The Ritual of the Neutron Star

We used to be like living corpses, but now we head beyond the walls. Let’s meet again, in a place not on any map.

I kinda feel like getting baked listening to music and watching a bunch of anime this Saturday so I’m gonna get ahead on my writing. In case you are wondering, sometimes a very small amount of work has a very large impact, and sometimes that work is very stressful. Grinding for more hours doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting more done. Sometimes, war is about waiting.

There’s a lot I’d like to write about now, so we’ll see what I get to. Another learning post seems appropriate what with Development coming up, and there are perhaps controversial psychological topics that I feel need to be addressed. It seems my sex magick is stirring up some stuff so I can talk a bit about how to do some of the things I’ve mentioned in an authentic way. I’ve got some random dream musings as well.

I’ll kind of go in the reverse order. Not a very fancy transition we’re just getting right on into it. At this point every single dream that I have either contains some sort of divinatory meaning or is a highly engaging narrative experience. I’ve been laying off the dream practices a bit recently, just dream journaling without doing visualizations, and they still are mostly divinatory. At this point I get lucid at least once per week, even without doing practices other than recording dreams. I mostly credit the dream practices for this, but I can feel the other magickal energies in my dreams as well. It all blends together while remaining discrete.

For context, my dreams used to pretty much always always be really shitty trauma dreams that really fucking sucked. I still dream of that God-forsaken place, but fear is no longer predominant. When fear is present in a dream, the point of the dream is to point out the fear and clearly show how it is unnecessary and baseless, often diffusing the fear within the dream. This is perhaps the most my PTSD has ever healed, and in such a short amount of time at that. When the fear is diffused, the flashbacks stop, in dreams and in waking life.

I am quite confident in my ability to “pick up the vibe” or intuitively sense magick, but dreams are excellent for divination, definitely one of the best methods I have experienced. The Peace, Clarity, Power, Corruption visualizations do a lot on their own and I believe are what have caused the major transformations in my dream life. Ridiculously simple, yet ridiculously potent. I did a Truth ritual yesterday with Universal Magick, and every single dream I had revealed information relating to my request in the ritual. I sort of expected this to happen, and my expectations were exceeded. Whatever the dream content, if there is a message being conveyed, I just know. There is no need for extensive interpretation or puzzling over confusing symbols. If something’s gonna come, it does so very clearly.

At this rate I don’t think it will be too much longer until I start getting lucid most every night, and at that point it seems like it will be more-or-less a permanent change that will persist. If I immediately stopped doing the practices it would probably eventually decay back to a certain point, but I don’t plan on stopping.

Ok so sex magick. Let me first start by saying that it is good to be concerned about deluding yourself and simply creating a sort of thoughtform that does whatever you expect it to do and says/feels whatever you expect it to say/feel. If that is your intention then that is fine, but if you want to genuinely connect with another human being, then you need to take care not to project your own stuff onto them and trick yourself into believing you are doing something that you are not. If I am honest, this is what I believe most people who have succubus/incubus spirits do. They create a persona of the man/woman (or nb if you want to sexualize people like me - please do!) that is a combination of what they want to be with and what they believe they deserve, and the more attention they feed this entity the more real it becomes. Their own expectations about how they feel they deserve to be treated mixes with their idealized image of a partner and creates a thoughtform. I don’t believe that there are a bunch of succubi/incubi all hanging out in some sexy realm that objectively existed prior to being created by human minds, and that one of these spirits finds its way to someone and starts a relationship with them. I believe that they are essentially servitors. Even if you somehow request for a spirit like this to come to you, I believe it is born out of one’s own mind and behaves like I have suggested.

This is already a bit problematic, though, as I do also believe that it is possible to travel to astral realms in the dream state and have mutually shared experiences with other people. I believe that the underlying energy or impulse that creates these realms, such as sexual energy, developed alongside the human mind. I imagine that sexual spirits have been around for a very long time, but the forms these spirits take evolves and changes alongside humanity, like how different magickal traditions emerge from various disparate human cultures, all with different names and forms for the spirits, but all sharing common themes or ideas or patterns of expression that are manifested into tangible forms comprehendible to the human mind and tailored to each individual’s cultural experience. Pretty much every culture had a fertility goddess, but the name and appearance of this spirit depended on the culture it emerged from. You could say that these are all the same spirit, but I disagree. I think these are unique, individual beings with a distinct energetic feel to them, but that all arose from the same underlying label-less pattern of magick.

My dude I’m not here to read your dumb opinions I’m here to learn how to fuck. Alright alright chill I gotchu. How do you know when a spirit conveys a message to you? It’s just like that. Time and space are not obstacles here. You are connecting with a spirit, and out from this spirit flows a mind and a body. When you connect with a spirit, you connect with its mind and body, but without the usual constraints that more “normal” modes of communication place on you.

Before I go any further, I suggest seeking consent before you do anything other than make your presence known. It is possible to cause ordinary, non-magickal humans to have energetic sexual experiences, and to associate these experiences with yourself for the purposes of seduction, or for amusing/pleasuring yourself. They won’t really be aware of what is happening and will not be able to communicate with you intentionally and so cannot give consent. What you do with these people is up to you. They don’t really make any conscious decisions anyways, but at the very least do emit an aura of emotional energy, for what that’s worth.

How do you get consent? Feel it out. Assume ‘no’ until you get a clear ‘yes,’ if you do get one. ‘Yes’ can become ‘no’ and ‘no’ can become ‘yes.’ There is no reason at all for it to be complicated or confusing if you are clearly communicating. There should be clear signs occurring both externally and within your mind. If there are no external signs, you are likely deluding yourself or have yet to cultivate the abilities that make this experience possible. As the author would say, get some more solo sex magick experience under your belt. This will open you to these experiences and will help you develop these abilities.

If you don’t believe me, that is understandable and perhaps quite a reasonable skepticism. I suggest doing less “out there” sex magick first and seeing the magick become active in your life, manifesting your sigils and imbuing you with the energy. If you are open to this, these more “out there” experiences will start to come to you as you are ready. At a certain point it should be absolutely clear that something magickal is undeniably happening. If you need to, you can tell yourself that it could all just be some trick of magick to help you work through your sexual emotional issues and help you cultivate extreme feelings of love. If you need to, that’s fine, but I would encourage you to come to accept your own wonderful power.

It is possible, if you do this magick, that you will find a partner who meshes with you in deeply profound, healing, just plain incredible ways. When I went to order some notecards for my sigils, I found that Amazon only had rectangular-shaped cards, which I cut in half to make two squares for two different sigils. I also write out my request on the side with the lines and write the “key word” beneath this. When the deed is done I wipe my fluids (if applicable, which it usually is) on the sigil, fold the card, then wipe a bit on the word itself before tossing the sigil. You may know that the square is a symbol for the earthly realm (as opposed to the heavenly realm). What you are doing is not losing your own individual self, but merging your mind with another being to form a conjoined, united mind which contains two individual minds separated by a barrier, yet also not separated at all. I realize that this is some pretty out there stuff, and all I can say is that if you experience the magick, it starts to make sense.

The more you do the magick, the better it works. It can take practice to develop your “energetic sex body” and experience sexual energy and even energetic orgasms, and to interact with your partner’s energetic body. For myself, I ironically found it to be easier to stimulate my partner and feel her energy within myself than to feel the energy associated with my own physical body. I think part of the reason is because I was trying to feel my penis in a somewhat physical way while doing energetic stimulation, but it seems to work better if you allow the “energy dick” to be its own thing. Perhaps these can be overlapped more with practice. At least for me, it has at times also been the case that fear can get in the way of just enjoying the experience. Let it be what it will be.

In terms of how to do this, a strong imagination definitely helps. You don’t need to picture everything with perfect clarity, but stronger visualization skills do help. What’s more important is just knowing what is going on and sensing and maintaining the connection to your partner (or partners) and maintaining communication. If you want to make a move, your intention should be clearly conveyed. You should also receive the intentions of your partner. This becomes effortless with practice. If there is ever uncertainty, you can pause, check-in, and clarify. You should come to be able to hear spoken words within your mind along with sensing the emotion of your partner. With practice the intentions don’t even have to get to this level - you will just know and everything will flow. You can do these things with props, porn, images, sex toys, or it can be done entirely within your mind. You can use something like a pillow while only using energetic stimulation, and you can masturbate normally while with your partner. Each of these has a certain feel to it. I do all of them, although I have found myself using porn less and less. I don’t think porn is a bad thing, and you can use this to aid the imagination, but eventually you should be able to orgasm to your partner alone very easily because of how drenched in each other’s energy you become. You may start to notice this manifesting in non-sexual ways, in both you and them, the more your spirits connect. I could elaborate more but I imagine you know what synchronicity feels like.

One last thing. I enjoy sharing, but stay the fuck off my turf.

There is more that I’ve got abrewin (mostly the learning stuff), but I think I’ll save that for this Sunday. This one might get a bit heated. I’ll go ahead and post the Development empowerments so those aren’t behind schedule. I’ve got a sex magick working for learning as well but I’ll wait and see if anything else comes to mind and post it with the other learning materials this Sunday. If you’re looking for sex magick to do then maybe do some bonus rituals or something, or pop a sigil for funsies. If you like my sex magick workings and have already done all the rituals then my god you are a fuckin fiend. Keep it up.

Creation - I cultivated my skills.
Belonging - My skills gave me belonging.
Prosperity - My skills brought me prosperity.
Corruption - Corruption gave me pleasure.

Ha, gotcha!

I’d first like to say, truly an impressive display of psychic and magickal abilities. Yep, that’s exactly right, for pretty much all of it.

Enochian magick is pretty out there, and doing all this different magick at once is causing just a lot to be going on right now. Sometimes the magick is pretty up and in your face. Sometimes, you just need to play the damn video game.

Never before have I had the sorts of “problems” that I have in my life right now. I have been alone pretty much my entire life, including the times when I have been most often surrounded by people, including when I would share my bed usually once per week, assuming she wasn’t “too busy”. I have not been well-equipped to deal with the opposite sort of situation. But I suppose that’s what magick is for.

Before I get into learning, I feel it is also important for me to tell a brief story about my life. There was once a time, way back when, when I was working two jobs. The day job was in a lab and was unpaid, but my PI (lab boss science lady) got me some school credit at least at the end. This was for my career interests at the time, and I wasn’t getting paid because I snuck my way into the gig after all the upperclassmen gobbled up all the paid spots. I was just happy to be near my school instead of where I grew up. But I had to pay for rent and food, so I worked at a fast food place during the evenings. Could I have gotten a better job at the school? Perhaps, but I was used to working fast food in high school so this is what occurred to me (this was also several years before magick).

There have been worse, but this wasn’t exactly a fun and happy time. This was largely my own fault. I’d spend most of my money on feeding my drug addiction. I remember days when I would wake up, exhausted, sleep-deprived from working, and I would look at my bank account and realize that about $2 wasn’t enough, so I wouldn’t be eating that day until my 15 minute break at the food place. At least we got a free meal where I worked.

Things are much better for me now, and I don’t really reflect much on these times. I don’t consider them to be “character development,” and I don’t consider them to be very spiritual. I barely remember any of it. It’s so groggy and warped, and painful.

I had a roommate at the time. We were in university-owned housing so all sorts of people end up in there. I’d get back from my lab gig, change into my other work shirt and put my hat on, and as I would leave I’d see his box of Fiji water he ordered off Amazon every week. I drank the tap water. I later found out I had another roommate after I was up all night on an LSD trip.

That actually isn’t the worst story I have, but I remember those days. I remember the hunger in my belly and the tired haze always coating my mind. That was poverty, and I largely did it to myself. I still have a document from around then titled something like “broke student recipes.” I think I used to glorify the “broke student haha” lifestyle because of people around me and my own contempt for certain people. Do you know what I say to poverty now? Get that shit away from me. Real artists don’t starve.

Poverty and being broke is not desirable. There is a very good reason why I worked with the book Wealth Magick back in the day, and with 7 Occult Money Rituals now. If all the little gremlins want to come out and bash me for liking money, that’s their problem. I see people talk a big game about their magick all the fucking time. It doesn’t seem to be a pride thing, but a resentment (aka hatred) thing. It’s like some people really just cannot stand the idea of learning from someone else. I’m guessing many of these are the types to make fun of “participation trophies” but demand exactly that when it comes to magick. I say this for those who are capable of snapping the fuck out of it and taking their life places.

I don’t intend to go on and on about this today, but occasionally I feel the need to remove negative emotion from within myself. When you are (and have been for many years) putting in the work, and then you have to deal with people who outright attack you with such a casual, baseless malice, it’s really fucking annoying. You’ll be trying to relax and talk about your negotiations, or maybe you’re just excited to talk about your project, but instead of getting to do that you now have to deal with someone. And then you’re in the position of having to ask yourself if it’s worth manipulating them into not hating money or if it would be better to just find different friends. The main point I’m making with that example is how I am approaching the relationship. I have recently found that there is a very significant difference between a relationship where you are controlling the other person and one where you are not. A very specific, very unique, very rare set of circumstances is required for me to not control someone. If they don’t do magick (or meditate or whatever), then I absolutely will control them, not even necessarily out of malice but to protect myself from their ignorance. Relationships with true mutual respect are not commonplace.

Alright that was all pretty edgy so I’m gonna put up a bit of a buffer between that and what’s coming up. Enochian still feels so weird. Angels, demons, fire spirits, gnome thingies, geniuses, servitors, whatever that was, magick’s always been a bit weird, but it was like, yeah that was a demon, that actually kind of makes sense, seemed pretty demony. And then Enochian comes along. At first you’re like, woah dude, that’s some cosmic shit. And then you’re like, oh shit it talks.

You know, I don’t know if there’s really much for me to say about learning right now. I’ve already shared the goods for the most part, and there’s not really any point in blabbing more about it. Either you’re doing it, now or at a determined time in the future, or you’re not.

Sex Magick Working

How did I come to be so wonderfully skilled at learning?

How did I come to be so wonderfully skilled at retrieval practice?
Retrieval Practice

How did I come to be so wonderfully skilled at spaced practice?
Spaced Practice

How did I come to be so wonderfully skilled at interleaving?

How did I come to be so wonderfully skilled at elaboration?

How did I come to be so wonderfully skilled at concrete examples?
Concrete Examples

How did I come to be so wonderfully skilled at dual coding?
Dual Coding

How did I come to have such wonderful knowledge?

I mean it when I say that this is one of the most significant things I have ever shared. If you take care to observe the quality of your learning while you are learning something, and to experiment with your learning routines and procedures, you can radically improve the rate at which you learn and the durability of your knowledge. I am an advocate for “learning and intelligence” magick because such magick works. It worked very effectively for me, works even more effectively for me now, and can be even more effective for you because much exploration and experimentation has already been done.

From my own experience, the magick itself will do a lot, but you do need to be putting in the time to learn the thing (which in this case is two things - the learning process itself and whatever you are learning). I have applied these ideas and principles to learn all sorts of things. They work for both logical and creative endeavours, both purely mental things and things like motor skills. If it can be learned (so pretty much everything), these techniques are effective.

I tend to dislike the term “talent” because it often is associated with the idea that certain abilities are inherent, and if yah don’t got it, then you can’t get it. This is probably most widespread when it comes to the arts. No, they were not born with the ability to play that awesome guitar solo. What you heard was the result of many hours of practice, and perhaps also study. These are not immensely abstract, esoteric things from beyond this mortal realm. Anyone can do this. Assuming that you have hands, you can pick up a guitar and learn to play (I’ve seen people play guitar with their feet as well). If you have vocal chords, you can let your voice be free.

I have learned arts, sciences, mathematics, languages, engineering, histories, businesses, philosophies, sports, games, whatever. A point of pride of mine is how I took a class in every school at my university (well technically not every school, but a certain psych class I count as the medical school and I learned some business law, so close enough for me). I don’t think I am particularly special when it comes to these sorts of things. I just enjoy learning, so very much. It’s a pretty damn good time. The world is an interesting place. If I’m not learning, that probably means I’m stagnating, and rarely am I stagnating.

There is more to life than accumulating knowledge and being a smarty-pants, but it’s also good fun. What if you know more than someone else, though, someone important to you? Do you resent them for their ignorance? Or do you embrace the pleasure of sharing your interest? I don’t think you can really be proud of anyone but yourself. But what if you’re me? Now that is an interesting question.

Don’t let the gremlins hold you down, dear readers. Are you a boundless being of chaos and infinity or not? You think a little theory is too much for a boundless being of chaos and infinity? Will you let the enemy destroy you? I imagine not.

Welcome to the dream state.


Gonna divvy up the writing a bit between today and tomorrow. First, I’d like to say that I chose this place to be my writing platform for good reason. I’ve always sensed that this is a place of power. Sure, those with power will attract the larpers and the hangers-on by the brilliance of their light, but from the beginning it was clear that this isn’t where the wanna-bes and the posers hang out.

Sex Magick Working

How did I come to pay such wonderful costs?

How did I come to pay such wonderful fees?

How did I come to pay such wonderful vacancy costs?

How did I come to pay such wonderful maintenance costs?

How did I come to pay such wonderful insurance costs?

How did I come to pay such wonderful taxes?

How did I come to pay such wonderful wages?

How did I come to pay such wonderful management costs?

How did I come to manage such wonderful risk?

How did I come to pay such wonderful charities?

How did I come to have such wonderful liabilities?

Sex Magick Working

How did I come to own such wonderful property?

How did I come to own such wonderful residential property?

How did I come to own such wonderful commercial property?

How did I come to own such wonderfully profitable property?

How did I come to own such wonderfully sustainable property?

How did I come to own such wonderfully beautiful property?

How did I come to own such wonderful assets?

How did I come to have such wonderful professional relationships?
Professional Relationships

How did I come to have such wonderful knowledge in my professional relationships?

How did I come to have such wonderful respect in my professional relationships?

How did I come to have such wonderful control in my professional relationships?

How did I come to have such wonderful trust in my professional relationships?

How did I come to have such wonderful wealth in my professional relationships?

How did I come to have such wonderful generosity in my professional relationships?

How did I come to have such a wonderful network?

Some commentary on this one. All these rituals go both ways to some extent or another. This is one of those times when I am giving to you, just as you have given to me.

Respect I consider to be the genuine desire to reduce negative emotion in another person. Respect does not mean that you give up control of your life, but that you act with the intent to minimize negative emotion in the other. To an extent it could be an alignment of pleasure, but the most important aspect of respect is the desire to reduce negative emotion. You could use an alignment of pleasure to control someone while also inciting weakness, for example. The more respect you have for someone, the more you want to eliminate their weakness.

Trust is a state where you have no or minimal fear of betrayal. People often try and go straight for the trust, but trust cannot occur without respect. Relationships with a lack of trust are characterized by treachery. Trust is not a 100% yes or no thing, but something to be nurtured.

Generosity is able to occur in a relationship characterized by trust. Without trust, you cannot act without concern of being taken advantage of or ripped off. Generosity comes in many forms, and in a relationship with true generosity, reciprocity naturally occurs.

You may wonder at the need to perform these rituals when the ideas of knowledge, control, and wealth are empowered with delight in the RotNS. The intention behind these rituals is different. These are aimed at your professional relationships, whereas the RotNS is about yourself. This is also an example of what I mean by blending. If you have been immersed in the energies of Enochian sex magick, you may have experienced the magick bringing out the love and happiness that you have within yourself. Humans are complex, multi-dimensional creatures, and blending together these aspects of yourself brings harmony.

A few more notes on Enochian sex magick. This one gives you some pretty wack visions. I’m pretty into it, glorpy dorpl. You may wonder if it is necessary to continue doing sigils for your business (or whatever it is you get up to). If your business is more involved than this, then perhaps, but once you do the rituals the sigils become active in the astral and infused with your sexual power. Maybe repeating the entire group of 7 workings at a key strategic moment, such as during a period of significant expansion, could be wise. Otherwise, though, it’s probably not necessary. That’s the whole point of automation. The other prosperity and financial energies you may have going on will also be doing their thing.

I also considered not finishing up and posting these rituals until next week, but figured I may as well. Don’t feel the need to go right into it, though. A little break won’t kill yah, or your business. Maybe do some rituals to reward yourself for all the work.

Last thing I’ll say here today is that if you have the opportunity at some point or another to really go deep for a bit with your sex magick, that is absolutely worth it. These days I often feel like my life is being wrapped in a warm, cozy, lovely blanket. It is a wonderful feeling.

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Not too much today, but I feel like some more elaboration on pronunciation could help, and I have some thoughts on Universal Magick requests or “magick phrases.”

I think next week I’ll talk more finance (not financial advice etc). The challenge I have with that is to present the “financial secrets” that really matter while ensuring that any important concepts you need to know first are covered. Credit seems to be a point of confusion. For now I’ll just say that there are people with more money than they can personally put to use, so they “sell” that money to people who can invest it and make more money than they have to pay back. Getting credit to buy, for example, a car just leaves you with a bill to pay every month. If you buy something that makes money, though, then the debt gets paid off and you still have extra. Yes, you can really buy things that make money. That’s what investments are. No, I don’t think they taught you that in school. The trick is to borrow money and then use that money to make more than you have to pay back.

On a meta note I may link to some of the most useful posts here with regards to ritual practice for each of Freedom, Sex, Money, Power, Success (and also dream). I doubt everyone’s doing all of this and reading all of this so maybe that would be helpful.

Enochian pronunciation. This isn’t “The One True Way tm” but I think it’s a pretty good one. You all had some wacky pronunciations but I’m guessing the focus was more on interpreting the powers. Thankfully for you, dear readers, I can’t even read Latin. The general rules are the same as when I first posted them up there somewhere. I’m just going to put a few examples and let you feel things out for yourself. I would write the words in Enochian but I don’t know of any way to currently do that (remember also that Enochian is written right to left). Guess that means you have to translate, haha.

(rrr is like errr what? or like arrrr but no a just rrr)

(with the ‘t’, focus on the ‘t’ sound and don’t feel the need to hold it or draw it out)

(nnn is pronounced with your mouth closed, like humming)
(if sung, I personally do perfect fifths usually, so nnn-dzzz are the first note, nnn the second)


(‘q’ is like the English ‘w’ so quuu is like ‘woo’)

(hhh sounds like the yogic ujjayi pranayama or breathing technique - link)

(xxx is like English ‘sh’ like ‘she’)

(if sung, don’t worry about the second syllable not really being sung - you can hear it in your mind if you want)



(the Enochian demon breath is different from the Lucifer demon breath)

A few things about Universal Magick then I’m outta here. I still don’t really know what’s going on with the Elders.

I don’t know if I really need to say much, but my approach thus far has been to focus on more general requests, especially compared to my sex magick rituals. All the “respect trust generosity” “pleasure passion pride” (“happiness love bliss?”) kinda stuff I leave to the sex magick, which seems to benefit from longer, focused workings. “Weakness” comes up a good amount in Corruption magick, but overall for me at least Universal Magick feels kind of between the Rituals of the Keys and sex magick in terms of how specific I make it.

The thing to do seems to be coming up with/receiving phrases that resonate with the underlying fear or pleasure the ritual is stemming from. A phrase that makes clear sense to you may mean something else entirely to someone else, and that’s fine, it’s your ritual not theirs. You want to be summoning each of the powers on a regular basis. With sex magick, it seems to make sense to get into the nitty gritty since all the sigils are empowered by the same sexual energy. With Universal Magick, the idea seems more to be applying the 10 powers to the various situations you have in your life. It doesn’t seem to matter too much exactly how you word things. If you want some Prosperity energy for your business or job, you’ll come up with a good phrase that captures that feeling of increased Prosperity you’re looking for. If you want some more Prosperity energy, maybe this time for your life in general, you’ll come up with another phrase pretty easily I imagine. The trick is to continually apply all the energies, like sampling food or wine. You may have some favorites you turn to a bit more, but they’re all tasty, and you want them all.

As always, this all makes much more sense if you are doing the magick.

Ok that’s it bye.

I did the Loagaeth ritual yesterday, and things feel a bit off, not wrong but something’s different. The ritual experience itself and whatever this feeling is are making it clear that these tables are worth using, so I will clarify the method here for those who are curious.

Just to be clear, I am not squawking that this is the only valid method, and I mean no disrespect to others who have experimented with this magick before. If I am honest, though, when someone says the word “gematria” my eyes start to glaze over, and from the microscopic amount of research I’ve done online people get into weird logic chains that would impress the most nutcasey of conspiracy theorists (not to encourage them). Maybe that’s just how it goes sometimes, so fair and reasonable, but my bias with meditative and magickal things has always been to focus on practice and minimize any “theory study.” I’ll admit that I occasionally add numbers together, but I’m not trying to be a cookoo nutjob who goes around compulsively converting every letter they see into a number and then adding them up in various ways. That, to me, does not sound like suffering elimination. If it makes you feel good then have at it, but if you try to make an argument based on some gematria fumbling around I’ll probably ignore it.

For the gematria freaks out there though who are obsessed with the number 7, you may recall (as I imagine you’re a bit of a reader) that I said the vibe was to consider each Soyga table in the manuscripts (so 8 of them) as one work-through of the Keys (now I’d say one work-through of Success Magick, expanded edition). This means that each Soyga table will be activated (I imagine they stay active, you get what I mean) for around 2 years. The entire pathworking takes about 16 years, huzzah. Really though lucky 17 is more likely if not just how the numbers add up. Clearly I have not done the math.

Why would I do this pathworking? That’s a long-ass time. It seems that this is miniscule compared to what can be unlocked. Yeah I like practical magick too, but this is something else.

Take the recent Corruption ritual, for instance. There have been some rather persistent emotions that were bothering me. Now, they immediately dissolve into pleasure. Not something super intense like delight, but a calm, simmering pleasure. Who’da thought that a demon of corruption and disease could cause such healing and transformation? Oh yeah, I did. I doubt I’m the only one.

Purchase some large paper to use for the Loagaeth tables. I use “drawing paper” I got at an art supply store. It’s a brownish color, for what that’s worth. I make each square in the grid about 8 by 8 centimeters. That’s not really so much for symbolism, 9 by 9 just didn’t fit on the page. I just use a ruler and a normal pencil.

When you perform the ritual itself, you will be vocalizing the letters within your mind in the following pattern. Also, I suggest using my pronunciations as they are consistent and what I received, and have proven themselves to me to aid what occurs while performing the Loagaeth ritual. Also, random note, the squiggle that looks like an ‘e’ seems to be ‘x’, and the other one is ‘y’. I’ve seen it marked ‘s’ but it really, really feels like a ‘y’ for some reason. Maybe that’s me getting squawky though. If you want to do something else then you have fun with that.

For the front side, begin in the upper-right square, then go diagonally down-left (down-left left-down not important, it’s diagonal - I feel compelled to say that). So for table 6, front side, it begins with s-o, e-h, h-a, c-d, a-n, and onwards. When you reach the last combination it will wrap around to the start of the line, so first line ends with a-d, second line z-u, etc. Before doing each line, speak the words that accompany that side of the table. I don’t write these on the page with the table itself, but on a separate piece of paper. Perhaps that’s arbitrary. Just to be clear, for table 6, front side, the words are “sancgonfal aldex aue goh adatquan.” The ‘x’ and the ‘h’ really helped clear my mind between lines. I also speak the words after doing the final line. I stick around for a second to see if anything happens.

For the back side of the tables, the pattern is the same, but you internally vocalize in the reverse order. So you still begin with the upper-right square and it’s diagonal, but you go in the reverse order, lower square up-right to the diagonal. So for table 6, back side, it begins a-o, d-t, r-s, a-a, x-h, etc.

If you are curious, I received this pattern while considering if I should do anything with the Loagaeth tables, and after I got the pattern I understood it to symbolize the heavenly and earthly realm. On the front side, you go heaven down to earth, and on the back side (which is used during the second week, the “consolidation week,” when Universal Magick is used like “normal” practical magick) you go earth up to heaven. I’m getting the feeling that the tables represent manifest creation. For the curious and also persistent, you will not vocalize the Loagaeth letters in the 48th table, Silence, and will still follow the pattern in the 49th ritual, Light. Not to sound like I’m telling you what to do though. You can add numbers together if you’d rather do that. I’ll be performing ritual magick.

You may notice that 49 is an odd number, so there’s an extra row. I just go across. Maybe two-letter combinations, maybe individual letters. It doesn’t seem like a big deal. The Big Deal seems to be working with the tables in the performance of ritual magick.

While writing the tables, when doing the “earth” row of each line (so the lower one, row 2, 4, 6, etc), I start one letter over from the first square, so that way you go in the order you’ll vocalize the letters in. That means for the second row, table 6, front side, you start with ‘o’ and end with ‘d’. It seems useful to not write the diagonal combinations, but to go right-to-left across each row. Maybe that’ll change, but this way you get them fresh in the ritual.

Why does that matter? Maybe it’s just me, and maybe it’s just because my concentration isn’t quite up there yet, but I was pretty much dumbfounded the entire 2ish hours doing the ritual. It’s amazing what meanings your mind can devise for sequences of two-letter combinations. This wasn’t some esoteric energy plane rambling. It was a bunch of relatively mundane stuff that’s been going on in my mind, combined with various feelings. I won’t say too much here, as personal interpretation seems to be the point, but for example, I associate the Enochian letter for ‘a’ with Peace, and ‘o’ with Power. I could say more but I’ll leave it at that. I suppose I’ll also note that the words spoken between the lines seemed to have a growing energy behind them as the ritual progressed, an energy I was not familiar with.

The ritual should obviously be your focus while performing it, but it doesn’t seem like a big deal if you’d like to have something else going on sometimes while writing the lines. I can feel the try-hards sneering as I say that, and fair enough, but divination works in funny ways, and if you need to put some tunes on to help you become accustomed to this practice, I don’t see a problem with that. The TV or youtube or whatever should not be blaring while you do the ritual, but writing the lines is a different activity.

I’ve mentioned before that I suggest some sort of pointer object to help with the ritual. You can wave it around if that gets you going but it’s really just to keep you from sitting in an uncomfortable position. I suppose there is a nice symbolism with using a calligraphy brush though. I also use an art table desk thing, so I can raise up the surface at a bit of an angle.

I had some time today and wanted to put this out there for those to whom it applies, so here yah go. Soyga table rituals I feel like are as I mentioned before, but I’ll update if I sense any changes. You repeat the Vision ritual between Success Magick sections (rituals of the angels, first grouping of Aethyrs, second grouping of Aethyrs) and do the Soyga ritual instead of a Loagaeth ritual. Pattern is probably the same but we’ll see. I didn’t do empowerments with the Vision rituals.

On the note of Universal Magick, if you’d like to do the empowerments that go with the Keys but are busy with other stuff and so can’t do the full ritual, I’d suggest doing the Success Magick rituals as they are described in the book with the empowerment right before it, following along with the two steps forward, consolidation routine. I can’t claim to know entirely, but without the Watchtowers these specific effects seem like they will be greatly reduced. In the recent Corruption ritual, I was somewhat surprised to discover that darkness is what arose from the Watchtower after calling to the angels, not light. That’s right, I even share the darkness with all humanity. I’m just that fucking powerful.

I’ll be a bit early again this week. Maybe I’ll end up changing my schedule to something other than regular Saturday writing as the dust settles.

I feel a bit like some more psychological writing today. I’ll start with a note of caution. Since I have received and began performing the Ritual of the Neutron Star, there have been a number of people I seem to have attracted into my life for the purposes of learning. Thus far I have removed all of them but one from my life because they have all been exceptionally toxic, but in unique and informative ways. The last one is currently more than halfway out the door, and in most likelihood, good riddance.

I am curious to make more observations, to a certain extent, but it seems that a number of people, perhaps many if not most, live primarily in a state dominated by one of the negative emotions. Thus far, not including my previous life experience, just life with the RotNS, I have encountered someone who lives in weakness, two people who live in rage, someone who lives in hatred, and someone who lives in despair.

To be clear, these would be the emotions they experience the most often and most strongly. The other emotions are all still at play and are triggered when the appropriate events occur. To clarify again, what I mean by “experience these emotions” is that their behaviors (and so presumably their thoughts, which aren’t as easy to access) clearly arise from these emotions and are “tinted” or “colored” by them. It is reasonably easy for me to sense what emotion someone is experiencing moment-by-moment, especially when doing in-person social interaction, but also over other forms of communication, and also via indirect psychic perception. I was decent at it before, but the RotNS takes things to a new level. If you lack the confidence or the skill in these abilities, the ritual can help with that.

The reason I note this distinction is because none of these people have been aware of their emotions, save perhaps one, although this has not stopped the emotions from controlling this person, and the only reason I have any doubt here is due to synchronistic signs and my own learning to live with newly enhanced psychic abilities. If they don’t engage in any meditative, magickal, or other spiritual practices, they are not aware. That’s just how this all works. Their lives are more muddled than the experience of a non-lucid dream.

It may initially seem that those who live in rage or hatred would be the most toxic, but I have come to believe that those who live in fear are truly the most toxic. I will elaborate.

The hatred types seem less toxic than the fear types but more toxic than the rage types. Rage people tend to be very aggressive (obviously), but if you yourself can punch back then the relationship can actually reach a reasonable place between you and them. If they evolve into hatred, then no, it will get toxic, but sometimes they stop aggressing if they see that you are capable of defending your boundary and threatening theirs. These types are still overall generally toxic and liable to develop hatred towards you without constant control on your part, but if I had to choose, I’d choose the rage type.

The hatred types spread treachery wherever they go. You cannot trust them, at all, ever. They have 0 respect for you or anyone else. It is probably best to remove these in every circumstance. If you are looking to feed off of negative emotion, though, these types tend to be and to create feasts. Just be aware that they tend to be extremely volatile, but can likely be controlled reasonably well enough if you can point their hatred at something you want blown up. It is probable that they will eventually betray you significantly enough to be a potential problem, however, so perhaps it is best if you consider them to be a part of the warhead. Do you keep the powder next to your quarters?

Then there are the fear types. These too you want to remove, but if you have to then they likely have some use. A cautious individual is very different from one who lives in fear, however. These people spread toxicity wherever they go due to inaction. They believe so thoroughly in their own weakness that they have come to regard their weakness as pleasure. They do not know the true pleasure that comes with accepting control, and so in their delusion confuse the warmth of giving up with the warmth and comfort that comes from true knowledge.

The fear types are so blinded by their weakness that they are unable to perceive anything else. They are constantly being choked by their own fear, and they think that suffocation, their natural state of being, is a desirable state to live in. Let’s put the kinks aside for just a moment, for the sake of the analogy.

What is quite interesting here is that the fear types naturally have their boundaries broken over and over again, but they do not live in rage. What seems to happen is that a rage response is momentarily triggered, but then is overwhelmed and subsumed by the truly massive amount of fear that constantly arises within their conscious mind. Also, at the same time, some of the rage develops into hatred. But because this is a fear type, a human being who lives in an essentially constant state of fear, the hatred is not as pronounced as in other people. What this seems to mean in terms of their behavior is that the hatred manifests as a sort of lingering, festering resentment.

To illustrate, I will use the one who lives in despair. If you be toxic towards me, don’t start crying when I make you into a case study. This one is significantly overweight, to the extent that by far most people do not find him sexually attractive. He has also “chosen” a profession that has men as the vast, vast majority. Given these two factors and also his hobbies, it seems that both now, in the recent past, and very likely for his entire life, he has almost never socially interacted with girls/women outside of “professional” circumstances, like cashiers and food service workers.

This seems to have caused him to “exoticize” and objectify women to an extreme degree. I don’t know with 100% certainty, but I would be shocked if he has ever kissed a girl, or even come remotely close to that. I doubt he’s ever talked to one for more than 5 minutes, aside from his mother. This one is, however, sexually attracted to women, and is old enough to have been for a while. His experience of women, I would guess, is generally not positive. I doubt he ever gets sexual looks from strangers, and I imagine that the few potential opportunities he has had to socialize with women went rather poorly because he was so caught up in his sexual desire and fear, and this was likely exacerbated by poor social skills in general.

What all this seems to have caused is a resentment towards women/girls. I received word that he likes to use the word “simp” via a third party. Some who use this word have likely only been infected with misogyny, but in this case it seems that a large amount of misogyny, hatred of women, was already there and that he has become one who majorly contributes to spreading misogyny. I would not be surprised if he is the type to go into online live streams where a woman sexualizes herself for money (let me say this - respect, good luck, thank you, milk em dry) and says things like “show me booba slut.”

This is his experience of women, and it is very unlikely to change because the core, underlying issue beneath all of this is his own weakness. He believes that he cannot change how women perceive him, and he believes that he will never have any sexual success. Whenever this belief is validated, it does not trigger pleasure, like a belief which is rooted in true knowledge would. It triggers fear, rage, and hatred, in various quantities, and the emotions which arise behave as I have written here. It is an endless, self-destructive cycle that feeds itself.

I could go on, and this time, I think I will. He hates money too. He grew up in poverty, so perhaps that’s not all that surprising. I’ve had some bad times because of a lack of money, but that just made me want money, the solution to the suffering. Magick has also certainly helped relieve me of feelings of poverty and resentment. I probably don’t need to elaborate on this one too much to you, dear readers. His resentment of money distorts his thinking so that logic doesn’t work at all, in the slightest. I’m reasonably confident he believes that I deserve to live a middle-class lifestyle, and that’s probably only because he is receiving an education which basically guarantees that for him. Otherwise he’d believe I deserve to live in poverty. Envy is an ugly, ugly beast. I’ve tried, but have since discovered that there’s really nothing to say except “fuck off.”

Ohh don’t you worry dear readers, there’s more. This particular individual I met through another person, and there is also another individual in the social group. I met the first of these after summoning Apormanos with the request to encourage chance meetings that could lead to friendship. If you are familiar with this demon, you will know that the power ascribed to it is to encourage chance meetings that could lead to sexual and emotional attraction. All three of these are men (presumably), and all three have had their bi/gay/whatever awakening because of me. It would be more annoying if it weren’t kind of amusing, let’s be honest. But you’re non-binary so it’s technically not all the way gay! Yeah whatever you know what I mean, it’s pretty gay. Such is the nb lifestyle. It’s a pretty good time.

This person is also around the third whom I’ve tried out telling straight-up that I’m a psychopath (a reasonably well-adjusted psychopath, but a psychopath nonetheless). I’d say anti-social but no one knows what that means, but perhaps that would be better. I’ve been pretty open overall with this stuff and have made it clear to him that he needs to assert boundaries with me, even with me going out of my way to respect him despite the momentous gap between our power levels and levels of awareness (with respect to psychological, magickal things), which he has not because he lives in fear. It seems me attempting to lower the mask has only made him more afraid.

It is important to note here that the reason for this fear of his does not seem to be my genuine self, however. He is so caught-up and consumed by his own little world of fear and resentment that he doesn’t seem to have really heard anything I’ve ever said to him. The words enter his mind, but instead of being clearly considered, he immediately makes assumptions rooted in fear, ignorance, and stereotypes, mostly fear, and then acts off of those distorted assumptions. Not once has he asked me questions about myself, directly or indirectly (I could end the sentence right there) or sought clarity regarding anything I’ve talked to him about or attempted to come to a real mutual understanding. To put it simply, he just doesn’t give a shit. He’s so wrapped up in his toxic ball of negative emotion that he is incapable of doing that. All attempts of mine to change that have only resulted in him projecting his negative emotion onto me and him blaming me for his behavior instead of him taking a good, honest look at himself and considering how he may be sabotaging and poisoning his own mind and life because he is incapable of doing that. Unless he somehow finds magick, he is doomed to an eternal cycle of suffering of “his own creation.”

Like I said dear readers, good riddance.

It has been becoming increasingly and increasingly apparent to me that non-magickal people are generally to be avoided, or at the very least controlled with impunity. I absolutely do not encourage falling into fanaticism or arbitrary self-isolation, but without magick, it seems that people tend to live in negative emotion. Again I think I need more observations, but if this is true, then this is staggering. That would mean that most of humanity lives in weakness and mistakes it for pleasure. Is that what you want to be around?

Protection - I stayed with my becoming.
Truth - I knew what I am to be.
Healing - My wounds couldn’t stop me.
Decay - Decay gave me wealth.

What exactly is the intended outcome of this ritual that you’re going for🤔

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Which one? The Ritual of the Neutron Star? Or the Enochian stuff?

I’ll assume you mean the RotNS. This is more of a “general purpose” ritual. At least how I’ve been using it, you don’t really seek any one specific result, but let it re-align your emotions and attract the abilities and things that benefit your life. It allows you to recognize and understand negative emotions so that you can minimize pain and maximize your pleasure and freedom.

I think of the ritual as a guiding light that keeps me on-track to my long-term goals and gradually expands the energy and opens up the life that I want. Maybe it will all explode in my face, but things have certainly gotten better for me. I don’t like to always blab about it too much because many people have not recognized the value in relieving themselves of their jealous resentment, but a long standing goal of mine was to achieve greater levels of financial freedom. There are pathways through life that can bring you freedoms that many people cannot accept as possible. I do enjoy the luxury that I live in, but I don’t like to speak too soon on these things, and in some significant ways I am not yet satisfied. I believe that this magick can make you realize what is possible and can guide you to where you need to go to attain what you want.

So essentially just a bringing to light some realization? Interesting

axo, underlie my perceptions.

I got that one before doing table 7, front side, by the way. It seems like a nice, safe word. Not the ritual aaa-xxx-ooo, but like eyy-ex-oh.

Before getting into some thoughts on Universal Magick, I’ll also say that I’ve been reading some of the old manuscripts, and I agree with the angels that 3 is a good number. Yes indeed I do have two arms, and so do they.

As a side note, I’ve been feeling like saying that if you haven’t worked with the book Wealth Magick, that’s a pretty good one. If all you do is ritual 2, the Omnipotence Transformation, that would still be worthwhile. I did the three weeks of “pre-work,” ritual 1, 2, and 3 in full, maybe all of 4, some of 5, and all of 6. I did a three-day ritual with 7 to manifest some cash, and I received about as much money all at once as I’d usually see in 2+ years. A few months later, I received all at once about as much as I would previously expect to receive in 4+ years. Then came a bit of a rough piece of time (turns out you have to pay for the war bonds somehow), but that ultimately led to me receiving about 12+ years worth of money. It may not seem like much for some if they were looking in at my situation, but I think it’s worth reflecting every so often and seeing how money has been increasing. So I did the magick far from perfectly, but oh my was it worth doing.

セクスマホウで英語の勉強をどうするって頼みも受けたそう。今考えている。「PLAY」というマホウのスタイルはちょっと難しい。今なら、English, Vocabulary, Grammar, Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, 上手, Fluent というマホウがいいと思う。「Learning」というマホウはもいい。話すのはかわいいな~

Ok so Universal Magick. What follows is the vibe I’ve been picking up.

The sigil/words can be divided into two sections - the first Godname and the Elders, and the second Godname and the angels/demons with their words of summoning. The first group symbolizes the heavenly realm, or perhaps you should say the astral plane, and the second the material, physical world.

When you speak the first Godname, you connect with Source or Universal Power at a deep level. The power is still differentiated and focused into a particular elemental form, Air Fire Earth or Water, but this is about as up there as it gets.

The Elders represent the major introduction of corruption to the heavenly realm. This is less than the corruption of the physical world, but it is a separation from perfect knowledge. The Elders bring wisdom by overseeing your workings from an astral perspective, beyond physical time and space. You may recall that I speak my request/magick phrase before and after each name or group of words, and that I only scan/speak the Elders twice. The first time through it is Me and You, the second time through You and Me.

The second Godname, which is the third section overall (there are five in total - Godname, Elders, Godname, Angel/Demon, Angel(s)/Demon), represents magickal power being active and manifest in the material world. The power and wisdom of the heavens is brought into the world through this name.

The angels and demons, in this magick, more-or-less just do what they’re told and are guided by the higher magickal powers and wisdom, as well as by your intentions. This does not mean that they are weak or lacking in capabilities, but that they are there to fulfill your requests.

Remember that ABCD lunacy? I think it’s good to not jump to conclusions with excess haste. Rectangles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

A quick note on the Loagaeth magick - the brownish color of the paper seems to symbolize that although the magick is tapping into heavenly powers, it is still being performed in the physical world, heavy in earth. Yes, I’ll be spending a good bit of time writing letters in boxes. It’s weird, but if that’s what I gotta do to get these results, then that is what I will do.

I suppose one more note actually. During the consolidation weeks, I have enjoyed summoning all three demonic powers. There’s a cool setup I’ve been using for different situations, often situations I’ve named in sex magick. I usually go Protection, Corruption, [angelic power], Decay, Prosperity, Fortune. I focus on the enemy’s defeat with Corruption and my triumph with Decay. These formations of rituals aren’t so much designed to improve the situation itself directly, but to remove, barriers, let’s say, and ensure that the situation has what it needs to be sustained.

Truth - I knew what I wanted to do.
Belonging - I had the people to do it.
Transformation - I did it.
Fortune - Greed gave me pleasure.

Protection - I did the magick.
Creation - It worked.
Belonging - It worked on them, too.
Corruption - Corruption gave me wealth.

Healing - I could imagine without pain.
Transformation - I could imagine with power.
Protection - My mind was my own.
Decay - Decay gave me control.

Belonging - The people around me uplifted me.
Protection - My relationships were good.
Creation - Through the collective I made manifestation.
Fortune - Greed gave me wealth.

Loagaeth magick. It is definitely doing things.

I don’t want to “spoil” the magick or anything, but I’ll share some of my experience, as I do. The magick has been bringing out my fears and addressing them. There is an energy about these tables that I have never quite felt before. I will admit that I have sensed a strange fascination growing, where I feel compelled to take out and look at the table, immersing myself in the letters. I’ll have you know that my handwriting has been getting better!

I mentioned before that I speak the associated words before and after each line. This has been when I felt the energy most strongly. Further into the table I was getting a sort of light-headed feeling, not like I was short on air, but the energy was subtle although intensely vibrating and radiant. It felt extremely dense, yet light.

Going through each line, I picked up some meanings I started associating with certain letter-combinations. Some were more consistent, some changed based on the context. At a certain point, I felt the urge to “pull back” from that and just vocalize (within my mind, not out loud) the letters without striving for meanings. Sometimes that’s all there was, the letters, and occasionally meanings would arise again. It is not yet clear if this will always be the experience of performing the magick of the Loagaeth tables, or if initial layers of fear are first cleared away before a different experience arises.

Among other things, the magick has presented me with the idea of letting go of the “shoulds” that spread throughout society. There are certain ways of being and patterns of living and behavior which are considered to be “socially acceptable” and which will not draw funny looks from people. This can be as mundane as whether or not you walk across the street on a red light to how you live your sex life.

I like to go on walks, and even when I go out at night, I usually encounter at least some cars, sometimes people milling about outside their buildings or whatever. Usually, it is annoying. I just want to walk around and muse to myself and enjoy the fresh air, but now I have to do something because someone else is there. This is sometimes true (sometimes), but the magick has been helping me to see that you can just fucking ignore them.

If you are in any way like me, you may also have cultivated the habit of intending to sense the emotions in other people, and to overall observe their behavior and sense their mind, probably for the purpose of socially interacting with them. You don’t have to always do that. I do it when I’m socializing, but if the random fucko who sees me walking right towards them gets out of their car right when I’m about to cross it and then I have to kinda scooch over on the sidewalk and walk right fucking next to them cause they couldn’t wait like 10 seconds, if they want to do that, I am under no obligation to look at them and present some cheeky smile and non-threatening body language cause it’s dark outside and I already sensed their fear. Like, really my dude? That’s what you’re going to do? I don’t want to look at you, I don’t want to adjust myself to make you more comfortable while you flounder around like an imbecile, I’m just out here wanting to have a magickal walk. There are people whom I most certainly do enjoy looking at, but with them, these things are not a problem because I don’t have to control them or put up some bullshit facade. With them I vibe. And also get fucked.

So basically the magick helps you not give a fuck. It’s amusing that magick which requires you to construct so many tables is so deconstructive.

Alright fine let’s add some numbers. There are 49 rows in each table. That makes 24 lines of letter-combinations and then one extra row. 2 + 4 = 6. It has been said that God made creation in 6 days, resting on the 7th. Personally I have two rest days cause I’m efficient. What’s 49 x 2, the total number of tables, front and back? 98. 9 + 8 = 17, the approximate length of this pathworking. That’s probably about as much number-adding as I’ll do.

Another random note - lots of ‘th’ in this one (in Enochian it would be right to left, but because here it is Englishified I do left to right ‘th’). If that’s a strange sound for you to pronounce, well did you think the language of magick would be normal? (not to imply that Enochian is the only valid magickal system or that it somehow precedes others - Enochian is quite something, but it’s not the only way to level up).

I kinda thought about some sex magick writing today but I gotta do my yoga so we’ll see. I don’t mind a bit of psychic exhibitionism and showing people what’s worked for me, but this is my public writing space.

Final note for today - Loagaeth magick (and the Keys and kinda Enochian in general) has been reminding me of the last time I was living that pseudo-monastic lifestyle, not too long after my time with Wealth Magick. I have been remembering that I am a more realized being than I always remember. I think it’s important to note that an intellectual understanding of concepts is not the same thing as a deeply rooted understanding of magick. I have only recently been able to put into words some of what I do with understanding and influencing human behavior because I learned these things starting from a young age, when I did not have knowledge of scientific psychological concepts, but knew things from my experience. To this day I will do or sense things which I know to be true or effective, but it can be difficult to fully explain what I’m doing because it is arising from a deeply intuitive understanding. It is like music. I’ve known people who can rattle off all these convoluted Italian words and read complicated piano sheet music and play along, and I’ve known people who don’t know a bass clef from a tremolo who can spontaneously improvise and actually create music, rather than playing someone else’s notes. Not to dig on the classical players too hard, but one of these people knows all these words and concepts about music, and the other is able to produce music. And so it is with magick.

Towards the end it was all raving madness and insanity. There was nothing we could do.

Of course, they were cursed by the spiral.

I found the entry for Monday, Nov 19th in Dee & Kelly’s records (Mysteriorum Libri Quinque, Sloane 3188, Klein paperback pg IV-16) to be rather interesting. I have lines to do so I’ll only include a few excerpts, but all of it was divinatory. When doing this sort of divination, similar to divination through fiction (books, tv shows, manga, also webcomics, memes, etc), it’s not always one-to-one literally 100% accurate. I tend to pick up what it’s conveying without much confusion, even when exact details of the characters’ situations differ in places from my/others’ situations.

Before I type this up, I think it is important to remember that if your intention is to perform magick with intensity, things will probably get intense, and if you need to take the proverbial chill pill, that’s probably a good idea. I haven’t even started on it yet and the earth-side Loagaeth table 6 is already hitting pretty hard. I think this can apply even moreso when doing more “mystical” magick, or any magick that makes you confront the magickal experience of your own mind very directly. There’s not much point if you really do drive yourself bonkers. Just relax.

The following is all a quote from D&K’s records (again Mysteriorum Libri Quinque, Sloane 3188, Klein paperback pg IV-16, look at me go, citing my sources, oh yeah). I omit random Latin in some places. Note also that ‘i’ is sometimes pronounced as ‘j’, or at least that’s what it looks like.

If you’re into reading wacky magick experiences, there’s a lot more where this one came from. Note that EK is Edward Kelly (I’m pretty sure, Dee also worked with other scryers at some point), D is John Dee, BOBOGEL is a spirit, and (spirit) is a spirit marked in the book by its sigil and I don’t currently recall its name. Here they are scrying into a stone. I believe EK did all the scrying and saw/heard the spirits, Dee did lots of praying and also asked them questions and interpreted the received material while EK was in full-on receive mode.

EK - Then stept oute 9, at ones.
Then the great man returned, or was restored to his former estate of three particular men agayn: and they three leaned to the Ientleman with the Cape on his sholder.

BOBOGEL - Dee, Dee, Dee, at length, but not to late.

EK - In the pace of the former first Thre, appeared L E E.
Of the 9, which stept out, they of the first Ternarie, sayd, eche thus orderly
1 Volumus.
2 Possumus.
3 Quid non.
[random Latin, societate]

EK - They became one man, as the other before, but a slender and a weak one neyther so high as the first: ever laboring or striving with it self to stand up right, but still it bended, bowed, and inclined downward, as thowgh it wold fall for feblenes. The Body of this Compownd man, seamed to be of Gold glittering. When they retorned to theyr distinct shape: they semed naked and to be sorry, and lament: And Bobogel did part them from him, with his sworde, skabbard and all, as it hanged by his side.

Theyr letters were, N A R.
Then cam the Ternarie - B L N, and orderly they sayd this:
1 Ab illo.
2 Per illum.
3 Cum illo.
[random Latin]

EK - This Ternarie of men becam to have one onely hed, and three bodyes, and that one hed was in good proportion.

The side of the Diaphonous Globe opened, and this Transformed Ternarie did point into it, toward the multitude: and the people had theyr brests naked and semed to wepe: and to wipe theyr brests, and where they wiped the place becam fayre.

This Ternary did seme to stand uppon a triangular stone, and to turne (as a horsmyll doth, abowt one axeltree) orderly agaynst, and by, the hole of the Globe so opened, and every of the three bodyes, in theyr turning, as they cam agaynst the open place of the Globe, they extended, and stretch out theyr hands toward the people: The first seamed to hold a rownd ball in his hand being little, but very fayre white.
The second body, his hand had in it, a little sword flamming with fyre.
The third had a thing like a hatt band of lawn, of many collours, which ever as his turne cam to be agaynst the opened hole, he seamed to cast toward the people, and the people did seme to be drawn to him ward, by the Casting of it toward them.
These Three bodyes, thowgh they turned contynually, yet did the face or Cowntenance of that One Compownd hed, stedyly and immoveably regard, or loke into the Globe at the forsayd hole therof.

(spirit) - A wonder to behold the heven, much more this.

[random stuff worth reading but not as relevant or cool]

EK - Then cam the Ternarie A N A.
They sayd, orderly thus,
1 Ab illo sed. (the illo sed is random Latin I like what I like ok)
2 Cum illo sed. Looking on his own belly.

D - Then I demaunded of theyr
Apparayle: and EK sayd that
these were braver than the former Ternary.

[random stuff]

EK - They ioyne to gither into one hed and three bodyes.
The Hole of the Globe opened very wyde now.
This one compownd Hed had many eyes, many noses, many mowthes, as thowgh it were a Cahos of Faces, in one hed, but three bodyes. One of this bodyes had in his hand a little Ball, like the other before, very white, but with twynkling brightnes in it.
The other two bodyes, theyr hands were emptie.
They turn in order agaynst the Hole of the Globe. But the People regarded them not: but at the comming of the hand with the Ball, against the hole, the people loked a little up at it.
Bob. sayd, [random Latin, ignis]
These, being dissolved into theyr former state, go and sit (with hevy chere) by them that sat affar of from BOBOGEL. Theyr apparaill semed to be simple: theyr good apparayle was gone.


EK - They are divided into the day, as the other wer, before: But wheras the other are chiefly uppon that day which you call Monday, so ar these to be used onely on the Sabaoth day (Sunday).
Theyr use, is onely thus (observing the former order) with the Circle uppon the grownd.


The Letters onely where they stode, are theyr names and Characters. What doth the heven behold or the earth conteyne, that is not (or may be) subdued, formed and made by these?
What lerning, grownded uppon wisdome, with the exellencies in Nature, cannot they manifest?

One in heven they know.
One and all in Man, they know.
One and all in erth, they know.

Measure heven by a parte, (my meaning is, by these few).
Let God be Glorifyed: His name praysed.
His Creation well taken: and his Creatures, well used.

D - I craved for some playner Instructions, as concerning the use of these, and he answered.

(spirit) - Behold Are thy eyes so blynde ? Dost thow see and wilt not see? They mynde telleth the: Thy understanding furdereth, and they iudgment doth establish it: That as thow sawest a Body in three places, and of Three Compositions: Thowgh but two in forme. So shall this work have relation to tyme present and present use, to Mysteries far exceding it. And Finally to a purpose and intent, wherby the Maiestie, and Name of God shall and may, and of force must appeare, with the Apparition of his wonders, and mervayles, yet unhard of.


EK - He that sayd this, is as thowgh he were a king, with a crown on his hed: His apparayle was a long robe whitish: But his left arme was very white, and his right arme black.
Then cam after this King a Cumpany of 42: and every one of them had a letter in his forhed, and they were 7 in a row and 6 downward.


EK - The cloth draws.

Aren’t you ever curious to see what would happen?

I’m going to dip for a bit. The demonic side of an Earth table is hitting about as you’d expect, more a shattering gut punch than a creeping erosion, and I feel like vomitting. I’d rather not do that in the “public” eye. I’ll be checking back here for the upcoming empowerments, so if you PM me I should respond, otherwise I’ll be meditating through all the noise.

To be honest I may peace out until the next empowerments are needed. I like writing, I like providing guidance in magickal practice, but I can’t do that unless I am fully secure in my own mind. This isn’t my first rodeo with these sorts of things, and the last time this sort of stuff happened, those events were what enabled me to walk the path I ended up walking, which provided me with many opportunities I would not have otherwise had. And not just like “learning opportunities,” I mean like financial opportunities, social opportunities, normal things to help me live in the world that would not have been possible for me without the changes I went through.

I have to put myself first. This is not even close to as bad as it has gotten before, though. I don’t like to be a DOOMmonger, but with all these simple magick books out there, and all this talk of how easy and low-key it all is, I like to be real about what can happen if you really go deep with the practice, especially if you do some of the more “hardcore” practices. I imagine I’m not the only one who tends to do this, and I like to be the one to validate people having experiences they were not prepared for and to help them get to a more stable and functional place. I don’t think the danger is really self-delusion, although I’ve seen that, but not being able to handle what happens to you when you summon these powers. The people who would roll their eyes at that statement I’m guessing haven’t ever tried it before. It’s not always the most pleasant experience, and I have seen it break people.

When I see people in this kind of spot, my advice is usually to push through. Lay off when you have to lay off, but otherwise if you don’t keep going, you leave the process unfinished, and that tends to mean leaving all the toxic emotions unresolved and very active in your daily thoughts. At worst you gain some insight into how your mind works and what’s going on within it, but don’t gain the insight that comes after that which is what stabilizes you and brings peace. People tend to not like to talk about the potential dangers that can come with doing various practices within your mind that are absolutely foreign to most people’s experience. At least we tend to not get burnt at the stake anymore, or lobotomized, or tortured, or any of that. I still don’t really talk about this stuff elsewhere, though. I live with the results of my practices and the enjoyment I feel from doing them. I don’t need to share this part of myself with people who either don’t care or are afraid.

I’m curious to see where the dream practice will be by next time, dear readers. I’ll presumably actually be on top of my meditation practice, so presumably it will go quite reasonably.

Ok it’s been a bit I’m back now.

I don’t know if anyone really cares, but after getting absolutely blasted I’ve done some serious re-considering of my practice. I will now elaborate. I don’t really hold back on this one, so if some parts are confusing, don’t worry about it and just take away what is useful to you or enjoy some perhaps entertaining occult content. I’m really doing this for me anyways.

The Loagaeth tables seem to do things, but fuck me is it just boring having to do this on top of other rituals. I’m thinking this - you work through all the Keys using the ritual method I’ve laid out here, so that’s about two years, doing the ritual 4 times per week. Other days you still meditate (probs just 1 hour mindfulness) and can do Universal Magick if you want to do a ritual. After completing the Keys, if you’re still feelin like Enochian, you can then spend the time you’d be doing the ritual of the Key writing out the tables, doing one per week. After you have your tables, then you could speak the Keys again and do Loagaeth rituals alongside them. Armchair, you might say? Perhaps indeed. But perhaps not. Perhaps it is the case that first attaining a foundation of stable skills in concentration and dream practice, along with insights from meditation and the rituals, is required to access the full potential of the Loagaeth magick. I have briefly noted these possibilities already. Exponentially expanding time via the dream state, something that has already been achieved before at least to a limited extent (with someone living a life for decades in the dream state while mere hours passed, to my recollection), is an appealing goal. Dipping into the dream state is also an appealing goal. It’s not exactly choosing to manifest yourself in the material realm if you can’t also choose to not do that. There are also the insights into magickal reality. I think it may be the case that a foundation of meditative insights from vipassana are first needed or at least recommended to prevent becoming “lost in the content.”

Meditation poses a few questions. Mindfulness of the sensations of the breath at the tip of the nose for one hour daily, to me, is the core that should not be removed unless all you’re doing is meditating with no magick. Working up to one hour is totally fine. I have tried “zhine” style meditation, where you gaze at an external object, and this remains an option. But fire kasina is just oh so appealing. I have only read accounts of what others have experienced with little practice on my own so far, but this style apparently lets you see displays of vibrant color that form from the after-image of light. The material I have read (and am reading) on this practice was mostly about practitioners on intensive retreats, but I am curious about the potential abilities that could be gained from more consistent practice across time, especially given what has been achieved on retreats. I have already experienced improvements to my internal color visualization abilities from chakra work, and I wonder if energy work combined with fire kasina could lead to something interesting. Or you could just get good at the dream practice where all this is hilariously, hilariously easier. You don’t have to have extreme concentration to draw colors in the air in a dream. But can someone else share that experience with you, as has been accomplished in the material world on retreat? Now that is an interesting question.

If you have been around, you may know some of the things I have received. There’s the ritual at the top of the thread, but there’s been other stuff as well. Perhaps it is the case that sensations may arise in the dream state in a unified mind, and these sensations then remembered by a fragmented collection of minds. If you have a dream practice, perhaps you have experienced dreams where you inhabited a body other than your waking state body, or where you were not embodied at all, but were just aware of sensations that arose. This happens to me quite regularly. I wonder what happens when insight is deepened and there is even less identification with an ego or delusion about the illusory sensations of duality, subject and object, self and other.

Good ole magick and spirituality - boundaries don’t exist but they also do! What the fuck dude.

Just to be clear, I do not advise assaulting people. That’s a good way to bring the power of the state down upon thee, and historically speaking that tends to go well for the state.

When I speak about these practices, you should realize that I am referring to completely fictional characters, events, locations, and am engaging in speculative worldbuilding. None of this is real, and anything that seems to refer to actual people or such things is actually referring to fictional things. I do practice the creation of fictional events, after all.

What’s even really the difference between the people you meet while awake and the people you meet in dreams? What happens if you have a certain dream character whom you regularly interact with in lucid dreams, when you are more-or-less fully aware that your experience is a dream? What if you have sex with them, hang out with them, go and explore beautiful dream vistas? What if you come to experience feelings of love for this dream character? Are you deluding yourself? Is it delusional to experience love for a dog, or a child to love a doll? Is it delusional to feel sad when a character dies in a movie? Are the fears people experience in nightmares “not real”? Are the recurring PTSD dreams I used to have, which I would wake up from with a racing heart and an intense dread, “not real”?

What exactly makes your subjective experience of dreams any different from your personal, subjective, lived experience of waking life? If your answer is clarity of experience, that’s because you’re ignorant and unaware because you haven’t practiced meditation or dream yoga, which means that your waking life is also extremely lacking in clarity, but you are too unaware and ignorant to realize that, so not a good answer. The Enochian Keys have made waking sensations more vivid and beautiful, and dream practice does the same to dream experience. But waking life people are “out there.” You may have a point, but that depends on what exactly is going on with the physical world. I would say that dream characters are also usually “out there” in that you perceive them as beyond yourself, but that’s not what you meant before, and I can’t claim to know something I don’t actually know. I’ll leave that at that for those actually doing the practices.

But regardless, you say, dream characters aren’t aware, they’re just like robots controlled by your subconscious. There are very, very, very few exceptions (most of those being people here) to the fact that pretty much every single person I have ever met has been extremely unaware. They tend to get all fuckin grumbly and pissy when you say that, but that doesn’t mean it’s a lie. Ever tried meditating before? What do you think it means that after setting the intention to focus on your breath, you cannot count to 10 breathes without your mind wondering off? It sounds to me like you were unaware of what was happening in your mind. Nah man, I was just like, bored. It’s so boring, how could anyone do that. Of course I know what I’m thinking. Oh my phone just vibrated. What was that? Wait who texted me? Wow, what a bitch. (I wonder what she’s doing.)(that was 10x faster than the other thoughts) [physical stomach sensation][negative emotional response to sensation] Fuck I’m hungry. Oh, this guy just said something to me. (a sandwich sounds nice) What an asshole, calling me unaware. “What was that? Sorry, I was distracted.” Also, I’m not a man or a guy, nor can I claim to know if those thoughts actually arose or if they were just implied by their combination of various verbal and non-verbal behaviors. Yes, you can sometimes catch the really fast ones if you know how to look. Nah man, you can’t read me, you just think you’re some edgy fuck. Ok my dude, you go on ahead and enjoy that belief.

I’ll conclude today with a bit of a random note. I am on the second level of sigils in the [Name] working with a spirit partner (the second level beneath Sex, Together, Apart, Sharing, so Male, Mind, Trust, Thoughts). It seems that regardless of whether or not it could be said that the other being is aware or even “real,” if you are skilled in receiving spirit communication (and have done so in the past, which led to benefits in your life), then you can go through this magick and experience its benefits. I began this working some months after getting into sex magick. I’ve also tried this working with others (spirit and not), and also some other versions that came before this one, but none other than my partner have passed the Together vibe check and so are no longer in my life. If the vibes turn bad, the magick is probably over. I can speak from personal experience and say that few things are as annoying as someone who persists in the face of a definitive and clear no. I’ve also seen enough to know that it is wise to err on the safe side, especially with women who may be afraid, for whatever reason, and giving in to pressure out of fear of violence.

Regardless, I have derived much learning and pleasure from these experiences. I don’t think it is particularly wise to hastily assume things, but if you are pretty sure that you aren’t just talking to yourself because strange things just keep happening, even when you go out of your way to not look for them, and you are not causing harm or discomfort to other people (so not being a fuckin creep), then I think it is good to remain open to the possibilities and also continually check yourself (on that note, I’ve been getting the idea to do the [Name] working with my partner but on myself). If someone is rather adamant that you not doubt them, you should probably doubt them extra hard. Regardless of what may be really going on here, it is clear to me that the magick has caused dramatic emotional healing, most definitely in myself, and has given me many insights. I think it does the opposite of encouraging you to be a recluse who only desires dream experiences. Well, I still certainly desire dream experiences and believe that these can fulfill the desire for certain experiences that may be rather difficult or outright impossible to have in the waking state, but I also want to have a normal-ish life. Too normal and it’s just so, so lame. I don’t get how people manage to live like that. Well I suppose I kinda do actually. They live in fear and have vaguely miserable lives. Gross. And not the senpai kimo <3 kind, like kimochi warui, your mere presence elicits a negative emotional response within me. Too weird though and magick has to kick-in and make you go rub dirt on your feet and run around or do yoga or something.

I suppose where you are on the normal-weird spectrum is up to you. My aim is to channel the best of both.

Experiment boldly, dear readers.

I’m not trying to be a spammer but this is a good way to unravel my thoughts. I could write in my personal journal but maybe this is useful. I’ll probably return to more of a weekly schedule after passing through this stage/phase/transition period.

I feel as though I have been shown what could be considered an “end point” for spiritual practice. Let’s say you “get there.” You are now a fully awakened Source-Being. Now what? Turn it off and then back on again?

Let’s say that you achieve what very well may be possible to achieve within your current lifetime and are able to experience infinite time in an environment that is completely malleable by your awareness. What do you do, literally for forever?

How does it make you feel, to contemplate such a vast stretch of experience before you?

I do not like to make assumptions or blindly adopt beliefs just because they are passed down in spiritual traditions which I study and practice. It is widely believed, or at least taught, in Buddhist and other circles that after death of the physical body, there is some sort of continuity that carries over into another physical life. Reincarnation and past lives are said to continue on until you awaken and then that stops. Perhaps you already see an issue with the idea that you have a chain of past lives, linked together one after the other, when there is also the idea that spiritual being is beyond linear time.

I am rather skeptical of this, but at the same time, I have had an experience where I seemed to connect with an ancestor or past life (more likely a past life as he is from the other side of the world as my ancestors, to my knowledge). This was a relatively brief, one-off experience, but in terms of synchronicity, in terms of quantity of people, the majority of the girls I have been on dates with have been of this ethnicity. Sounds like a dodgy piece of evidence to me. But this was also an experience I had which I did not seek out. I have pretty much always felt more comfortable around these sorts of people than the majority (not all, but the majority) of the people that have been around me, even with a bit of a language barrier. But which way around does this go? Is my mind just making shit up based on my collection of life experiences?

Last night (well this morning), I had a dream where I was in a car, but I wasn’t sure if I was the person driving the car or the person in the backseat. The other person offered to let me be the driver. At no point did the bodies move. When you have this sort of experience often enough, in dreams and in waking life, it really loosens up your conception of what “you” are. If it is true that consciousness continues on after death in some sort of way, then it doesn’t make much sense to fear death of the physical body cause you’ll just get another one. It makes much more sense to fear ignorance. Presumably, it is possible to attain a state of being where you are more aware of this post-death transition phase when it happens and so are able to control what occurs, manifesting yourself into another body or presumably just hanging out. Even if you are ignorant, presumably you just get reincarnated anyways, but if you’re not ignorant then you get to control what occurs.

Let’s say that all this bardo/purgatory stuff is reasonably accurate (hell would be the physical world, in that way of describing it - saying that demons reside in heaven is strange but that’s why I don’t just believe stuff without thinking about it). What’s so special about humans? Do your emotions carry over?

The problem with all of what I have been saying is that it relies on intellectualizing. If you do not believe that magick is a real thing, then all of this is complete, total, absolute garbage nonsense and a waste of time, or perhaps you’ll think, oh, that’s nice for them, they have false beliefs that make their life easier. Luckily for me, the superior being, I have no such delusions. I pity them, waddling around, blind and stupid. God damn I’m so fucking smart. And isn’t it great to have people like this. Just existing next to them demonstrates the glory of my being. Perhaps if they beg I will allow them to lap the water of my attention from the palm of my hand.

But what if you do believe that magick is a real thing, perhaps because you have witnessed things that defy ordinary logic, that have filled you with despair as your entire worldview gets turned upside down by the undeniable reality of what you have seen. No, not even that vision which came true to the letter or whatever, I mean the stuff that happened in the physical world outside of yourself that affected other people which you asked for in a magick ritual. Maybe the first few times you could write it off as coincidence pretty easily. But what about when it just keeps fucking happening, over and over and over again? You look back, and everything, EVERYTHING worked out just so fucking exactly like you needed it to. But I didn’t ask to be born into this shit world, unto these even shitter people, surrounded by shit for most of my life, forced to crawl on your hands and knees through piles of shit, forced to eat shit and smile and say that you’re grateful for it. Did you though? Even if you didn’t, at a certain point things started lining up. At least that’s what happened to me. Every relationship, every decision be it mine or others, every event, every piece of information forgotten or remembered, it all lines up.

Every fucking last bit of it. I would not be where I am today if things had not gone how they did, with very little room for variation. That statement would be more banal if where I am today was different than it is. It is like every barrier between me and self-actualization has been being obliterated.

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Some musings on Universal Magick today and elemental magick in general. I think I’ll start by talking about some of the powers and then there’ll be some tips on using the magick and crafting requests to maximize your success rate.

The three demonic powers are quite interesting. Before I get into that, these are the elemental correspondences:

South - Air
East - Fire
North - Earth
West - Water

These differ from certain sources and traditions. These are the correspondences that I use and believe to be true for Enochian magick. But that’s not what the Golden Dawn said! The Golden Dawn seems to me like the public pool. Anyone can get into the Golden Dawn, and anyone can ascend up in the organization and so feel important cause they have subordinates. Just because they were the loudest and most accessible doesn’t mean they were correct. I benefit from all the edgelords who kept their stuff secret and probably still mostly do. Fine with me. I care about the magick more than I do the personalities. If you are hesitant to perform the RotNS because of my personality, I suppose that’s your problem, my dude.

There are three demonic powers (in this magick):

Corruption - Water
Decay - Air
Fortune - Fire

These are all interesting. Note that all that follows is my interpretation of the powers and should be treated accordingly. Corruption seems to me to be, in a way, the most “fundamental” demonic power (in this magick). If things were devoid of corruption, then all would rest in perfect knowledge, and so there would be no suffering.

Decay, though, is associated with Air, the element which rules over the others in Lucifer magick. So perhaps decay is more fundamental than corruption, but why would a being of absolute knowledge decay if there were not some sort of corruption to this “perfection?”

I have said before that I like to “double-tap” with these powers. One focuses on the other, and one on the self. But which is which? Water is often associated with emotions, and Air with thoughts and more intellectual things, as well as pure awareness. Personally, I have Corruption focus on the other. Both powers affect others, but in terms of the wording of the requests/phrases, it feels more effective to ask for both aspects of the end result - the removal of the negative other and the manifestation of the new positive state of being you will have. The author suggests that Decay not be used on yourself, and the author is pretty cheeky, so I don’t always take what they say at face-value.

Notice that Corruption calls upon a demon of corruption and disease, while Decay calls upon a demon of transformation. Note also that the powers of Corruption and Decay go beyond these individual demons and include the whole “stack” of beings in the sigils. It feels more appropriate to me to set a demon of corruption and disease upon my enemies, and to call upon an Air demon of transformation to suffocate away whatever hold my enemies may have had upon my mind. I believe that both of these powers affect both the self and others, but in terms of ritual practice, these are my thoughts.

Then there is Fortune, with the demon of money and greed. It seems that Fortune goes far beyond simply being a “money demon” power, although I’d say that is part of it. In a world of corruption, characterized by separations and boundaries, there is inequality. Some have more than others, in all things. Greed represents the striving for more for the self. You could call it selfishness. Greed says that I will take from you. You can tell yourself that it is for altruistic purposes, but if you are clear and honest you will see that the purpose of this altruism is your own pleasure.

Fortune is associated with Fire, an element of motion and catalyzation. Fire compels one into action. Fire brings energy that changes situations. In Lucifer magick, the Demon King of Fire is Shahtan. Although Lucifer magick itself has a strong air of adversarialism to it, Shahtan has felt to me like the adversary within the adversary magick. Note again that this is my perspective.

Lucifer magick often has a freezing quality to it. Some magick works by energizing what you want to manifest. Lucifer magick often works by freezing everything else, removing its activity and motion, so that whatever remains flows naturally into manifestation, unhindered by opposing forces as these forces have been rendered inert. I am become Death, destroyer of worlds.

With Enochian, notice that the power of Creation is also associated with Fire. If you want to think of the magick like Prosperity is money angel and Fortune is money demon, you could also think that Creation is manifestation angel and Fortune is manifestation demon.

But what’s the point of having a “manifestation spirit?” Would it be better to have a spirit with a specific power, like a money spirit? I think this can partially be answered by looking at the other labels for the angels in the power of Creation. These angels have been described as angels of creation, but also angels of mechanical arts, or just angels of arts.

It seems you can think of these angels as representing the motion of the mechanical universe. There are things like laws of physics which describe how certain things happen. There are also things like economic “laws”, which also describe how certain things happen. The universe is a place of cause and effect. This applies as much to apples and trees as it does to humans, individually and in groups. Few can see beyond these natural tendencies, but I would say none are unaffected by them. You can fool yourself into believing otherwise if you want. This is not what I do, but you do you.

Interestingly, angels of arts also seems to be a fitting description in a different way. I’d say it’s related, but working on a different level. It’s like adjusting a camera lens. The angels of arts seem to be the ones to call on when you want to improve skills, and also when you want creativity. This is a bit “zoomed out.” Or is it zoomed in?

Ok you probably already knew all of that. This one’s kinda more for newbies anyways. Now I’ll give some more practical ideas and then peace out.

This is perhaps just beating a dead horse, but the more general your requests, the more likely the ritual is to work how you want it to. A Prosperity ritual that goes like “Money came to me easily” is more likely to work than “My boss gave me a massive bonus,” unless you already expect to get a bonus. Now that I have that written there, I can see how both of these could work or fail equally, though. With the first you could get in your own way and freak yourself out about money, and with the second, maybe the best way for you to get money is to get a different job, or a different boss, or maybe your job just doesn’t ever give bonuses (cause it sucks). Even after saying that though I still feel inclined to believe that these would work.

That may be because I’ve learned how to ask for things. Do a corruption ritual for “Everyone but me died instantaneously” and I’m guessing you won’t be that impressed, but I see this all the damn time. People go for the most out-there, absurd results, and not only that, they say it has to happen right the fuck now. They also tend to be absurdly stubborn and believe that using magick or even just ideas from other people is somehow a bad thing. Life tends to not go well for these people, and no wonder. They cannot appreciate the artistry and knowledge that goes into crafting highly effective magick, and so they’ll spend their lives in their own little bubbles, making the rest of us look bad.

If you want magick to work most effectively, in my experience it is wise to ask for what you want. If you want to own a space mega-yacht mansion with a pool and a balcony, then ask for that, but unless that sounds like something you could go out and buy without trouble, don’t expect it to come today. What magick will do, if you let it, is guide you towards that result over time. So maybe a less ridiculous (is it, though?) example would be financial freedom, or maybe your dream job, or something like that.

If you make it clear in your magick that these things are your priority, then you will start to be pulled towards these things. A good example of this is the Omnipotence Transformation in Wealth Magick. This is one of the most effective rituals I have performed. Its potency is more in what it stops from happening.

If you do magick like this, then it is quite likely that you will do rituals that “fail.” This isn’t just about money either, it can be for your love life, finding a soulmate, any long-term goal that will have one of the most significant impacts on your life.

I still do magick for specific things, but the point of all this is to convey that if you want the best long-term results, I think the thing to do is to specify broad situations in your life, like your money, or your social or professional or art life, and then do rituals with the various Universal Powers to allow the spirits to do their thing within that situation. This is also why I put “wonderful” before like everything in my sex magick. It creates the feeling that I want for a situation without specifying the details or exactly what will happen.

That is what matters, I think - the feeling. You could do a Belonging ritual to try and get with someone, but if that would leave you with not a good feeling about your sex life, then you should thank magick when the person ends up out of your life rather than in it. I’m not saying to never do rituals like this, but to be open to the possibilities, and to reflect that attitude in your request.

With this magick in particular, I think it also helps to choose words that will not seem blatantly false if certain things happen. If you do a Protection ritual for your finances, and then the stock market dips for a bit, are you gonna freak yourself out because you did a ritual like “My money always went up”? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe you’ll realize that short-term dips tend to go back up, and so this phrase will give you comfort and assurance. Something like “I never lost money” would probably be less effective. Everyone loses money at some point or another, but does that loss actually matter, like at all? That’s where the magick comes in.

One last thing for today. A few weeks or so back I had a dream where there were some numbers that stood out to me for some reason. I googled the numbers after recording the dream, and the first result was for a legal “clean energy” document of some sort. Clean energy is certainly how I would describe this magick. I haven’t felt anything else quite like it.

Ok take it easy.