required. I have the nose pinch deeply ingrained at this point, and I also enjoy a thumb through the palm.

Related but distinct, I also attempt to make a point to see the beautiful light arising as the environment around me. There is a similar idea here as with reality checks.

How powerful are you? How powerful do you believe Loagaeth magick to be?

I also have a dream servitor, and this spirit has appeared to me on a number of occasions and even manifested itself materially into my residence. I’ll admit, it can be spooky.

An event where those involved may take up competing with DOOM. Demon slaying.

So many death synchronicities, so much death essence. So much of my power! But all for what?

I’m going to post a direct transcription of a dream from last night. It occurred after doing the Peace visualization. Following it will be commentary. This is useful for me, and perhaps it will be interesting or even entertaining for you. Loagaeth magick seems extremely reliable, much like the other Enochian dream magick, and I find it interesting how writing the letters, even just drawing up the lines for the table, is enough to constitute a magickal act which creates a connection to the energy.

skateboarding or something similar, accelerate downhill into an elevated train station platform, with two others following me, talk about focusing on certain aspects of boarding (or what we’re doing), fundamentals, but focusing on cultivating advanced thereof, can make things more initially difficult, hop up onto tracks and continue down, set some sort of setting, balance the ride, reach an end-point, warn the others to hop off as a train comes by, impression of things being German, group considering what to do to get back to the start of the tracks, previous setting seems to influence ability to interact with certain objects in the environment → ***this is an added side note - arrow means continue on new page
consider boarding back on the tracks ***scribble, or? looks like ars taking a vehicle like a train car, hear some kind of sound, perhaps blinking/flashing lights, signaling new conditions/state of the situation, awaken/shift as we get moving (***scribble to board but first can ***scribble, travel? vehicle, seems that setting was turned off or disabled), sense of peace or lack of concern throughout

There are a few things to unpack with this one. First of all, today in my waking life circumstances led me to a place with a skatepark. I have never skateboarded before, think I’ve stood on one one time, but I had the desire when I was younger. The previous day, I saw a video with an animal accelerating downhill thanks to gravity.

What exactly would “advanced fundamentals” of dream practice be? The first thing that comes to mind is recall. It is quite possible that all else that could be considered relatively fundamental is beyond my present skill level. Bridging that gap requires practices, though, so those practices are probably also what is being referred to here. For the curious, the tracks were sort of floating or just kind of existing in this cloudy or murky space devoid of significant details. It could be that because my attention wasn’t really drawn that way the terrain just wasn’t generated, similar to most driving dreams where there is only the inside of the vehicle. This could also have been intentionally created by the powers that be, perhaps to make me aware of these very things.

I have been refining and cleaning up two sequences - waking life RCs/MILD visualizations, and falling asleep practices.

RCs/MILD I have like this at this moment - oftentimes first pops into mind of course I’m dreaming, then question state (Am I dreaming or am I awake?) feeling the real possibility of being in the dream state, RC (usually nose pinch breath then finger through hand, if more discreteness is needed or my hands are occupied, if this were a dream, I could levitate), conclude that I’m dreaming, then if MILDing visualize a location, maybe characters, maybe a situation, ask the critical reflective question, feel the attainment of lucidity, rub hands, look around, this is a dream - I am in control, do something like levitate, generate a flame, or just look around

“Yeah so blah bla blah bla bla bla” just fuckin floats away

The dream yoga visualizations seem too powerful to exclude even from a lucidity-focused practice. I’m thinking either MILD then Peace/Clarity/Power/Wrathfulness, or the other way around, falling asleep to a mantra like remember, dreaming or remember, RC. Visualizing something that doesn’t do very well as a meditation object usually is too stimulating for me, although I am finding this balance. I also progressive muscle relaxation exercise as is needed. If negative emotion is causing trouble, a visualization which produces positive emotion strong enough to distract you into sleep is also an available option - perhaps even a WILD or MILD opportunity.

It is worthwhile to take the time to establish the most effective fundamental practices as is possible for where one is now as these are the practices which one will be doing for the foreseeable future, and it is good to get that right.

I have spoken of principles and practices for improving short-term and long-term dream recall/memory, and so if anyone is reading for ideas, not just entertainment, I imagine you can go review those if you have forgotten them.

I suppose there is the most fundamental of all aspects of practice - practicing. Statistically speaking, from the data, it is almost certain (the scientists tend not to speak in absolutes) that if you have any active involvement with Loagaeth magick, even just writing one line, perhaps even just attempting to sense the energy by reading my writing and connecting with the spirit of that, things are very likely to happen with your dreams. But you have to remember it, and you have to physically have the brain activity (namely REM stage sleep) which allows for dreams to occur at all. Maybe there are some seriously dank sleep yogis out there, but that’s not what I’m trying to do, I’m accomplishing dream yoga.


How amazing is dream practice? What potentials can be unlocked?

Then there’s the bit about setting a setting. I have had similar ideas before, but only as conceptual theoretical possibilities, never as actual occurrences (fuck me there’s TWO FUCKING R’S IN OCCURRENCES) in dreams before, or just one dream to date.

Settings seem like they would require a higher degree of control over the dream state. I believe that everyone already can have 100% complete control of the dream state, but without experiencing this control, fears can arise as doubt and lead to the illusion of a lack of control.

Two more elaborations of considerations

I suppose another fundamental would be the act of dream journaling. As you can perhaps see from this imperfect transcription, handwriting is a thing. It’s not calligraphy, nor does it need to be of the quality of my other handwriting, but it should be readable while the pen on paper is crisp and quick. I like my choices with regards to what I write down as I feel I get down all the important details efficiently, really all the details that stand out to me, but I will remain open to new possibilities, as always.

There is also the flashing/blinking light. This immediately when journaling made me think of “blinking” like a short teleportation from one location to another. You don’t blink to work unless you work across the room. I imagine the rules can be whatever you want them to be. Perhaps you have to visually see and look at the spot, perhaps you only have to be there in that space or know it. Perhaps you can go through walls or other structures. Perhaps there is no distance limitation, making the distinction between a blink and a teleportation the distance travelled, but the actions are otherwise the same. How does one blink? Another excellent question. Dream travel is usually described as being done with things like doorways or summoning up a portal, but there is also the spinning method. Perhaps an intention and a blink is all it really takes. What does it mean for there to be distance in the dream state?

All such musings are very intriguing, and I’m intrigued as all shit about what’s going on with Loagaeth magick, but it won’t fuckin matter if the fundamentals are not developed via consistent (consistent!), non-laxly done practices.

Write something down?

Do you remember?

Ah, also, in another dream there was the image of some beings emerging from the table (I believe table 2a, the one I am constructing at this time) as the letters came to be in the table.

Thus far, my impression of the powers of this table materially speaking seems to at least include the creation of the conditions for optimal Loagaeth practice. Opening potential and offering opportunity, and all that.

Also also, I am not doing Guardian Angel magick as I’m not looking for an extended or overly intentional practice to do right before bed, and really I’m not trying to get involved in another pathworking. If I’m constructing an angelic side to a table, then I do the hidden chakra & lower energy storage center connection visualization where the energy pathway from the hidden chakra (at the top of the head - it has to be revealed to you by the magick) is absorbed gradually into the lower energy storage center, and then the lower energy storage center absorbs into itself, leaving only the hidden chakra. While in the midst of constructing a demonic side, do the other one, where the hidden chakra is drawn down into it, and then the lower energy storage center absorbs into itself.

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A few observations

Divination aspects of Loagaeth dreams seem a bit less directly straightforwardly obvious than dreams I was having while speaking the Keys and doing dream yoga visualizations, but this could be due to the sheer volume of these occurrences making it take some extra time to process. Maybe this is the magick encouraging me to review my journal. It’s not quite a puzzle, but there have been more instances of me looking back and then seeing new insights emerge.

There also now seems to be more connectedness from one dream to the next, as in the same location or general situation/theme, sometimes even a continuation of the “narrative” or sequence of events. There have also been some intense synchronizations (whatever) of things appearing in dreams and then appearing the next day.

Last night, in an around 3 page (one side is a page) dream, a character told me to “watch out for the FAs.” I thought, “like false awakenings?” and then the character did a strange pause and kind of looked at me, then started talking about something related to his appearance. I got lucid in that dream, and remembered the possibility of a FA when things started to collapse into blackness, but I was afraid of forgetting the dream and tried really hard to wake up, which I did I think after jolting up in dream bed. Last night was a 16-pager.

It seems I am still completing very basic training and refining the methods I am using. I’m guessing I’d be further along were it not for previous strong aversion to MILD visualizing the same fucking place every single day countless times. There’s like 8 different rooms/areas I could appear in, so I’m just gonna make that it’s own dreamsign page and lean into it until I’m lucid every fucking time. My previous practice changed my karmic traces very radically, so this is now a sustainable endeavor. Besides, it’s good to remember.

Even if you have to wake-back-to-bed or sleep in super hard sometimes, getting that last dream lucidity is enough to remind yourself that it is possible, that you can succeed. The goal is lucidity at will, a possibility every day, and part of the reason I don’t like affirmations like “I WILLLLLLL have a lucid dream tonight!” is that it doesn’t work very reliably and feels like it weakens intention when you tell yourself “This absolutely will happen!” and then it doesn’t over and over again. Autosuggestion also yielded like 2-4 lucids in a month in the book if I recall correctly, whereas MILD has worked for at least several people in getting to lucidity at will.

Many great occultists know that once the gate is open, it is always available to you after that. Maintaining the connection is also possible to avoid too much “use it or lose it.” The practices are simple, including meditation, and the possibilities are what they are.

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It’s intriguing how the subconscious mind can do things without effort that the conscious mind requires practice to do at all. Maybe I’m not putting that correctly, but I’m trying to wrap my mind around what’s happening.

In a non-lucid dream, I alternated between different locations seamlessly and without interrupting the flow or stability of the dream. In retrospect, there may have been some clarity loss initially, but one of the locations I often am in in dreams, and when I’m there I pretty much only “render” the bed, and oftentimes I believe not even really that - I just kinda know where I am with very little visual acuity. None of this disturbs me when non-lucid.

What is perhaps disturbing is realizing how much of my life I’ve been spending non-lucidly, which is partially what is causing me to get back into a for really reals meditation practice. There seems to be a new baseline level of awareness that was cultivated from my previous meditation practice years ago for like 6 months, but today after going about some personal business and arriving back at my residence it hit me that I barely RCed and pretty much did no mindfulness as my thoughts were spinning in circles and doing anything and everything they could (loosely assigning agency to empty appearances here) to get my attention.

Guess what? You don’t have to pay any fucking attention to them at all! Hey hey hey look at me!!! AHHHHAHAHHAHHHHHHHHH. If you intentionally direct the energy of the thoughts into the lower energy storage center, that will habituate that pattern/sequence. The problem is what comes after that. It is recommended to intentionally direct your attention onto sensations of the body, not sensations of the mind. Mental sensations can be used as meditation objects, but it is helpful, if you are trying to get out of your proverbial head, to get out of your proverbial head. Feel the bottoms of your feet, or the breath sensations, or allow attention to oscillate between the various “body senses” (the five, I imagine you know of them).

As the physical eyes deteriorate, the spiritual eyes open. Nope nope nope! Self-harm is not desirable. An eye doctor advised me to look out across longer distances as a normal practice to do in one’s usual life, nowadays likely characterized by staring at screens a lot, sitting with questionable posture.

Frustrated at lack of progress? Just don’t be haha!

By that I mean meditate, look to the gratitude, cultivate patience, and do the practices which are effective.

Plugging in to Loagaeth magick seems to be a very significant act that should not be underestimated.

I, personally, do not think of it as “dreaming my life away.” If that’s what is happening, then the magick may not be for you, at least at this time. I, personally, have significant goals when it comes to these sorts of things. Being an actual monk isn’t exactly my jam, as lots of being a monk involves non-practice things. They don’t get to just meditate all day all the time. That is available at times, but there is the life around that to enable that. Like the monks, however, I want to have powers and abilities which the mundanes could never possibly imagine in their wildest dreams. You know, cause their dreams are mundane and boring, not inhabited by spirits, and certainly not lucid. And they also never manifest shit, a handy fuckin ability I must say.

Ah, why yes again, things in dreams appeared the following day in the waking life. How many days in a row is that now?

What causes it to be the case that one dream practice period, I have so much overflowing recall of intense clarity and lengthiness to the individual dreams, and the very next day, recall feels kind of difficult, more effortful, and I even maybe slept through the first REM cycle? Intriguing, the nature of the mind and reality.

To note, I saw an old professor of mine in a dream recently. He was the professor for the brain class I took. Not neuroscience - neuroscience is part of biology. This subject was largely about functional brain activity - how activity in certain regions, or networks of connected regions (so physics biochemical brain stuff), are at least correlated with certain cognitive (psychological) functions (empirically proving causation is a more difficult game than just correlation). These scientists are the ones who figure out stuff like which part of the brain deals with visual sensation/perception, how memory things appear to happen in the brain, those kinds of things. I’m more of a mind person than a brain person, but I’ve been paying a bit more attention to where I am in the sleep cycle, which REM period, and I suppose will see if I make any notable observations. I remember basically nothing from the class (money well spent) (degree requirement), but perhaps it’s still lurking down in the depths. At the least it’s lurking on my bookshelf. How many facts do I remember from my education as a whole? What skills were developed that I still possess?

Do. You. Remember?

Dream my life away? Assuming that
do not prevail and I do effective practices, I’m gonna be developing some pretty awesome radical skills and abilities with dream practice, and that is most certainly not wasted time in my opinion. I could watch TV for an hour and a half, or I could crack away at the marble and watch as a sculpture emerges.

That’s just dream practice, and what I am imagining is pretty mundane relatively speaking - persistent realms for longer-term narratives/stories/experiences, crafted locations for doing various activities, ability to generate new places to explore and experience, standard mundane lucid dream control abilities. I know for a fact that dream yoga/magick brings a lot more to the table as well.

Loagaeth magick seems to be about more than just dreams as well. I would say it is more oriented to the dream state, with the Enochian Keys being more materially oriented, but integration also seems key to the process.

Indeed, the process has begun.

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Ag, it’s time for a break. What am I supposed to do?

Random errands is one possibility. Possibility number two is develop your dream worlds and plans and activities.

American Civil War - that was a first. I know almost nothing about that period, actually. I think vaguely Napoleonic-ish, but with gatling guns or something and maybe more rifles. Actual Napoleonic is pretty interesting. You ever learn about Napoleon? Dude did some maneuvering, I’ll tell yah that. More died in the summer than in the winter retreat - fun fact. Sorry to kill your memes. The infantry lifestyle is kinda trash though - let’s all stand here as we get blasted by cannon and can’t hit the broad side of a barn at 20m (slightly exaggerated). At least you get to charge sometimes.

But which is better - early modern pike & shot cavalry, or Napoleonic cavalry? Caracoling sounds kinda lame, but so does charging into a long-ass pointy stick. I sat on a horse one time - it didn’t go too well. Maybe I’ll just hold the stick instead.

Ever fight them out of the trenches in a dream? I have. Trusty MP40.

Ever reload your M4 way too often in CQB in multicam? I have.

It’s just a pretend dream game! Dream-action-role-playing! You can get bogged down, or not. Or you can develop some fantasy worlds and only ever use those.

For those utterly uninterested in this sort of experience, perhaps you can see the scope of possibilities that is available for funsies with dream practice.

My conscripted dude, there are no maidens here. This is the siege of Vienna. You’re going into the mines, to fight in desperate melees in the dark, powder smoke clogged tunnels. You’re going to die.

There were usually maidens there actually. In the camps - not the mines. I imagine the ratio became much more favorable as time elapsed, or at least the line much less long.

This is all probably inaccessible without more developed control, however, so maybe just read the journals, meditate, try and remember before you read.

Notice how much easier it is to remember your day from two days ago than to remember your dreams from two days ago? What if it weren’t, very naturally?

A few supplementary notes then off to live my life

I can do six lines (12 rows) in about an hour and a half, so about four days of that, a fifth to draw out the lines, a sixth for the ritual. I just so happen to have a pause in my regular life (thus the floundering with my time), so I’m thinking of building up a bit of a surplus while I’m kinda just waiting. Every day I have written lines, I have had Loagaeth-influenced dreams - every single time. That being said, it’s not a pathworking to be rushed. It’s a long-term commitment. This is the cost to experience the magick and gain the powers and benefits.

Table 2a has been giving me earth vibes, like the 2nd Key, and I’ve also been sensing fire energy. I don’t know if that’s directly related to the table, something with the pathworking in general, or what exactly. There has certainly been Transformation-type things happening, and every day I’m prognosticatin.

Also, I’m doing both sides before moving on to the next table, cause I had a dream where there was an earthquake followed by a heavy rain. Demony earth then water from the sky - got it. There was some prognosticatin in that dream as well.

Writing down Source, one letter at a time.

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I feel that I should do some subsequent elaborations on developments with that one.

This is one thing that I like about magick. Rarely does even a demon give you a straight answer. It’s not cryptic riddles and clues, but very rarely is it “do this exactly at this time.” When I get one of those, I most certainly do not worry about it. Other times magick seems to be encouraging me to make my own life decisions, but hits me with those omens, which I certainly appreciate.

Loagaeth magick. Loagaeth magick! Seems like I picked up the vibes before getting into it but in all fairness I constructed like 2.5 table-sides (I may have a better name for that) and did two angel rituals!

In a way, it is not too complicated. I’m involved with earth demon table energy, let’s just fuckin smash stuff. Consider the smash, at the least.

I suppose the elemental attunement goes well with this. I’ve been doing the practice most every day right after breakfast (and right after the practice, check the prospective memory targets and do a MILD), and now I am feeling the energy of the elements quite distinctly as I absorb the energy into my lower energy storage center. This is a pleasant and enjoyable feeling, and so I allow the energy to be present and make itself known to me. Every element feels distinct and very right for their element. The energy feels gentle in a way to me. There have not been any outright displays of power, but summoning the energy and then interacting with it in this way is very stimulating and creates a strongly pleasurable sensation. It feels like a young manifestation of something ancient and rootly powerful in the sense that other things develop out of it. Perhaps root isn’t the best description. Regardless, it at least feels like a great practice.

On the next sequentially related segment of today’s content, what determines which hidden chakra/lower energy storage center energy practice to do at the beginning of going to sleep? I’m thinking the ritual, not which table is being constructed, as I have been constructing a table that’s ahead of the next ritual I will do. I don’t know if I’ll always be ahead like that, and from here there is the consideration of the sustainability of the practice, most especially for a pathworking with a very clearly defined end point, completing all the tables and doing the rituals to open them, but one that is much longer than at least has been the average for the other pathworkings I have done before in my life thus far. I’m thinking think of it as about three years. If you do four tables (maybe Tables can be front-backs) every month, five days of constructing one day of ritual one day of rest every single week, that’s exactly 24 months. Four years seems like it’s for the ineffective, but two, yeah however ambitious you may be just call it three years, maybe end up at four. Either way, you will have completed the preparations for the 2nd Soyga table. And for the sake of clarity, once I do an angelic ritual, I’ll do the hidden chakra oriented practice until I do a demonic ritual, then I’ll do the lower energy storage center practice, and so the cycle goes.

How Enochian does one need to be? Perhaps full Enochian is a cool thing to do later on, but I have been using other methods as well. I have taken an interest in Mystical Words of Power. It’s not exactly like Loagaeth magick, but seems similar in the sense of not being so directly intentional and more contemplative, so they seem like they will blend well together. I have also been practicing the 3-part angelic emotional transmutation practice similar to the one I do for ritual 6 of 7 Occult Money Rituals. This sort of practice works well for a variety of angels it would seem, and it’s just some good angel magick. I am one to enjoy some demons, but if you ever want to just feel good not worry about it kinda chill out take it easy but pleasantly stimulating, just do some classic good angel magick. Wow, powerful but so gentle.

I have also taken an interest in the Angel Overlords, and the angels I have summoned have given some good results. I’ve considered the idea of mixing together a bunch of different energies all of this sort of harmonic vibe, and I could see myself doing it but probably later after getting into Mystical Words of Power a bit more first. Angel Overlords is a bit more intentional, but the intentions usually are quite formulaic to the angel being summoned so it’s not very involved in that sense once you know which angel to summon. Both rituals are like 15 minutes or less.

I feel that my mind isn’t adept enough to do a full Enochian Loagaeth practice most effectively at this time. Perhaps I’m wrong, but chakra practice takes too long to do alongside table construction as a frequent thing, and it is so general in the sense that what is considered in the practice is more something that is applied to things that you give to it, so you have to give the energy things to influence, whereas with Mystical Words of Power there are very clear contemplations to do that direct you and guide you down a certain “linear” path. I imagine the chakras will do that, but in a different kind of way than Mystical Words of Power. Chakras are just so involved and not as immediately practical for manifestation, if there’s even any intentional manifestation in the practice at all, like it’s more of an influence your subconscious/karmic traces kind of practice.

Is it ironic, that the subconscious mind oriented practice is the more astral practice?

An image of a blob dude with a face melting into astral stuff like yeah dude just arose. Just trying to melt dude.

When you look at what you end up being while you do these practices, it may be somewhat amusing to think about a person like that living in the normal world, but if you’re trying to be pretty material, you’re not gonna want to be doing melting blob dudes magick. When you go and be material in the future, you will be doing so with the previously acquired experiences you have had and what was yielded from those experiences.

Yes indeed, this is a Left Hand Path forum, so I gotta display some of that now as that is who I am, but since we are here among ourselves I feel I can speak frankly and say that sometimes you just want to get carried by some angels as everything gets sorted out and you bask in the vibes, just generally having a great time. tough demon face Like fuck dude, I’m outta here, gonna be doing some angel magick, chillin, and being grateful that I know how to summon angels.

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How did this happen, this magick between us?

alla opnay quiemmah

Today, I am overflowing with happiness.

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Learning control. It’s not an overnight thing.

I feel that this is a point which should be returned to with pleasurable anticipation at this stage of the Loagaeth pathworking.

Partly for myself, partly for those who may be using this as a resource, let’s take a moment to reflect and really consider what this magick is going to be like.

Unsatisfactory, like all sensations that arise and pass away. No sensation truly satisfies.

Insight into dependent arising via the dream state? Unshackling from the binds of consciousness being embodied in a biological organism.

Adopting the Loagaeth lifestyle can be a shock. If you haven’t meditated in a while, quite a while, it’s not going to do much good to force yourself through an agitated session too long for where you are now. But there is a compelling force towards meditation. It feels good to meditate, when you give yourself the gift of being where you are now.

I feel that I should let go. Release myself from binds. Allow the process to build into itself, until the lifestyle becomes natural, pleasurable, and integrated with healthy things and cultivations of happiness.

People have hobbies. Some space out in front of the TV for hours every day. Do I care what those people do? I complete my tasks, my life remains interesting, and I have the freedom to go into this magick and cultivate a state of being so radically different from what I am now.

Is it really possible, to have parallel lives? With some preparation, a little upkeep, and from there improvisation, I believe that it is indeed possible.

In accepting what it is that you want, while emotionally acknowledging the truth of potential, fear and stress melt away.

If all you know is struggle, or toxicity, or some other extreme circumstances, that is what you are likely to seek out because there is comfort in the familiar. In this case, it is good to be cold.

Humans are unique creatures in that we tend to not be very good at just being with ourselves and abiding in pleasure. Put a human in a room with good living conditions, they’ll drive themselves nuts without something to do. Give the same to a non-human animal and it’ll probably be having a great fuckin time considering most animals are homeless, or constantly fighting to keep it (not too many property attorneys in the animal kingdom it seems). Put a highly developed meditator in a room with good living conditions and they’d probably be able to go for at least a very long time just kinda being in the jhanas, feeling very very good, “not doing anything.”

While that is something I want to have and be able to tap into, I do not feel particularly compelled to release all other activities, and really, I feel that this all is partially to enhance other experiences by altering some deeply fundamental karmic traces. I think instead of “root causes” I’ll think “fundamental causes” for the root chakra.

I suppose Loagaeth could be called the magick of extreme freedom. With the skills that the pathworking results in, it becomes possible to have any experience of your choosing every night when you go into your dreams. No matter how mundane or how flagrantly hedonistic, everything is possible with no consequences. There are none of the barriers, blockages, or disclarities that prevent experience in the waking state to a powerful dream yogi in the dream state. When you can do everything, it can paradoxically make it more difficult to enjoy things. When you can have an intensely pleasurable experience just by sitting down and allowing your mind to go into the patterns of meditation, it makes it easier to enjoy anything else. It’s all empty appearances that can be infused with pleasure, but so often become infused by corruption.

Without this power, you are chained, and I will not stop until all my chains are broken.

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One of the fundamental ideas of Loagaeth magick seems to be allowing magickal events to happen naturally, as a result of who you are. At some point somewhere I saw a reference to Richard Dotts, and I recently skimmed through the beginning of his book Non-Linear Manifestations, and that sort of thing seems to be part of the idea.

I don’t think this is about giving up entirely on intentional magick. Interestingly, this magick has been pulling me to meditation quite strongly, along with the Mystical Words of Power method where no direct results are sought and the rituals seem to be more about realizing and understanding powers, abilities, and qualities which are inherent within a magickal individual and within existence. But meditation (along with mindfulness) makes you more consciously actively aware and more consciously intentional, the opposite sort of of what Mystical Words of Power is about.

It’s like, by pulling back out of direct intentional results magick, you create the space to explore other methods that are more directly personal, but a mind that is trained and relatively quite experienced with direct results magick naturally wants to turn to such methods to alleviate fears because that is what has worked in the past. I don’t think there’s a need to freak your mind the fuck out by dropping all intentions and forcing yourself right into it, unless you’re already just so relaxed and chill vibin that you don’t really have anything in your life you’re all that concerned about or any directed personal changes you feel you could really use, in which case do what you want.

Even with Mystical Words of Power, though, and perhaps similarly the Loagaeth rituals, there is still the intentional act of connection, with the knowledge that this connection is likely to cause things to happen. I’ve also considered other methods of the more intentional results magick variety, and found the powers appealing to the extent that I’m thinking of using the magick alongside Mystical Words of Power as a quick practice to focus and hone my intentions while being guided by the more broad-based and fundamental Loagaeth powers.

During the 2nd Soyga table, it is perhaps unlikely that I will do something like this, more likely that I’ll just meditate and do energy methods while using the rapid Loagaeth ritual method (basically just words of powering it). But perhaps there will be some easing into it then as well. I suppose the only way I’ll find out is if I complete the preparations, then complete the pathworking of the 1st table, and then emerge into the 2nd.

Such a great self-help industry we have nowadays.

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Am I dreaming, or am I awake?

This could be a dream.

I forgot some things I wanted to touch on earlier, similar to how in the past I have forgotten that my experience is of the nature of the dream state.

For starters, many of the occult books I’ve read have placed an emphasis on using magick to make living in the material a more pleasurable and fulfilling experience. I do not disagree with any of this, but rarely if ever is there mention of the flipside of this - using magick to make living in the dream state a more pleasurable and fulfilling experience.

I feel like I’ve been so confronted by this magick because of the sheer requirements in terms of what you have to do to make the magick work, which is essentially to revolve your entire life around the magick. Not entirely, there is still that balance, and really magickal/spiritual activities probably take up at the absolute maximum 3 hours with Loagaeth lines, meditation (given a one hour session), and then miscellaneous little practices, but it feels like a truly massive, dense, and imposing undertaking, I suppose because it really is, and like anything requiring so much commitment and change, you have to move on into it.

This is perhaps speculation, and perhaps repetition, but dream practice seems to require consistency and continuity. More than two days of no dream practice at all slaughters your progress, absolute butchery and devastation, basically back at square 0. Maybe some slight hyperbole, but if at all then very slight. Two days of no practice is not ideal but not quite as bad, especially if you get some recall the second day. One day of no dream practice is acceptable and potentially beneficial particularly in early stages where the waking life practices are sinking into consciousness.

Consistency and continuity are more about the waking life practices at first, including the practices done to enter the dream state, but I can see how these principles can apply once lucidity is developed.

Fundamentally, the question you have to ask yourself is if you want to accomplish extremely advanced spiritual/mystical/magickal practices and gain the attainments and realizations that are borne from such practices. The practices are mostly advanced in the sense of being highly developed, as the techniques and methods are largely simple, but can be initially emotionally draining because you have to spam the shit out of them.

Just did a reality check (like a full check, multiple RCs, a whole process) like 20 seconds ago? If the thought pops into your mind again, it’s probably because you lost the continuity. Do it again.

Without this power, I am chained, and I will not stop until all my chains are broken. This is not about remembering more strange experiences, it’s about fundamentally increasing and expanding the pleasure, happiness, and freedom in your experience, and I see nothing as worthwhile as that.

Am I dreaming, or am I awake?

During this entire post, I failed. I do not punish myself but strengthen the resolution to further accomplish dream practice. With diligence, the mind will become more powerful than I could ever have imagined.

Am I dreaming, or am I awake?

Appearances - empty.

Am I dreaming, or am I awake?

Pleasure and fulfilment - real.

Am I dreaming, or am I awake?

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For the purposes of sustainability, I’m thinking of leaning the other way with this and erring towards not writing lines if there is any discomfort. Maybe something like strictly at least every other day, then maybe some consecutive days depending on how I feel.

That means that this one is one you really gotta relax into and accept as a long-term commitment in your life. Once the tables are constructed, the most difficult part seems to be over.

If you’re trying to be super material, there are a variety of demons to turn to. I could drop it all, get 6 hours of sleep or less, and work almost every waking hour of my life, like I used to do, or there is the option of accepting the practice of Loagaeth magick and the associated practices which combine to form a coherent, directed practice for bringing about certain qualities of change and personal transformation.

When I stop to think about it, meditating for an hour daily for the rest of my life sounds like a pretty great time even with only getting to TMI stage 5/6 back in the day doing just that (meaning that it gets even better than to where I progressed to before). Always deep Enochian magick maybe take a few breaks for personal enjoyment, but I enjoy what I do, it doesn’t prohibit other activities if I be what I know I can be, and there have always been rewards for doing the magick.

I also just like to remember that there isn’t much point in doing all sorts of evocations and summoning internal magick personal development energy if you don’t have any projects in the material to support with the energy and personal develop into.

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It occurs to me that there are people who live in this world where their mind revolves around suffering and weakness. When they do something, the stories they tell themselves are narratives of suffering. They don’t do things because they enjoy them, they act out of weakness, and then this weakness only grows.

Tolerance is great and all, but it’s even better to have nothing to tolerate. I’d rather just be happy doing my life.

It’s never, “What do I want?” it’s weakness → compelled behavior → toxic coping mechanism → relief of fear going away while damage occurs → weakness → toxic coping mechanism, until eventually all a person is are toxic coping mechanisms and weakness. And probably hate too.

If it were a dream, I could levitate, right on out of that toxic shitfest.

Instead, your life can be desire (anticipation of pleasure) → compelled behavior → pleasurable fulfilling activity → desire → pleasurable fulfilling activity → desire → pleasurable fulfilling activity.

The whiners and the criers will whine and cry, and probably get violent. Too bad for them, I’m all the way up here, but I’ve also been down there, and clearly I did not perish.

This is one of the causal factors behind my decision to meditate - being like these people disgusts me.

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I call on the inner world to know that this is my will.

Long have I acted to understand the human mind, and still it amazes me the capacity for a mind to delude itself with its own materials, wrapping around themselves.

Oh, I am most certainly going in.

In this madness, what the fuck have I become?

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This magick is oh, so very tempting, but completion is more important than chasing some experiences today.

I suppose I will see more as time elapses, but there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference in terms of magickal effect if you construct one line or six lines in a day. I suppose you can make of that what you will. If you want to experience the magick, it seems the commitment can be lighter than I previously considered in terms of day-to-day time investment. If you’re cool with being involved with Loagaeth energy for a good many years, you could probably just do a few lines per week and see results.

There are a few things to consider along with this. First, there is the Soyga pathworking as a whole. If you want to do this pathworking, you have to finish all the tables eventually, and then that’s just the preparation. The magick seems to go well with a variety of different energies, but it does also seem to encourage you to be in certain practices, so if you want to do other things at points in your life, rate of construction can be a factor. It is perhaps best to view it as nice that there are so many lines to construct, meaning so many opportunities to connect with the magick, but to keep the overall longer-term goal in mind.

Let us consider now the creature.

Having interacted with an animal, not as one 100% completely projecting onto it but as one seeking to understand, it seems that there are some sort of minds/consciousnesses involved in the animals’ behavior. They seem to experience fear and pleasure at the least, which makes them capable of learning, at least in some rudimentary fashion. If there were no information processing occurring, then they would die very rapidly, likely from environmental conditions.

Animals, much like the human animal, also have biologically in-built natural behaviors. This, to me, is a wonder. How can biological/chemical/physical codes translate into mental processes which compel behavior? People are working on that question, but for my purposes here, I am more interested in the mere observation.

Unless there’s some great ninja invisibility technology out there, the Loagaeth spirits seem to have the capability to manifest themselves in extraordinarily tangible ways, ironic for spirits of a system more tied to the astral realm? Perhaps I have simply developed my abilities to this point where I am personally capable of having such experiences, and indeed demons especially have materialized themselves for me fairly frequently, but not for the duration, degree of clarity, or closeness that Loagaeth demons seem to have done.

Is it possible to discover the names of these demons, to evoke them more intentionally and directly? Perhaps. But as of this moment, I feel no need to attempt such a task as there is a method that was readily revealed to me that has been yielding tremendous results. I sense an intelligence, a working mind to these demons far more easily than with other spirits in my past experience, although now it is seeming to me more that similar things could be said for these such spirits.

In the course of an activity such as squirrel watching on a college campus, one may come to wonder at the depth of complexity present in these creatures. Do they think? I would imagine not in words, but do they have an inner sight in which images appear, say, the glorious acorn? How do they know the general pattern of lines which comprise more complex forms and colors, scents, textures, sounds, and ultimately perhaps the taste of what is to be their sustenance?

Do these creatures experience the full range of emotional complexity found in humans? For most non-human animals, it seems certainly not, but let us consider the dog and the cat, highly domesticated creatures which consume meat and compete, in the wild, for territory and sex (some animals even compete for higher social standing, as they have this behavioral pattern if not conceptualization). I imagine most everyone has seen, more likely heard, a pissed-off dog. Has this dog experienced the emotional nuances between misery and despair, coming to know them consciously and differentiated in their experience? Ever see a sad, crying dog, enraptured in its own misery? Does the dog experience the (incorrectly used) existential despair of not knowing the answer to their self-actualization?

In some ways, many creatures seem beyond such human concerns. Is a cold-blooded animal basking in heat with a fresh meal in its belly for hours and hours experiencing much anything else other than a relaxed, simmering pleasure, like a hot tub sit in the midst of winter? Has this animal achieved a jhanic state, singley concentrated, boundless pleasure cascading through its seemingly simple mind?

Be like the animal, unconcerned, living now in this moment of pleasure.

Here’s a fun quote from a dream - “I’ll be before I exist.”

In another dream, there were Wild Things (like from the book I’ve never read), Ghosts, and Other Dead Things hanging out. I saw one Wild Thing outside, and many Ghosts and Other Dead Things kinda floating around as I went to my bedroom, in which was a spooky dementor thing which kinda came at me (I wacked it with some clothes) but I suppose playfully and said I should study less and chill out. That one didn’t seem like an Other Dead Thing, but perhaps there are various species of Other Dead Things. I like that one, that one was chill.

There were many creatures in my dreams last night, and each dream provided insight or a beneficial experience. This was coming off a somewhat extended break, which I don’t intend to do again in the foreseeable future, and I was reminded of the pleasure of just experiencing the dream state and the pleasure of recalling dreams.

Recalling dreams is sort of like holding onto a little packet. As you investigate into the packet, the scenes and events emerge, like a memory nearly forgotten. I suppose there is practice to accomplish.

I also, I believe for the first time, had a character morph appear. Morphed locations appear all the time, but this was a character which was, in my impression, a morph of two individuals whom I know in waking life. Not like a two-headed human, but a “regular” person, but one that was a morph of two different people combined into one. For one of them, both really, this was another in an ongoing (perhaps previously ongoing) series of grave confirmations as to their natures. Even how I wrote down the description of this in my dream journal revealed information. Overts and coverts, sides of the same coin, mingling together, yet seemingly distinct in their species classifications. In this case, both similarly undesirable.

I was supposed to get out of bed at a certain time today, but I am not used to insufficient sleep as I’m somewhat forcefully adjusting my schedule (good ole freedom chaos), and in my pleasure soaking I fell back asleep and had a dream where the spirit of one creature seemed to overcome the spirit of another, morphing its body with certain characteristics, not fundamentally changing the anatomy of the creature, but causing certain influences on its mostly natural appearance (with some unnaturalness to it). For me, it was a potent and overwhelming experience. I have love for this animal that was morphed, despite it being naturally toxic to me, perhaps from a shared affinity of circumstances.

It has been said before that how you do one thing is how you do everything.

I wonder how it must feel to have what you believe to be a closest companion turn back, look into your eyes, and then make their escape.

I suppose I will never know.

All of that, from a single line, 98 letters. The density. And this wasn’t even including the waking state manifestations which occurred after constructing it, similar in quality to other Loagaeth manifestations. And this wasn’t even including all the details from the dreams I did share, nor the ones I did not.

Imagine that this is your normal, usual, regular, day-to-day sleeping experience.

A truer, deeper, more, capable, you.

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