Into Loagaeth

You know what we need? More war chariots! That’ll do it for sure.

Why would I want 2-4x more cavalry when I could have some dipshits in boxes with battleaxes that break down in pebbled ground?

Truly, never a greater sight has been seen. Genius at its finest.

Seriously, who thought that was a good idea? Fuck, I could have made a better empire than that. It used to be so easy.

Oh wait, I will make a better empire than that because I practice dream yoga. Oh yeah. Always forget about that one. Fuck the boxes dude, just give me a horse, please, and ideally a pointy stick instead of a 1/2 foot axe, or a saber or something. An innovation similar in big brain magnitude as making the pointy sticks longer. Now you need 3 Ph.D.s and 20 years experience to do anything.

I’m not a doctor, but hey, don’t need a Ph.D. to hit em in the rear!

I might need a horse though.

Lesson 1

No gods, no masters

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If this were a dream, I could create fire.

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Stabilize. Clarify.

Eliminate all that does not serve.

Kill them all.

Potential way of receiving information about a dynamic and changing dream world - create a space where you interact with certain characters. Create the intentions as to what their function is in the world. If they report on certain aspects (oh so many aspects), then as that entire thing develops I imagine the meetings will naturally occur as is appropriate in the simulation.

As the karmic traces are cultivated, they will do what they do. I get plenty of synchronicities in my waking life, I imagine they’d still appear in the ongoing flow of a world accessed via the dream state.

So much imagining ideas, and yet almost none of it yet applied to practice. I’m still at stage 0 for many aspects of the overall skill of dream memory. I don’t always do the practices as the wheel turns, even when I know I’m going to just wonder off into sleep. I am still feeling out MILD, and recently have begun to make more observations regarding how MILD could depend on recent dream recollections, but yet again, considering the more medium-term relatively pattern of dreamsigns which occur as one goes through a journal.

Meditation seems to be stabilizing nicely though at 20 minutes per day. The knowledge comes back in pleasing manifestations.

Use the Force, myself. The Force seems to have suggested that I clean my kitchen, a similarly pleasurable objective as killing battle droids. Oh wow really gotta work on detecting incoming blaster fire.

The enjoyable thing about receiving all these teachings and practices while at stage 0 is that it allows me to move my studies and contemplations elsewhere, while allowing the practice to continue in a directed way.

When you’re deep in progression design land, it is possible to sometimes lose track of the pleasure of the practice. I do magick because I enjoy it. Lots of things are useful, and magick is just plain enjoyable.

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I am so juiced up right now, and feel that I am slowly coming to understand how to begin putting into practice ideas that I have been contemplating.

I am legion.

It seems to me in my experience that most magick I’ve known and practiced oftentimes can be seen as an expression of a particular elemental power or combination of elements.

I know that there is some magick I don’t really want to do because I know where that magick would take me and I prefer to choose a different option, but pretty much everything else I seem able to use quite comfortably with the elemental qualities being neutral, but then the angelic or demonic vibes that come attached are energy qualities that align with my choices for my magick. Angel magick is usually all fine. Demon energy I find I have at least two different demon energy types I sense and summon. So with all that, if I want to summon a buildy earth demon of wealth, I know who to give my intention. If I want to apply a water power to the situation, angel or demon I know magick for that. I know air demons. I can summon the power of fire in mystical or more material qualities.

How I tend to go about my life is I summon the spirit, and then around then know that energies will be summoned and do some considering and action taking. I am grateful to have these spirits to teach me these powers, and I feel that this is being coordinated by the forces of Loagaeth. There is, obviously, Universal Magick, and Guardian Angeling with Enochian Godnames isn’t really too much of a stretch, but then you gotta ask yourself what you’re trying to do with your life. Sometimes I’d rather summon a dependably mighty and potent Duke.

You do enough progressing and you can forget the good old days when you were always living the tactical magick lifestyle. I like progressing, as progressings offer predictable power, and as much as I like to spew the idea of cutting back all the practical magick, if I am attuned and aligned, and I calmly and intentionally know when to manifest with the elements and when to simply attune and abide in balance and knowledge, then I have all the power I need, and if I find that there is something lacking, I imagine I’d likely have received something. You do so much receiving and you don’t even realize it but you accept it because there is usually nothing better to do than receive the communication when magick does what it does. It can feel good to take the time to create intentions with magick power when you’re mostly chillin in other vibes, if you get what I’m saying.

It’s like realizing you can close your eyes and go to sleep and be confident that there will be no other beings entering the space to threaten you. Such is the power of wealth - to create the means of increasing the pleasure of life.

Such is the power of magick - to cause change in accordance with will.

Is this a power that I have, or a power that I access from spirits?

A spiritual practitioner, keeping material success, with deep knowledge of the magickal powers. You see, everyone looks at it like I’m gonna meditate three billion hours and then I will get my powers as I go up and down through jhanas every day. I got all this knowledge like a problematic sorcerer that I am.

I’m out here just building empires while cultivating a meditative mind and getting back into that elevated state of being. Running on the cool 20 minutes seems to be the new standard.

I keep thinking about my magick not because of toxic obsession, but because of the greatness that I can see I can achieve, and I want to do it well.

I think of the demon earth Loagaeth table as dropping everything, but I realize now it also builds stability and solidity. What is not dropped grows more stable. Loagaeth is simply imposing because of the immensity of what it is you know you are committing to with your life. I always find freedom within my choices.

Fire up the engines. When you fall into the same thing, things go by faster with the power of the alignment.

I feel genuinely empowered by everything that I have just done. I have a number of different energies all of different or slightly overlapping types. All of it is either broad or generally good, but in unique ways with effects that are predictable from the elemental energies and the leaning to astral or material. It is essentially Universal Magick but you have a bit more of a personality. Now I know that if I sense a need to summon a certain quality of energy, I may likely sense that through attunement with the elements.

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I am that I am.

With omnipotence, comes freedom.

With freedom, comes the ability to choose.

With knowledge, comes the ability to choose wisely, with regards to now and the future.

The world is full of delightful and wonderful activities. Many put themselves in a box and never allow themselves to leave the box. What if I have an arbitrarily huge expanse of time to do anything? What would cause me to do anything? I guess cause I enjoy it.

I think with anything, you can see love, or you can see hate. I’m not saying love what you hate or hate what you love, but if there is something you hate, you can focus on the passion instead.

I’m not perfect, nor would I ever claim to be, but I think I generally do my best to be reasonable in whatever circumstances I find myself in. Imagine if all your life, there was a gun to your head with the word “deadline” written on it, as well as “performance” and “haha.” Then imagine going from manifesting and manifesting the removal of the guns (which comes from getting some proverbial soil), to manifesting fertilizer to tend your soil and grow a tree. Thankfully it’s a hardy-ass tree.

Wow, amazing! What do you mean there is no system of hierarchical power demanding things of me, other than like taxes and stuff?

Turns out, when you know pretty reasonably confidently you can make things happen if you get after it, it removes a lot of the stress. Losing a game isn’t really a big deal. I can just do what I want and that will get me success.

Getting strapped in for the long haul on this one. Not that it will do much, cause I’ll just levitate and phase right through them.

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Magick, being of the nature of fire, builds into itself. The fire of awareness is always burning, or whatever, and so some fires are always being lit (unless, of course, through a meditative act the appearances are allowed to self-liberate).

What occurs to me as interesting is the earthiness to the fire of memory. Some fires seem to keep burning, forever. Maybe if enough time elapsed without being accessed they would fade away as well.

Do I remember? How material I have become. How fitting and appropriate. The energies feel deep and intensely powerful, but in relatively subtle ways if you don’t know what to look for. Loagaeth is like a meta-pattern that shapes everything else, but at the same time, everything else without Loagaeth would feel pretty good for me now anyways, so Loagaeth is mostly an extra addition, a bonus if you will, to be in my practice and do what it does.

How pleased I am, that in becoming more material, among the chaos I have molded a pattern of :woman_in_lotus_position:

In this expanding, cultivated peace, I know what I want my experience to become. Call me not as LHP, say what you will, but I want to enter into that quality of mind so utterly tranquil, and so utterly at peace.

If the mind is not basking in pleasure, or clearly angry, hateful, or afraid, nor is it neutrally focused on a sensation such as the breath, just the breath sensations, nothing more, then it may be experiencing what we call this being stuck inside a slimy, wiggling hole layers thing, constantly trying to get out of what it is in but being unsuccessful due to the slimily ever-shifting nature of its situation, and the whole time it’s generally just not having a great time. If only this being could enter the void, empty, and by becoming wind, levitate out of the hole. Meditate.

It’s hard to feel too bad when you’re meditating and doing jesus loves you magick. Or more subtle mystical love magick.

I ask, how did I come to feel such happiness?

The weight of the magick settles upon you when you realize that in order for you to live a happy life, you have to be taking actions, thinking thoughts, and doing behaviors partially compelled by happiness, rather than say rage or gratitude. In order to live a happy life, you have to be happy. If you never experience happiness, not even to say a sort of metta practice (I don’t have to fuck with all of humanity I can metta at my Godform), then you never act out of happiness, let alone love. If you never experience love, it doesn’t matter that you rationally realize that this is how (you believe) a loving person would behave, the actions were not partially compelled by love, and so truly there was no love present in that interaction.

Well then how did I come to feel such happiness?

Well how did you come to be so free?

Why do I care so much about being happy? Isn’t that a fucking ridiculous question?

Character - S U F F E R I N G

No, fuck you. When your material affairs are in order, your spirit relaxes into meditation. When you control magick power, and you say, this is what I want, fuck everyone else but me, my peace and happiness is what matters to me, I do the magick that I want to do. Peace and happiness tends not to come from destroying with malice. If I can’t tap into my connection to Source consciousness to bring more peace and good vibes into my life, what good am I as an occultist?

Being a rather knowledgeable and practiced summoner of demons, however, and then trying to get along with some good angel vibes, sometimes you gotta realize that your solution is to a problem that really doesn’t have to be yours, you just did it cause you’re good at it. Sometimes I like to see what happens, I’ll admit. It’s good to remember that they actually don’t understand any of it, like at all.

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My favorite part about career scheming? Career scheming with magick!

My skills gave me belonging. What a fuckin statement.

I just ultra self-helped the shit out of myself while off on another “magickal retreat” experiencing deep communion with angelic spirits. If there’s anything I’ve ever done that is worthwhile, it’s doing that twice now.

What I’ve never really done at the level that I do things now is just live a normal life while doing angel magick. I suppose I always found demons to just be oh so helpful in life situations.

I happen to find myself in an interesting situation where I can live angelically for a while, building a normal happy life for myself, while establishing long-lasting and deep personality changes and life patterns that I know I will carry with me into what I feel lays beyond it. And I get to meditate. Hooray!

In my experience, first getting into magick was very much so about getting some results, and so book that says yep curse your enemies I’m like hmm sounds great. Magick money - fuck it who knows what could happen. Wow demons dude crazy!

Then it was diving deeper into contact. I got results, now I wanted to interact with spiritual beings. An extensive journey commenced and more experiences than I could convey or talk about were had.

Then it’s a bunch of stuff who knows what really. Demons. Lounging, laughing, and having luxuries manifested for me as I walk over some of the most corrupt ground on my path (and it was just the beginning of it). Some people wear suits all the time and do whatever it is they do. I got away with not doing the usual fuckin boring gross stuff most people have to do while receiving deep demonic knowledge.

Self-help, not much to it really.

I can see how what I cultivate within myself opens for me, and how I can open the way for success. This while engaging with sophisticated magick and spirits that bring strength.

Now I find myself more interested in these beings. Considering what I’m doing for a moment, it seems that a similar pattern of development may be emerging. My ability to interact with spirits in the waking state is generally not a limiting factor for me. There are abilities I want but practically any failing with my magick is because I failed the magick.

In a way I’ve had this idea for a long time. Set things up with the angels, albeit in a more nuanced and effective way than I have previously imagined, and then become utterly demonic and sculpt your place in the material. While treading with the demons, maintain happiness with the neutrally balanced elemental attunement.

Evoke the angels out into the world, shaping the world that arises from the energy evoked into it. Invoke the angels into yourself, become like the angels. What? How about, evoke/summon, invocation of archangels is taking on qualities as a direct practice. Everything’s a summoning some just have their fancy sigils.

Oh I love the summoning. Understanding what the fuck is with me, now that is a fascinating part of life.

Huge, dude. Absolutely huge.

Is that what I want to build my life with, archangels? What tales of miracles exist, and what could the possibilities be with such powerful beings?

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I like to remember that the infinite wellspring source of all happiness is within you, waiting to be connected with at any time.

Money, power, happiness - it’s all a cultivation. Some people have to learn that not everyone has their best interest in mind, some people have to learn how to be happy. Honestly I think everyone (pretty much) could use some lessons on how to be happy.

I’m always amazed to discover happiness arising from the most ordinary of things - living out my true will, being true to myself, living my life, boldly. Or just stretching my hamstrings. Journeying into a stretch and touching my toes makes me feel pleasure in the moment of now. I’m not performing an immensely complex skill, nor am I contemplating a complex and nuanced intellectual idea. My biology is feeling good and it is communicating that to me. Am I one to deny my muscles their pleasure of the stretch?

I have to do the stretch though. I have to journey into it (right now - some people just sink right into it). Five minutes later (if I don’t do all my stretches) and it is done. Pleasure has entered my mind, and already the karmic traces are experiencing influence, all because of that moment of decision.

At the end of the day, I only exist in my experience, or whatever, and it doesn’t matter how exactly it happened - if I cultivated pleasure, then I cultivated pleasure. If that pleasure is given the right conditions, it may become passion. If that passion is given the right conditions, it may even become pride. The only thing that stops one from closing their eyes at night content and satisfied when pride arises is their own self-sabotage - something within their control.

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An idea that I like to remember is that the mind offers continual expansion. That is the fundamental offering of learning.

When you learn something, what you learned didn’t become any easier - your mind expanded in its knowledge/ability regarding the subject.

For the purposes of this post, take a look at google image search results for “sleep cycles.” Particularly, take a peek at the 8 hour charts.

Every time we sleep, let’s say every night for about 8 hours, we delve into depths where higher-order complex reasoning is switched off, arise into a self-generated interconnected sensory experience, and then delve once again, until ultimately arising into extended wakefulness.

When a skill is learned past a certain threshold, there is little to no conscious input required for it to be performed. It can arise spontaneously in behavior and any associated external input can be processed (perhaps even spontaneously generated) also without meta-thinking about how to perform the skill.

There’s a little more tangenting and then that should form what I’m getting at. There’s more science stuff following this, and my disclaimer is that I have neither the access nor the motivation to review the present literature on this subject.

While in deep sleep, the brain is mostly “generating” delta waves, very slow, low frequency waves (you know, particles and waves). Neurons transmit chemicals called neurotransmitters to do stuff, synapses, there’s also electrical activity and I think that’s what makes the waves. This is all largely irrelevant to my thoughts.

Related, though - those here may be familiar with the “theta-gamma sync” concept. Presumably, and I do mean presumably, theta waves are what goes on in stage 1 light sleep (“lightest” not REM brain state). It’s light in the sense that in deep sleep the brain really tries to stay asleep but light sleep isn’t as deeply slow-delta-wavey and generally turned off.

Gamma waves sound like they’re flow-state waves, but again I have not reviewed the literature.

Theta-Gamma sync then would be a balance of open arising, deep relaxation, and controlled concentration, a rather magickal state of mind.

It’s almost like knowledge must go through this journey, down through the layered depths of the mind until it enters that place where it can arise spontaneously and naturally from the depths, regardless of clarity or cohesion of experience.

Final science note - relatively recent there was the discovery of the default mode network. You’ll often more commonly in “pop psychology” hear things like “the thalamus does this” and “amygdala,” but it is also the case that different brain regions communicate as part of a network of activity in the body (brain) to seemingly give rise to cognitive phenomenon in the mind, or perhaps to correlate with cognitive phenomenon. The default mode network is what is happening during any time the mind is not actively involved in a focused activity. This includes mind wandering and automatic activities like easy driving or cooking.

The only thing I really remember about what I learned about the default mode network is that it sounded dumb useless and overall a brain state for the less effectively evolved. I don’t believe it naturally encouraged a pleasant mood or rational thinking, and perhaps even lent itself to negative results.

Perhaps you, as I am, am imagining the wonders of occult power.

By default, human minds tend themselves towards the results of uncontrolled karmic traces. By default, human minds tend themselves towards the results of the uncontrolled activation of cognitive structures by perceptions of external and internal sensations. This includes varying levels of meta-cognitive awareness, and varying levels of awareness in the dream state.

There have been discoveries of techniques to develop the materials of the mind using these very same materials! How intensely powerful.

The contents of the mind as it passes into sleep influence the contents that arise when the mind passes into waking. To learn, things must arise, but to get to the more developed arisings, they must pass away.

What could possibly happen?

What you may imagine with the sleep chart is how to plan less than eight or so hours of sleep. Nope. Put it right out of your mind.

What am I?

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Postures of Power and Transformation

Standing, arch up forward and over, allowing your arms to expand outwards, and allow a swelling ball of energy to arise within this enclosed space.

Sweep your arms up over and back, swooping them up, and feeling the energy rushing up the front body. Feel the energy expand and surge into a ball or cocoon-like casing of energy.

I find it amusing that suit people probably do this sort of thing. The amount of time I spend in less than immaculate pants is increasingly limited these days, and truly it is glorious. I don’t think I’ll ever join the normal pant-wearing society ever again, living among them as a stylish yet comfortable as all hell adorned individual.

I create abundance; wealth flows through me.

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Am I perfect? Of course not.

Is it my problem that some aspects of my life are very much so less than acceptable because of my flaws, limiting factors, and corruptions? It is my problem, and I have exactly the plan to address everything that bothers me. This is the gift of magick.

There is something about it that astounds me so much, how the energies will work, and what I know my experience can be like. I realize how much power magick gives to me. Even the most mundane of get it done willpower rituals tend to come with a little extra, just a little quality of life, and they all sprinkle in and create sustainment.

The energies and the qualities, that all I can be pretty chill about. Meditating like I did that one time (the first time, the first progression) while doing certain angelic magick I just know is a good combo that cultivates strength with meditative insight and a natural tendency towards peace. It’s just being the monk warrior super-human. That conceptually makes sense to me and is not very far-fetched.

What I am coming to terms with is the notion of there being spirit intelligences on my side.

A raised legion of sub-minds

I know that I can manifest, I know something of the fundamental three characteristics of all experiences (impermanence, unsatisfactoriness, not-self), I know something of emptiness, I know something of dependent arising, I have my knowledge of the effects of summoning spirits. I know that I create abundance, and that I am in control.

In my life, I have chosen to intend to be free. There is always living within the world we live in, a wealth of material for the historians, but on my path I have gained power that gives me freedom.

When I do magick, do I perform manifestations for the future? Yes, but always with the now. My mind, my life, and the world around me. Something’s going on there.

I see a path. There it is. I’ve inquired about the path, and the questions arise but clarity grows. I’ve created some branches. Contemplated the reasonable potential downsides and upsides. In every branch, I see freedom. In some I see more freedom, more pleasure, and more happiness, but in every branch all are present.

And, I am at peace with knowing that every day, my meditative power grows. Every day, I only move towards my intentions. Not because of pain, but because I have cultivated through every circumstance the intention to give to myself pleasure, nourishment, and a satisfactory life.

At first it was just about “enlightenment,” then material situations, now I have used my wisdom and power to give myself pleasure, happiness, and freedom, just as it is my baseline intention to create pleasure, happiness, and freedom for others, for it is in the mirror where our own faces are reflected.

~ dzogchen reference ~

I take pleasure in what I’m about to write, and I just wanted you to know that.

For some helpful visualizations, look up a bell curve and where the standard deviation points are (+ and - 1,2,3).

I am wondering if the difference in intelligence (definitions can be pondered and elaborated) between me and someone, let’s start with the extreme, on the -3sigma (standard deviations) end of the spectrum is relatively larger than the difference in intelligence between that individual human being and a relatively intelligent primate. Apparently they can be taught sign language and fluently communicate with that, and also have relatively complex social networks, and perhaps even engage in direct warfighting, including killing for the sake of the social group. This means there is some level of conceptual understanding of these things going on.

For the sake of clarity, I am not referring to individuals with intellectual disorders. I also do not intend any hatefulness towards any individuals whom I may be referring to.

Defining intelligence isn’t exactly an easy task, especially because the egos come out strong on this topic, as do a host of other undesirable baggages.

Without going into the technical cognitive systems at play, I then consider the possible differences between myself and the spiritual beings I contact through my magick. We could perhaps conceptualize this linearly if we consider what is being measured to be an aggregate of a collection of abilities and patterns of mind.

If, ultimately, there exist other minded beings, and the fundamental nature of mind is the same for all minded beings, then the appearance of the sensations that arise in a spirit’s mind could be vastly different than those that arise in a human’s mind.

There are, apparently, almost 8 billion people alive today. I think I remember that number being 7 billion. If there are 8,000,000,000 humans, then about 8 million of those are where I probably fall in the intelligence distribution, assuming it is a bell curve (big assumption), I believe largely because of the study and practice I undertook, intensively and with great effectiveness, to cultivate my intelligence.

That means about 3 billion people are of average intelligence, between -1 and +1 sigma (standard deviations, like levels). Almost 7 billion are within +1 sigma.

I don’t know exactly what brought this on, but I felt sort of compelled to do that.

I don’t think intelligence is the most important thing ever, but it does tend to help in the game of life. The game of life is also nepotism, but not like your uncle knew a guy and got you a job, but like entire systems of power were created that bring in people that those already in the system want to have. Systems of attraction/recruitment are created to produce such viable candidates.

It’s like this - the first world war was over in 1918. After enormous losses to populations, everyone went home and fucked. Then twenty one years later, 1939, world war two, with the pastures filled and the harvesters developed. Some really wanted to re-live the glories that fueled the old propaganda involving lots of dead horses. Nowadays it’s less horses and a lot more men, apparently robots as well. Robot conscripts! Hooray!

See, I just enter the dream state and use my Godlike powers to create endless simulations. Why so attached to just one simulation?

When I say cultivate intelligence, I will join the ranks of the pontificating dipshits and say that I mean more like ability to logically analyze ideas and systems and understand complex networks of interconnected information with a variety of cause-effect relationships and varying degrees of certainty and correlation.

I believe this ability applies to pretty much everything, although more primarily in some than others. With art it helps to develop craft and practice routines for technical skill but expression of artistry is much more open and free than something more heavily constrained by logical rigidities. Not that there isn’t very cookie-cutter art or creative solutions to logical problems, but I think it’s reasonably evident that an engineer and an artist go about things rather differently on average. But perhaps that’s more to do with social group behavior than anything else.

Reading good books is not a passive activity. Synthesize the knowledge that is acquired, inquire, apply, and learn. It’s not a numbered problem set with clear-cut solutions, but it works your brain juices.

I often like to see the weight of what has been done in my bookshelves. The magick sections are the heaviest of all.

downloadable materials

If you know the possibilities, and you know what you want to make happen in the world, then what could possibly stop you?

The nice thing about the general idea of the bell curve is that you can apply it to a variety of circumstances. How was your performance? Notably, I care very little about single individual results. Was my pattern of learning satisfactory? Was I engaged with the process, learning a great deal, while finding pleasure in the moment?

I like to say pleasure, happiness, satisfaction, and fulfilment. I just got the idea that living with lots of pleasure and happiness creates a state of satisfaction, where your day-to-day experience is highly enjoyable and you expect that to continue. Fulfilment occurs from an extended period of satisfaction. There is no end game to any of this or objective reason for it other than that it feels good. Being fulfilled means the karmic traces that developed out of an extended period of satisfaction are deeply cultivated. It is the opposite of a state of regret and creates pleasant appearances.

I imagine many die without experiencing fulfilment or satisfaction. I know people who don’t seem to experience happiness, and I’d say satisfaction arises from a pleasant blend of pleasurable feelings. I just like to know that I seem to generally speaking not be fucking up my life on the path to fulfilment.

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Say what you will, I feel the call of the night, and I’m icing cause I got cardio tomorrow anyways and I’m just out here, so light and free.

I feel mightily compelled to elaborate upon my experience with Loagaeth magick to deliver upon the clickbait and to deliver upon the brand.

I’ve felt similarly before, and once again, I feel clarity. This time around, things were questioned and then situated within a greater context. I have identified dope shit that I like to be involved with, and I have devised a strategy for employing my resources and enacting learning/execution routines in such a way as to fulfill my needs and allow me to do all the various things that I’d like to do. Simple as that.

I am now living the life that I somewhat imagined while as a student in high school. Not exactly, but the foresighted echoes rumbled on back to those moments. What I have now is so much more.

I have some ideas as to what a water table may entail, and speculating on that probably wouldn’t hurt too much. I believe it should be clear to those with a relatively developed understanding of elemental magick. Get from point A to point B. Understand how that can happen.

These are the heavier elements, earth and water, and I imagine air and fire tables will really start to bring out the magick. Just the thought of an air Loagaeth table inspires shudders and awe.

I like the size/duration of these tables. I’ve not really come across anything like this in magick before. Often it’s either pathwork through beginning to end, repeat a set of rituals, or pick a choice of power from this particular group. This one is pathwork through beginning to end, but with long cycles, and in a sense a repetition of rituals with the four elements being interleaved throughout. I like it because it feels like it gives enough time for a whole development curve, up into it peak at some state then synthesize and store to build the new baseline, while providing enough of them for each element, consistently over time, to bring about the desired results.

Once the tables are complete, an entire near-indescribable world becomes available, the world of the Soyga pathworking. I have yet to open a Soyga table. Nor have I opened an Aethyr. Given the practices I have now, and the possibility of new developments (even if just dream state developments), the Soyga pathworking sounds like one of the most desirable things I could ever have possibly imagined.

We live in an age of Enochian and developed systems of manipulation and material gain. I believe the astrologers would at this point say we are moving into an age of air, something about 200 year cycles or some other long time. I honestly have no idea. I have my life, and I know that I have to give the people what they know they really want, deep inside, that I have to give. I just don’t give a shit. I care about my life and really that’s about the extent of it.

I find it interesting how the tables begin with earth. It going in the direction that my ritual goes in - now that just makes sense. Self-evident! they always call it self-evident the blind fucking ego dipshits. Giving absolute authority on this subject to Corwin Hargrove via Universal Magick, perhaps Universal authority, we might say, the magick begins with powers of Belonging and Transformation. In Loagaeth, but not with the Keys, entirely, the Belialicish droppity drop drop power is summoned as well. At least, my opinion - man.

It’s not Creation that’s summoned first, it’s Belonging and Transformation. What does that say about us? Do you have any idea the sheer power of in-group out-group classifications?

As I do consider myself a bit of an explorer, I like to learn artforms of the nature of both space and time. I like to remember that I exist beyond time.

And what could possibly happen with air? Perhaps a deepening into the meditative state. Most excellent.


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I have just learned that there are animals, creatures of the deep waters, that always get parasites attached to their eyes, driving them to complete blindness in the lightless waters. With a single, small fish, they are satiated for years. It has been estimated that some have lived over 500 years, wandering blindly in the lightless waters.

Go one way, go the other, it’s all the same in this spacial-temporal moment of now.


I step out onto the street, and I hear the sounds of the trains and the bustling city about me. Wait a minute, since when was it Württemberg 1869?

It must be a dream

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The other thread got me thinking about chakras and elemental associations. My initial assumption was all of them in each chakra. Then I thought, what if you just do the order from Enochian - then it’s:

root - earth
navel - water
solar plexus - air
heart - fire
and then for the rest, go top down
crown - earth
brow - water
throat - air
heart - fire

Alternatively, with the RotNS ordering

root - air
navel - fire
solar plexus - earth
heart - water
throat - earth (air?)
brow - fire (fire?)
crown - air (water?)

This would imply an addition Enochian-based variation:

root - earth
navel - water
solar plexus - air
heart - fire
throat - earth
brow - water
crown - air

In all likelihood this is just getting into chakra practices. It seems to me that every element can be applied to any chakra, and so these configurations are perhaps their own practices for their own purposes. Even a simple contemplation, without summoning any energies, has been interesting for me. I suppose I did summon the energies actually.

Enochian is good at what it does but I’m not always feeling the highly technical magick with lots to think about. Maybe the fact that I’d have lots to think about, especially when I’m intending to be doing far less of that, is an indication that it’s not what I really want to be doing anyways.

Has anyone, anyone ever, literally anyone any text or video anyone anywhere ever mentioned that Friedrich Nietzsche was a volunteer medic in the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-1871? Surely the historical context of a man living in a nation as one of an ethnic group with a common language divided into various states, which were declared war upon by a foreign unified ethnic group state, is absolutely and completely irrelevant to this man’s ideas. In fact, I think the world began in the year of our lord 1944. It was amusing when I read a thread elsewhere talking about worldbuilding civil wars. Someone suggested - what would piss a whole lot of people off, enough to kill * menacingly *, or an ethnic group to blame things on. That’ll do it for sure. There were no mentions, I believe by any comment as I took my shit, about the cabals controlling the various militaries. Now that’s just putting the propaganda before the (disallowed word-combination) cabal. It’s hard to find that Game of Thrones shit out there cause no one knows what the fuck is going on, and even A Song of Ice and Fire, well I suppose it was reasonable enough considering it was mostly just smash em into each other. What do I know though, I’m ignorant as hell.

Luckily, I just do magick, get laid, get paid, go into the dream practice, achieve in the pursuit of self-actualization.

Embrace your full potential.

zurebth aho aho lanfal cramza


I’m just gonna talk like a normal person here and not a meditator.

Attention is always on something. The illusion of “background awareness” is created by intensely fast movements of attention to/through various objects.

If you intentionally move your attention onto a chosen object, and perhaps continue to intentionally do so depending on the object, then the cognitive structure, the idea, becomes activated as it arises into attention. “When the intention to free associate arises,” cognitive structures which are activated have a chance of arising. Presumably more activation means higher probability.

Associations can be intentionally created as well. If Tiger always makes you think Stripe, then Tiger arising will be closely followed by the intention to Stripe.

Got a problem? Have some white-out!

Have you ever intended to have your inner sight free associate? Fire kasina afterimage blobs are cool and all, but so is the inner sight, which I have cultivated.

You know what else I’ve cultivated? Rapid movements of attention piecing together some more complex structure, all of its components highly activated. Rather than fighting the tide, flow with it, and arrive on the shore with the treasures scattered around you.

What’s behind these flashes? No one can really say.


Some Loagaeth and other notes in my 15 minutes can’t really start something don’t want to stare off into space working back up from 10 minutes in meditation practice time.

If you find Loagaeth enticing, but don’t feel like doing the arts and crafts (I think I need to fire a sigil to improve my arts and crafts - these are some crooked-ass squares), it seems that the mantras/words of power can be used even without a fully constructed table. I don’t really know as I’ve been doing The Whole Shebang, but if you’re feeling curious, just speak the words before going to sleep and see what happens with your dreams. Elemental attunement and hidden chakra/lower energy storage center practices are also options for those familiar. Maybe just use the words from the first four tables (so eight mantras, angelic and demonic for each element - earth, water, air, fire) if you aren’t progressing through the construction project. I would begin at the beginning and then if you find that you want to make that a stable practice in your life, then feel free to go where the magick takes you.

The other note - the 42 Letter angels (42 Letter Name of God Angels). This isn’t particularly new like the Loagaeth material may or may not be, but I find it interesting and enjoy elaborating.

Words I would associate with these angels include mystical, happiness, and transformation. Transformation - earth. Stability of the mystical (earth in the crown chakra). These angels are evoked - stability in the material causes and conditions for happiness.

The author(s) may have been implying this with the choice of including a figure in the cover art among a field. Humans, and shall we put the bravado aside I assure you I’m fuckin tryhard, are inherently social creatures, but beyond perhaps that obvious point, there is the happiness that comes from bringing a stability to the presence of a loving mystical force in your life. It doesn’t matter what your profession may be, as empowered occultists, this is a vital key in the cultivation of the causes and conditions for stable and enduring happiness.

Orpaniel, the first angel, Angel of Light, seems similar to the archangel Metatron in that the angel (I’ll use they as I sense no gender from these beings) seems to be an overseeing or primary angel. Happiness is not cultivated through intentions to manipulate. Perhaps you can cultivate that as well, but if you want to be aligned with human built-in biological programming, humans are built to just enjoy the presence of other humans. You don’t have to forget your knowledge or turn anything off, just intend to not be manipulative. Orpaniel seems to be an extremely powerful angel.

It can sound so obvious that you may ignore it, but I think relatively few people really have the conditions in their life for optimal happiness and social connections, and some of these angels seem perfectly suited to that task. On the more negative side, the more entrenched you get in corrupt, harmful patterns relating to others, the harder it is to get out of the hole.

On the more positive side, with these conditions manifested, everything becomes more pleasurable, including your manipulations, and things like depression or lethargy wither away in the light of curious happiness.

You ever see a depressed dog? It’s depressing. Well pouty face I just don’t give a shit that dogs are, like humans, inherently social animals that need peer-to-peer dog friends. I want my love slave.

The disgust I feel would be overwhelming were it not for my cultivated happiness.


It has occurred to me that the words with the Loagaeth tables summon an overmind spirit, a conglomeration of the sub-minds.

Speaking the words with the intent to connect with this spirit, regardless of whether or not you have constructed the artifact, seems to work for me.

The words are spoken before internally vocalizing the letter-combinations in each line, perhaps implying that each line is a separate thing of some sort and that the words activate the letters magickally. It does seem like performing the ritual does something, and to do that you have to construct the table, and doing that does things. However, speaking the words to connect with the energy also does things. I would say that performing the ritual is more of an activation than something like a “results magick” ritual, and speaking the Loagaeth words is also an activation. Even the word itself is an activation. You have no idea the forces that could be unleashed.

For those who may be wondering, and for those who may not be wondering, I use the Enochian when the Enochian and romanization don’t match up. Seems like a rather obvious thing to do - do the magick thing.

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