The Ritual of the Neutron Star

The power of optimal experience, now that I find to be very interesting.

I’ve got so much shit lying around, and as I clean it up, I see the wave subsiding, making way for the next. I thought about “hurricane,” but that seemed a bit too airy.

How am I supposed to do that? I don’t know exactly, so let’s find out.

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In a dream, a little boy said to me that someone had said this thing to him, and then afterwards he felt like saying this other thing, and he wondered why he did that. Well, kiddo, I totally can tell you why if you’re curious. He sort of got distracted or lost interest or focus or something, but it was a nice reminder of a time when my curiosity was so severely piqued that I waited years in anticipation for the opportunity to learn, a time when my interests were also not so weaponized. Not that I dislike such things, but it was a nice reminder all the same.

This all took place on my childhood school playground. The newer, renovated one, not the old one. It was so profoundly beautiful. Seeing the children at play was a deeply moving experience. I wanted to tell them to appreciate what it is that they have, to not take it for granted. It made me feel so old, really.

I then wondered (I believe in the waking state, after experiencing a white beautiful light) why I don’t feel this way more often. I believe that what I experienced may be the mythical feeling of “bliss.” I now believe it is in-part because I do not very often intentionally open myself to such feelings and intentionally look to see that in my experience. There has been a resistance to this feeling, as if it were somehow cheap or fake, or in some way illusory and bland, as though other “darker” feelings are somehow more realistic or less illusory than a feeling that just feels really good to feel. Do I need any other reason other than that it makes me feel really good to open myself to feeling a certain way?

What, am I somehow obligated to do something with my experience? Why would I allow myself to buy into a culture of shame?

In a world which has been designed with varying levels of effectiveness to influence and control you, I like to sometimes turn it all off and make it all go away so I can enjoy my experience without needing to continuously defend myself against the designs and agendas of those who care absolutely not at all about me beyond my utility to their plans.

I feel like I do this sort of thing very often, where I start light and end heavy and dark, and sometimes, such is life. I simply take solace in the fact that the same Godnames are invoked to both increase the wrathfulness and the peace of God, so all required wrathful acts are designed to bring about peace. What would life be without some wrathfulness, to decrease the dullness of experience? I suppose it is not a requirement to align oneself with energies which induce wrathfulness, meaning that aligning absolutely with peace is an option.

So that’s how you think. I see. Given this location and all. I’ve got a story that’s perfect for this atmosphere. I’ll tell you a little secret, Rock.

Let me ask you this. This and this. What would you call these?

A medal and a human skull.

You’re wrong, ey Rock. These are things. When you strip away their meanings, that’s all they are. Just the word “things.” And if you were to once again give these things meaning, their value wouldn’t be determined by some rosy, so-called memory. It would be determined by the one thing everyone agrees on. Money. That’s all these are worth. The rest is nothing but fancy words to add appreciation.

Is money…God?

It’s power. Something a lot more useful than God. Rock. Besides this, what do you put value on? God? Love? Don’t make me laugh. Back when I was a brat and crawling the streets of that dump, for whatever reason, God and love were always out of stock. Before I knew better, I clung to and cried out to God. Well, I believed in God, right up to the day cops beat the hell out of me for something I didn’t do. It was just because I lived in a poor neighborhood. With no power and no God, what can an outsider Bitch rely on? It’s money. And guns. With those two things, the world’s a great place.

I’d rather not have heard that. Sorry.

Shut up.

If I wanted pity, I would’ve added more color to the story. The moral of the story is that when you’re living on life’s edge, that’s all that matters. Not everyone can get off on being normal, Rock. And one more thing. There are wealthy fat bastards living by palm trees and bitches who think putting on makeup is life’s greatest work. I don’t want you speaking your mind from the same viewpoint as those hypocrites. There’s nothing worse than being treated like a whore by your companions. So the next time you try telling me what’s proper, you’ll no longer be one of us. When that happens…I’m gonna kill you.

Yeah, I got it.

Rough crowd, eh? Why do you think I go to all this trouble to establish these mirrors? If shit falls through, so be it. There is an extraordinarily small probability that you could ever possibly imagine, not even to say relate to what it is that I have experienced and the realities of my actions. This does not bother me so much as my bothering of others. Metaphorically speaking, I hear the noise, I hit the ground, I assess, I proceed appropriately. I don’t think about it, and I don’t sit and contemplate the various trials and tribulations which have brought about these circumstances. I see what is happening to me and I deal with it. I see with deep penetrating insight how precisely what I do influences another, meaning that the onus is on me. I can’t just casually say hello. That is all part of what I accepted. I am always in control, except for those oh-so rare circumstances in which I only have to do that to get to a point where I don’t have to do that because my mind has to build new patterns for a very alien situation.

They who live by the sword die by the sword. I was born as legion, and I will live free or die, weapon in hands.

And btw, if you want to understand the Sex part of Freedom Sex Money Power Success, you have to study Tarot. Perhaps with this point I am simply projecting, but I’m pretty confident in saying that if you don’t live the spiritual lifestyle for an appropriate duration of time, you won’t understand it or any aspect of this paradigm as it has been conveyed through the grimoires and through the rambly-ass improvised pseudo-grimoire that has been put here. I did the work, I will do more of the work, and I still do the work in varying capacities, at least enough to sustain the essentials. I don’t give a fuck about the dabbling jackass fuck-faces who can’t be bothered, I’ll tell it like it is. Choices are made, and development occurs under the right conditions. Some of those conditions are immensely difficult if not impossible to achieve under so-called “normal” conditions. Perhaps I am just projecting my preferences and experiences onto others out of some sense of already did a bunch of stuff bias, but at least in some cases, no, this shit is fucking difficult and if you don’t do the work you don’t get the results. Freedom, Sex, Money, Power, Success, I do the work, I take the actions, and mine are the fruits of the harvest which I reap from the seeds which I sow and the growth which I cultivate. It is all my fault, and I am so blessed to have these attained powers.

I can see your darkness. No it’s ok, you don’t have to show me.

I suppose these are the choices that we make - to remain stuck forever in an endless hell-loop of our own creation, or to cross over to the other side. Maybe your hell-loop is pretty chill. Maybe it’s not.

I must say, though, that I find it rather satisfying to feel the visceral reaction the animal has to my green chakra energy. It’s almost like I feel some bones shifting into place, which obviously doesn’t make sense, but maybe it shivered really intensely or something. It does seem to notice and learn that there is something happening and to expect it to happen again. It seemed like it was relaxed when I intended to relieve pain. This has truly been one of the most tremendous displays of magick power that I have seen made manifest.

Gaslighting - Wikipedia wow dude, this technique has a wikipedia page, my system was for the most part I assume previously classified.

“I’m going to the store.”
“Going to the store?”
“What I didn’t say that.”
“You literally just said that.”

Very effective. You do realize that I recall everything that happens during the day, and then the memories of my dreams after that?

I suppose some hell-loops age like a can of food with a hole poked in it, stashed away in the cupboards, out of sight and in a sensation-filled kitchen environment. Seemed fine when you got it, but one day you’ll have to look at that moldy stuff on it and it’ll probably smell funny. Hopefully you notice that before feeding it to your plant. Does this analogy make sense? Do yah swoosh your T’s and A your O’s?

Which side are you on?

I don’t know about you all, but I’m picking up some vibes. Most people don’t, but I suppose I’m not around most people. I prefer it this way; it is who I am. Always holding the strings, yet almost never holding the strings. It is nice to know that I do not have to perform to create suitable conditions for remaining in one’s presence.

Here is an expansion to the energy work (chakras, fountain of light) technique I’ve discussed previously.

After visualizing the bolts of white light piercing each chakra, and then visualizing the pinpoints of light and energy that are there after this, you go through each point again and visualize the re-formation of the chakras while continuing to circulate energy.

Using the root chakra as an example, you visualize the pinpoint of light at the appropriate location and feel the tactile bodily sensations of the energy at that location. See the points of light as empty but maintaining form. On an in-breath, visualize red-colored energy arising from within the emptiness of the form, and on an out-breath, visualize the chakra forming out from this point of light, becoming a whirling sphere, pulsing and emitting red light. On an in-breath, feel the chakra and the energy in and around the chakra, and on an out-breath feel the energy circulate through and around your body, up out the crown of your head and back down around up through into your body through the root chakra.

Do this for each chakra. How many breaths you spend on each chakra is up to you. I imagine one is sufficient.

I’m considering doing this and then following it with raising energy up through the back body, down the front body, into the lower energy storage center. I’m not entirely sure what this will do. For complete thoroughness, preliminary stimulation of the various extremities and mapping out of energy pathways could also be done. I set aside time to do this back in the day, on top of a rather busy schedule, getting in sessions when I had some idle moments, and I still feel the results of doing this, so perhaps this will be worthwhile, and perhaps there is even a reason I feel drawn to doing this during what seems to be a preliminary echo of the 2nd Soyga table, oriented around Loagaeth tables.

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Oh you betcha, musings for the forum. I’m enjoying my vacation, I must say.

I have been very confused lately on what the hell’s going on with my magick. I have remained strong in the intention to peel back and reduce clutter while my mind was doing its calculating.

I looked at what was pretty locked in regardless and then how everything else would variously fit together. After some time I thought about what was compelling these feelings, and it seems to be fear of lack of ability and/or fear of lacking appropriate intentional energies.

The question I’ve paraphrased asked myself is what do I want the theme of my life to be. What am I trying to do with my magick at this time.

The answer that came to me is that I want to see about this 2nd Soyga table that I’ve been receiving. It’s a bit strange for me to call it “receiving” as it doesn’t really feel like much, and “that I’ve been receiving from the spirits” sounds very, whatever it sounds like. I’ve also thought a bit about the pattern overall.

Generally speaking, this is what I’m thinking now

1st Soyga table - Ritual of the Keys, Enochian Power Magick
2nd Soyga table - Loagaeth tables, Guardian Angel magick
3rd Soyga table - rapid speaking of the Keys
material intermission?
4th Soyga table - rapid opening of Loagaeth tables
5th Soyga table - Ritual of the Keys and opening Loagaeth tables (Loagaeth ritual done on the 5th day, there’s probably a snappier naming scheme here)
6th Soyga table - rapid speaking of Keys and opening Loagaeth tables, interleaved across separate days (so perhaps something like 4 day blocks, Key-Table-Table-Key)
7th Soyga table - Ritual of the Keys and Loagaeth Tables (proper noun yah see) (I don’t know how exactly but it feels like the thing to do)
8th Soyga table - rapid speaking of Keys with also opening the Loagaeth tables

Some things about this. In the 5th table, there have to be consolidation weeks (or whatever) if you do 5 rituals per week since there are front and back sides to the Loagaeth tables. I would say that the distinction between full Rituals of the Keys and the “rapid” approach is the addition of the empowerments with Universal Magick. When I say “rapid” I mean I suppose two days per Key, just the Key. Perhaps you may as well include other elements, but maybe not, I don’t really know.

The point is to go through the energies quickly, and the ritual method should be relatively quick, and once you start adding just one thing, oh then this bit over here isn’t too much, and then you may as well do that too, and that, and then you’ve crossed over into may as well just never have a life.

It does take a bit to just speak the Key, but if that’s what you always do for your ritual time since it’s maybe like half an hour and you can do that most every day, that should be fine for anyone who usually has their ritual time. I’m thinking that it may even be desirable to not include the tables from the Great Table of the Earth (Earth here as in material) to align with the leaning towards the non-material vibes Enochian has in general.

I would say that this feeling is also there with the Keys and the Loagaeth tables. Loagaeth feels like it’s even more skewed towards the mystical end of experience than the Keys.

To rapidize opening a Loagaeth table, I’m thinking not even a full scan, just speak the associated words and summon the energy. I’m thinking this may be how to think about the 7th table. You could speak the Loagaeth words over the Loagaeth table after performing the centering/banishing, that’s maybe 5 minutes at most. If you want to do two Loagaeth rituals per week (I’m thinking the pre-Aethyr rituals, Aethyrs are probably different), you could probably do that. These would then be significantly longer, speak the Key and then do the full ritual with the Loagaeth table, but perhaps that is desirable.

The 8th table would then be combining the “rapid” Keys and Loagaeth rituals. I’m thinking you could do 2 or 4 rituals. You could somehow consider the Key to be either light or dark aspected, as the Loagaeth tables are, and so then do a ritual for each combination, LL, LD, DL, DD. Maybe if it is Key-Loagaeth, you could do LL-LD-DD-DL.

I imagine that the material intermission is not only advised, but perhaps even of the mystical requirement status. I enjoy my life feeling deeply supernatural, and amusingly enough Prosperity does mean making money, but there are times when I also enjoy feeling like a gender-neutral King in the material world. I think it is good to have that, and also to have a break, for both motivational purposes and for learning/experience purposes. Once you get back into it you start with a doable ritual method that gets you right back into mystical land and primes you for the upcoming 5th table, which does have more material elements, but is still Enochian magick.

Some reports on results and also additional musings

I went ahead and did the energy work exercise yesterday, and what I experienced was enough to make me feel like it’s worth doing a pathworking with, as it were.

My thinking around energy work is mostly from Robert Bruce’s work, by that I mean one book and a free pdf, and then subsequent experiences I had with spirits and ritual magick. My understanding of what each chakra (Primary Energy Center) actually does or represents/symbolizes or whatever is very limited, probably mostly stuff from when you google chakra and look at the image results. I am interested in a reliable source text on this, but I have yet to find one that stood out to me. I have seen Tibetan texts, but they use a different chakra system it seems. I’m guessing I’m more in the market for a Vedic/Hindu/Indian text, or really preferably a modern “grimoire” that references some old text(s), but until then I’m not going to concern myself with this as much as other stuff.

During the energy work exercise itself, I experienced what seemed to be the “strobing” the aforementioned author mentions in the text. It wasn’t super intense, similar in some ways to how I feel energy in ritual magick, but the sensations were occurring with the visualizations and the tactile body energy feeling. I was in bed but with my upper body propped up, and so I wondered how to circulate the energy with the fountain of light method. There are probably a variety of ways to do this, similar to how there are a variety of chakra stimulation techniques. I’ve only seen basically two different methods - up one side down the other (starting at the feet), and explode out the top of the head, down around the body, back up through the feet. I was imagining myself almost like in an energy bath, the energy gathering around me and soaking in through my “energy pores”

On a related note, and continuing with my general attitude towards this, I’m just going to do the energy raising into the lower storage center and not worry about it and just see what happens. Will I become full of zest and vigor? Maybe, I have no idea. What I do notice though is that doing energy work exercises very significantly increases the sensations of energy flowing around my body randomly throughout the day. This makes obvious sense to me on one level, but I had been more focused (unintentionally) on the doubts that my time would be better spent on energy work than on other things, like money rituals, and more on this later.

After working with each chakra, visualizing it, fiddling around with it, soaking in a bunch of energy, I did the spike of light explodey stuff. The energetic sensations from this were quite strong as well. After this I let the visualizations I just recently described kind of just happen. I set the intention to include the things I wanted to be in there, but let the mixture of imagery and inner and outer energetic sensations do its thing while I sort of sat back and enjoyed the experience.

After re-forming each chakra I circulated the light a few more times and then was like ok guess I’m done now. Some time later, I experienced an emotion arise, and along with a more pronounced energetic experience of the emotion, I naturally saw a sort of swirling of colors, kind of like one of those abstract color backgrounds they make for phones with the AMOLED screens so the colors really pop. Perhaps similar to how some are born with and/or develop perfect pitch at a very young age, but you can learn and develop relative pitch perception at any time, you can sort of synesthesia yourself. Sounds amusing. Sounds like something magick would do.

Is this the secret to evocation? It seems helpful at the very least. What I feel is important to note, though, is that Enochian magick has most definitely enhanced and supported the development and perception of various meditations and magickal techniques beyond what I have previously experienced with the same meditations and techniques.

I can see myself now, at some likely points in the future, sitting in the dark, journal on the desk, scheming against my enemies. As they say, you don’t defeat the enemy with the defense. Although such times are aligned with my being, I am not so foolish as to forgo the powers which I may possess. I enjoy looking at my fellow humans, wondering if they could even imagine what I have seen. I’ve seen the face of God a couple times, and was thoroughly unimpressed enough to largely forget about the experience. The second time it was like, oh yeah, there’s God again. Wonderful. I think I was more deeply impacted by my manifestation of a ludicrously cheaper supplier of a certain relatively rare substance.

And so kind of on that note, there is the part of me, and it is also at least a somewhat cultivated part, that says, “Why would you ever, ever do energy work instead of a money ritual.” This is a fair point, at least for me with where I’m at with my life, needing to do financial work.

I’m going off a bit into rambling I feel with the musing but this is also more insightful than I initially gave it credit for. When I think about what I am going to do, projects to work on, it’s the same regardless of my exact magick practice setup. I turned on the chaos blender, got what I needed out of that, was * open to the possibilities * as they say. Possibilities are fun and all, but it feels good to practice, not just wonder about possibilities all damn day cause your brain is being blended by the chaos blender, which I did order, but still, it can be a bit disorienting.

In terms of intentional energies, I can get all of that with my sex magick sigils. I can cover every project and situation in my life because the master sigil is for the end result, all the other sigils are almost more like divinatory indications than anything else, as well as for maintaining intention, and I can have a lot of workings all active because what matters is that I am continuing to take material action.

Beyond this then it’s more about the quality of energy you want to summon than it is about covering your situations. I will absolutely admit, though, that I feel that the RotNS provides you with a unique variety of effects which you can’t get with other methods and which are variously useful in life. Perhaps more useful at certain times than others, but even as a relatively mystical person at this time, humans are still about.

Without going into too much personal detail, I would say that 7OMR is likely a thing you want to have going if you are working with money itself most every day. If your lifestyle is extensive financial work, then the biggest obstacle seems like your relationship with money. Wealth Magick was good for a radical mindset shift, and you could probably do quite well by doing that operation consistently, but it’s like this. If you were a chef, it’d be like doing food rituals every day. If you were a musician, it’d be like doing music rituals every day. If you do financial business, then it seems sensical to do money rituals.

If the work that you’re doing isn’t so directly financial though, it just happens to be a thing that makes money, then you just have to ask yourself the question if you’d like everything you do and in your life to be influenced by money very directly and in a pronounced manner. I think there’s value in that, but I have to ask myself if I’m giving in to perceived in-group temptations instead of being myself and taking what pleases me when I start to go deeper down that line of thinking.

All of this is to say, you can probably achieve many great things if you put a little thought into how you create intentions with Guardian Angel magick. It’s almost like I’ve learned something.

When did my life become a utility function?

I won’t claim to understand magick, but I know when I’m tired of dealing with nonsense. If it crosses from wondrous to annoying, that’s probably a good sign.

That is the extent to which I am able to share these recent magickal insights. This is unfortunate for you.

I absolutely agree. But now, madness. Madness and stupidity.

Story of my life in a nutshell.

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At this point I just enjoy the thought of being a good case study.

I feel so aligned right now. Some elaborations to elaborate on that

This is perhaps just a result of my personality, but I enjoy learning new things and coming to understand how things work and the principles that go into a practice. I can look at pretty much any discipline, field, whatever and see how it is interesting. The world is truly a fascinating place.

Something I have realized, though, is that with the things that I do which absolutely captivate me, that I lose myself in easily, there is this deep feeling of being pulled to it. I can see the general progression pretty much just as clearly and easily as I see any other, but it’s almost like I don’t even really care because I’m just gonna be doing it. There is no fear of failure being assuaged by the logical understanding that certain practices done effectively inevitably yield learning. There is no image of some state of being or career achievement that carries with it a feeling of obligation.

Weakness is such a subtle emotion at times. I believe that what I was experiencing with certain things was genuine pleasure at various points, but with a pervading, underlying weakness. Weakness is so dangerous because it can begin to cloud and obfuscate your thinking and judgement very subtly, and while you go unaware of this, it creates beliefs within you that aren’t necessarily chained or directly linked together, but the result is that you come to conclusions and assumptions which build onto each other in layers of delusion.

I am currently of the belief that Enochian magick, at least as how I was practicing it, will inevitably uproot massive amounts of weakness, and when that happens more weakness will be created unless you are very very on point with mindfulness. If you’re just doing some Universal Magick or pretty practical sex magick sigils perhaps this is not the case, but directly confronting yourself with plain and simple statements about the nature of reality while connecting with the energy of the Enochian angels is far more intense of an experience and thing to do than it may sound, even if you already have some understanding of these concepts, like “everything is connected.” Even as someone who had done their fair share of angel magick, including a deep solitary mystical retreat, it is a lot for the mind to handle. It is far more intense of a thing than discovering that there’s another continent or that there are people who speak a different language, and it is exacerbated by the fact that most people would either try and lobotomize you and throw you in a loony bin or would feel pity on you for supposedly taking some sort of comfort in primitive belief systems meant to alleviate the fear of death and bring some sense of order and causation to the universe. I have an idea of where the work takes you, but it is most definitely not always a comfortable and easy experience that brings belonging.

That was a bit of a tangent, and the point I feel compelled to make is that there are things which I just flat out enjoy doing, and there are things which for some reason or another carry with it a sense of obligation or even guilt when I consider not doing it.

This is also related to another aspect of Enochian magick (in my experience) that I feel is important to relate. Cultivating the power of absolute empathy can make you lose yourself in ways that are not necessarily desirable, at least not indefinitely. I would say that perhaps I’m just bad and ineffective, and sure I could probably do better, but in some ways not really. There is the reality of practice and learning, success failure and modification and all that, and there is also the reality of what happens to your mind and the behavioral manifestations of what happens.

I do not like to speak in overly broad projecty terms, nor do I aim to paint magick in this light of brutality and no-holds-barred spiritual thrashing with intense lifestyle requirements, but I know that I am not the only one who takes these things seriously and whose life is such that they like to go hard with magick, and there are not many who are able to speak to this. Maybe some people would just take a random pill, not knowing if it was lsd cocaine or cyanide, and find that sort of thing exciting. I find it to be reckless. I am reasonably confident in my ability to handle myself magickally, but I haven’t always been so, and I do feel a sort of responsibility to provide some commentary and guidance if I’m going to put out some beguilingly simple practices that are not particularly difficult to do but typically have very potent effects.

I like the idea of allowing the practitioner to make their own discoveries and to not “spoil” the experience, but if I don’t provide adequate descriptions of what I mean by certain emotions, it would probably be figured out eventually, probably, by some people, but there is the risk of what was transmitted being corrupted due to a lack of me conveying the essence of the combination of my personal understanding and what was given to me directly by the demons.

Enochian did indeed make me fall prey to the “planning out your life” syndrome, and I realize now that much of that was following these images of some end state rather than being in and just living my life as it is, day-to-day. I mean I do have ambitions and challenging long-term goals, but these are almost more like “yeah I guess” consequences of being in my life than something that is motivating to me.

I am doing my best to convey some rather subtle points and distinctions here, and I think these are worth meditating on because they all just clicked for me and so much clarity emerged, thus the alignment. I think the key I’m getting at is that some actions I find motivating in and of themselves because they naturally produce genuine pleasure (not the pseudo-pleasure of weakness, which is what makes weakness so powerful), and others are motivated by something external to the action itself, and this is inherently either unsustainable or will continually reinforce negative emotion.

I am genuinely of the belief that those with magick power do not have to do anything that they do not want to do. This has been said to me time and time again, I have taken action on this, and I have always been rewarded for doing so in the sense of my life improving when I really do what I want and let go of what I do not, and during such transformative times these moments are always therapeutic.

The actionable idea in this is to peel away anything that feels burdensome and give in to what creates genuine pleasure. Just because you like to fly doesn’t mean you have to race or go commercial. Just because something is interesting doesn’t mean that you have to do it. There are interesting things that also give you pleasure.

I just did a lot of this, and I feel so light and free. Perhaps even despite the dauntless commitment to the work of developing my personal Enochian practice, a process which involved many hours of reading, practice, expertise, trial and error, courage that I was not a maniac, and a large dedication of my time and focus, my life has worked out in good ways, and I find myself with a manageable yet pleasantly varied collection of pleasure-giving activities.

Among other things, this is why we do magick. It is not a lie to say that there are many who go through their entire life unhappy and unfulfilled. When you say that you have found pleasure and freedom, they may attempt to sour your experience with their spite because that is all they know. It is, ultimately, their fault for making the decisions that they made in their life. I have made it a priority to know myself, to heal myself, to let go of jealousy and resentment, and to give myself a life of pleasure. All of this was done amidst people more toxic than even you may be able to imagine, dear readers, in situations of intense financial stress, sometimes caused by being embattled, after actual multiple decades of traumatic events and circumstances, often while being extremely busy aside from my hour of magick time (oh yes, let’s start playing that absurd little game), and yet because, precisely because I made it a priority and kept to that priority I now enjoy the result. I asked the question, I sought no answer, and yet answers came.

My life is far from perfect, but I know very solidly that there are those who live in abject misery that is absolutely avoidable. I have problems and have to deal with troublesome and ordinary people, but that is all fine because my experience is mostly just doing shit that gives me pleasure, a place I arrived at after doing the difficult emotional labor and the material work to get here, and having this pleasure makes the in-between times less likely to be worry fear agitated hate rumination times. Pleasure usually restricts in a good way, and although hate can be a very good emotion that gives clarity and protection, I do not want to go back to having a mind so drenched and soaked in hatred. I remember a moment, one among others, when I felt compelled to pull out my journal while out in public between schedule items and make note of how experiencing such strong and prolonged hatred most every day in ritual influenced my experience. It was like a sinking into this feeling as it curved and wrapped over my consciousness, with a slight aversion to looking down into it more directly due to the potency of what I could sense. It’s a lot just for your biology to handle, let alone your mind. I’m grateful to have that experience, be it for the knowledge itself or for its healing qualities for how my mind genuinely was, but I think that I would rather be having that sort of experience with pleasure now. I’ve had some pretty nice experiences with cultivated pleasure, but I wonder how much farther I can go without weakness polluting my mind.

It is true. You must see it to understand, look down into it.

Psychological combat is a variously lethal clash of opposing wills and a violent struggle between thinking and adaptive individuals with opposing goals.

The third and final aspect of the art of tactics is understanding the effects of combat on individuals. This understanding is what differentiates actual combat from the circumstances encountered during training. Various individuals receive varying amounts of training throughout their lives. Friction resulting from violence, loss, and chance characterize combat. Continuous combat operations - the conduct of the offense and defense - take a toll on Individuals, severely straining their physical and mental stamina. The emotional responses resulting from combat influence human behavior. Loss of stamina degrades courage, confidence, and discipline. If left unchecked, these effects can result in decreased vigilance, slowed perception, inability to concentrate, poor decision making, and an inability to perform routine tasks.

Have you ever been around someone, for any length of time, who only, and I do in fact mean only, displays and acts upon hatred, malice and disgust?

I realize that financial businesses and financing schemes in general are not always very intuitive to people.

It is the way of the world that there are people who have capital that they want to put somewhere else. They are not trying to become bogged down in the investments, to varying degrees, but perceive an opportunity to acquire a risk/reward tradeoff event sequence, or something like that. If you want more returns than bonds, then you have to evaluate risk.

There are people in various markets who want to put their money to work in some way but do not want to do that work themselves in their business. There are people and organizations that give other people and organizations money when those people or organizations bring them business plans with numbers and details. This happens in the world today.

There are people who list a product for sale, obtain orders for that product, and then use that money from the buyers to pay the supplier/manufacturer of that product. Factor in marketing costs, legal/accounting, anything else, then you can make a decision about pricing. Or have an investment they want to buy and need raw cash to make the deal happen. The investor is effective, the lender makes money, the investor makes money, hey every time I or someone else gives this dude money they make money, I make money, this shouldn’t be all that too difficult to wrap your mind around.

The great thing about being one among a number of others who do exactly the same business is that I just do my business more effectively.

These are my thoughts on a practice routine for energy, chi, prana, psi, mana, whatever you want to call it.

The main practice is meant to develop the energy body, increase the capacity for raising energy, and refine energy manipulation, and also to work with chakras.

The more you move energy through your body, the more you will develop that energy pathway or nadi as a usual way in which you move energy. I often focus on energy entering through all the fingers and toes, then up four pathways on each side of my arms/legs, and I recently realized I could do the corners as well. I usually use a central channel, and then right and left in my torso. In the head I tunnel through the various cavities and feel my tongue as well.

To be clear, you control energy with your attention. One technique is to lightly scratch your fingernail over your skin to feel the after-tingling of the tactile sensation. Move energy with those scratch sensations as a guide and you will form energy pathways that are well-connected to your physical body. To raise energy, it is good to imagine some sort of resistance against the energy being raised, like pressurized water pushing up into a container, and as the energy moves, allow it to develop your whole energy body. It is good to not slack and become lax in the focus brought to the practice.

This is what I do to begin the practice. I just let the energy fall away after moving it through the various body areas as my focus is on developing the body and that can take a lot of focus if you really hone in and feel each and every toe, the energy wrapping around and pulsating back and forth.

After this it’s probably good to do a bit of energy raising into the lower energy storage center, perhaps called a dantian. I have found this energy construct to be useful for absorbing energy of all kinds as the energy center is designed to simply absorb energy, It has no other effect. It absorbs energy. There is no need to purify this energy in this practice as the concern that is there with that is covered by the subsequent chakra methods.

After some energy raising, you do the general chakra techniques I’ve mentioned previously, with some modifications. I am thinking that you do this after the spikes of light and chakra re-formation and can leave it out if you don’t have the time for a full session but want to do a bit of practice.

The technique is to raise energy up into the chakra, up through the central pathway that is from your pelvic floor up to the crown of your head through the center of your body, and then move that energy from the chakra out into an energy construct, like a ball or some other form. While you are doing this you will be stimulating the chakra and so will be connecting with the energy of that chakra. You can pause for some time after raising energy and moving it into the construct, perhaps out through your arms into a ball close enough to your hands that you can feel the energy on your palms radiating out from the construct, to see what happens and connect with the energy of the chakra. When you are done, you then draw the energy back into your body and ultimately into the lower energy storage center.

This is the main practice. The supporting practice is to do energy stuff throughout the day. Energy sensations will naturally occur as you stimulate your body, but if you find yourself milling about waiting for something, or that you have some moments and feel like doing it, the more you practice well the more results you will get.

In terms of what each chakra does or is about, here are my thoughts.

The red chakra is about root desires. It is about primal needs and basic necessities. It is about desire.

The orange chakra is the largest chakra and is about abundance.

The yellow chakra is about personal power.

The green chakra is about emotions and healing.

The blue chakra is about the formation of intention.

The two purple chakras both represent magickal, mystical, psychic, Godly, supernatural, occult power. The blueish-purple chakra is more relative to the material, whereas the reddish-purple is more oriented around the astral.

Also, it doesn’t seem much use to me to have energy storage centers which do not get used, so perhaps then after doing the chakra exercises you could raise energy up into the lower center, then from there move it up into either the middle or upper energy storage center. I do not know what the middle and upper storage centers are for though. Perhaps one could make the upper storage center the center for emotional/energetic sensations to be drawn into, whereas the middle storage center is for physical body sensations. Energy could be drawn into those constructs then flowed down into the lower storage center.

Aside from the energy control, this practice seems to be a sort of divination method. I do not believe that I will be setting intentions with the chakras, only experiencing the energy and allowing it to do what it does.

It seems natural to combine this with dream practice, although I do not entirely know. I’ve practiced methods that use visualization without much tactile energy sensations, and I am concerned it would keep me awake. I am instead thinking about visualizing a scene and attempting to either enter into it or get a MILD. Perhaps I will do both as I’ve read of some dream methods that emphasize body and energy sensations, just not massive energy raising.

I don’t see much in the way of practical benefits of doing some of these things, but they are fun to do and if you practice well then it seems you can cultivate some interesting skills and abilities.

One thing that stood out for me while speaking the Keys was the sense of space, feeling space tangibly and with greater clarity around me. Energy work cultivates the ability to feel tangible, tactile sensations that you could not previously perceive. Regardless of how these sensations may interact with the world, they are perceivable by you and have an effect through only existing as a sensation which you perceive with your attention. You could be experiencing something else in that moment, perhaps forming karmic traces.

This seems like a reasonable spot to put this. I will likely be writing more about energy work, and so I think I will call it different things in different posts. I’ll call it chi in this one as an homage to the dantian idea, although I have literally no idea really beyond googling that word. There seem to be a variety of different schools of thought/practice which do things with this, with different parts receiving more or less attention in each group. I see no point in wasting time with something like telekinesis when I could be doing practices that yield experience and results. I find the experience to be compelling in and of itself.

It doesn’t seem like it technically has to, but visualization is also in it seems every tradition. With chi energy, I try to tangibly feel anything I am also visualizing.

One idea I have had is to create a large chi ball in a room, and to do various things with it. Have it glow and radiate a color and see it all happening in the room around you. Break the ball out into many small spheres all equidistance from each other throughout the space in a grid-like fashion.

I can imagine various approaches to this practice. I’ve sometimes done internal visualizations, sometimes visualizations imposed in the space around me. Sometimes I’m standing still sometimes I move around.

This is also applicable for dream practice. I have not gotten to the level described by dream yogis, very consistent lucidity, where you start to do things like increase the numbers of objects, or manipulate the size of objects, but I have been experiencing a lucid dream and moved a chunk of earth through space with me. I find controlling the elements to be an enjoyable experience when using this method of feeling the energy tangibly.

I think it is good to not become bogged down in what seems to be the experience of many who have not been educated on the matter of the distinction between the astral and the material. Is it hypothetically possible to manipulate physical matter solely with chi? Can I create fire from my hands and change water into wine? The thing is, from what I think is going on here, the reasoning behind this belief that people have, which they get really hung up on and attached to, often aggressively so, is not exactly wrong and represents good and real insight. What they don’t understand is that the material is heavier or denser, or perhaps I should say less variable, less changeable, more stable, less brittle, more stuck together than the astral. As I like to say, experience in the material world is of the nature of the dream state, although it is less immediately responsive to intentions sometimes. That does not mean that it is the same as experience in the dream state. Shouldn’t it be hypothetically possible to literally shave mountains with your mind in the material world? I don’t personally see the value in getting really hung up on that idea. I would rather have good experiences and get results and developments than spin my wheels accomplishing nothing while probably having a frustrating experience. We are all presumably looking for methods and practices to do things like meditate, manipulate chi energy, summon alien gods, fun and good things to be doing. If it doesn’t concern what we do to influence the experiences that we have, then what would be the reason to get bogged down? At the end of the day, a practice is either effective or it is not effective, and it is either more, less, or as effective as another practice, although there may be complexities such as being effective in different ways, and some comparisons are more difficult to make because the systems being compared may be intentionally different in certain ways. I enjoy comparison, but I enjoy practice more.

There is also the question, what about this vortex-like source of energy I can now sense within me? Is it true that all colors exist under Lucifer? Feels like Enochian to me, but is that fine? I do enjoy my perception of space being enhanced.

I believe that there is a time for this practice, but I do not feel like it right now. I don’t want to encourage the feeling that I have to intend with magick to not trip and fall as I walk across the street. I’d rather be bouncing energy or thinking about the things that I do in my careers. And since when did I start giving a fuck about whether or not it is “ok” to do something? And since when did I stop having thoughts for myself?

I find it amusing that there are people who really believe that I am somehow swayed by social norms. Doing magick is not a normal thing to do. In fact, it is very abnormal. It deviates significantly from the statistical average patterns of behavior human beings exhibit. Holding no value in or consideration for social norms is also considered to be statistically rather abnormal.

No, I do not give a fuck about anyone who expects me to do anything and everything that they want at all times without even so much as providing the pretense of giving a shit about me. Neither do I find it excusable that they come from a culture which places negative value on either things that I do or things that I am, which I suppose are the same things. Empathy is not the same as sympathy. Yes, I do look down on people who are like this because I have shed many disgusting qualities which infected me from my environment. Ignorance is not my problem, only a consideration to me.

Much like mindfulness, it seems that manipulating prana energy becomes easier to do continuously the more you practice. All of course, with the stipulation that you must practice well.

It seems that all sensations that are experienced are a sort of energy. They can be absorbed into the lower energy storage center. Sometimes dudes are confused when you absorb their vibes into your lower energy storage center.

The lower energy storage center is certainly quite the vacuum. It all gives me power. When you feel like doing so, you can differentiate physical bodily sensations and psychological sensations. If both are present, then I will move them each into the appropriate energy storage center about the same time, going back and forth here and there as I do it, and then once the energy is absorbed I move down the energy from the upper prana energy storage center into the middle prana storage center down into the lower energy storage center.

Chakras are cool and all, but a fit energy body is much like a fit physical body. It requires full body care and maintenance. It requires rest in some sense but the astral body is less restrictive than the physical body so yeah it is what it is. It is worthwhile to squeeze and sponge and bounce and wrap every finger, every toe.

I would prioritize the pranic body, then chakras, so if you have half an hour you can activate your body, then do some energy raising into chakras, one surge up into the chakra, then up out your arms into a ball, and then absorbed back down the arms and into the lower energy storage center.

Which would win, the absorbing power of the lower energy storage center, or the lower energy storage center?

It really is quite profound the difference between living life as an alien, mystical being who must accomplish the magickal work before doom arrives, and being some dude who’s living their life, and a part of their life happens to be wild and entertaining mystical outings. Some take to their work at the easel, or the typewriter - some to the sculpting of energy balls.

I am reminded of the great and mighty power of the subconscious mind. The lovely thing about it is that it is not an effortful power, but one that occurs automatically and naturally, which also makes it perhaps more difficult or maybe less intuitive to change.

You ever think about this for a moment (if this is applicable to you)? Making a point to cultivate the intention to be effective. Being effective. Whatever it is I’m doing, anywhere, at all times, be effective.

Would you like to know an effective way to give advice? Well first, it has to be effective advice. If the advice is not effective, then giving it is not an act of effectively giving advice.

Effective advice giving is not guilt-tripping. Effective advice giving is not stating certainties of success or failure, but objectively considering pros and cons. Effective advice giving is not lamenting, whining, and perhaps even complaining about your failures and lack of learning. Effective advice giving has absolutely nothing at all to do with you and is only about the subject at hand being discussed. Effective advice giving involves being in a position where you either know more about something or can provide a fresh objectivity to a perspective in a manner which encourages effectiveness and success. Effective advice giving requires a lack of emotional delusion or biasing personal agenda, and here we can see that most are not capable of effectively giving advice. Advice that is effective does not always speak for itself, however. People are not always aligned to being effective, and so you have to work with their minds as they are. Regardless, however, given the opportunity to elaborate in a clear and uninterrupted fashion, effective advice giving looks something like this.

Here are 14 pieces of information. Number 1 - ask this question, do this, check this, set this up, etc. Here is what makes that a good idea. These are the merits, potential drawbacks, and how to mitigate any such disadvantages. Number 2 - etc. These are the factors, actions, and principles to consider when going about seeking to accomplish a goal or be generally successful in an endeavor. These things, which are not known to the entire population, solve or prevent problems, increase efficiency and/or effectiveness, and enable greater success. I used number 5 in this situation, and these were my results. This other person used number 7 in this situation, and these were their results. This is a collection of wisdom attained from various people and represents the collective knowledge of a group.

Why are people so forcefully inclined towards being part of such a group? Well, that’s not what I’m getting at actually. Why are people so forcefully inclined to believe themselves Einstein or Carnegie? What causes people to become so emotionally attached to the need to believe themselves to be effective, the most effective, forever and for all time, no matter what the objective truth may be?

See, in the ritual I aided in the development of, the idea is to cultivate the principle, the value of being effective, striving to be effective, making it a value like honesty, integrity, respect for others, and generous service to one’s community. The idea is not to delude oneself into believing that one is already effective, but to make being effective a standard of behavior in which one may take pride.

It is true, though. I am, variously, effective. So what happens if someone questions how I do things, or even my inherent effectiveness generally speaking? Usually, I would first evaluate the claim. Perhaps there is something I do not yet know or something I could realize from being exposed to this idea. If there are any merits I subsume them into my being. All else is discarded and labelled as “ignorant trash” and ignored. But what if this person somehow says something that isn’t asinine at some point in the future! Between changing their diapers and snipping their potency, it’s just not worth even processing any of it anymore. If 99% of what comes in from that source is asinine, oh no, GOD NO, I missed that one thing! How about instead I spend 1% of the time and energy on this source instead and gain near infinitely more value instead? What’s that called, in math, when a line approaches a point forever but never touches it? That’s a thing right? A limit? An asymptote?

Why is it, that all the Einsteins spend 99% of their time whining and complaining, and then become supreme Kings of the World when that 1% comes up? You know what we called 1% in school? That’s a failure. That’s at least like 59 percentages away from being barely not a failure, most of the time.

Every day that goes by, I am gladder and gladder that I discovered magickal practice. I enjoy energy and stuff, but I’m just glad that I won’t be an old moron. Senility has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with it, they just let themselves go mentally. I’ve spoken with sharp, sharp old people, sprightly as a feather and strong as a board.

I fill my mind with challenging action or good shit like good art or tasty knowledge. Some fill it with garbage. Garbage in, garbage out. The more garbage out, the more garbage in, until they’re white-haired and feeble. I’ve seen quadriplegics with more strength than these people, not to insult a group based solely on such a characteristic.

You see what I have to do? Sometimes you get a bit loose with it and oops there yah go influence activities influencing me. It’s literally that simple, and every time, for each and every time that I have done it, it despises me. Can I say that? Is that how you say that? It despises me. Well it does despise me, but what I am attempting to convey with that particular phrase is that it causes me to despise it, and I am having a hangup when it comes to my grammar, or my vocabulary, or whatever it is exactly that is going on here.

Well, regardless. I find it amusing that it’s all happening again, the same exact things. Once again, it feels very good. It reminds me of how I can live in this life. I find it amusing that I once thought I’d need a money bird dumping its fat eggs on me to get me along. I enjoy a good omelet, and I can pay just fine.

I have so many things to do with my life, and that is not stressful so much as nice to know that I’ll have that for when I get bored some day and want to do something else other than zoop chi balls outside the dream state. Not being able to zoop chi balls in the dream state, now that does sound like a curse.

What happens if I do this for like two or three years? I’m guessing that at first you develop energy sensing, and then as you do this you also improve spatial perception. Perhaps not the most practical thing ever, but creating tangible art sounds interesting. Interacting with chakras also has effects, aside from making you see yourself lounging, glowing with a dim radiance. Even if you feel nothing, it is widely accepted within occultism that you do not need to feel anything strange or sense any spirit to manifest magickal results.

Should I elaborate? If you want to mirror somebody’s in-group, and their in-group is based around hate and derision of commonly hated groups, then it is very easy to know how to behave to influence them effectively. That’s the thing with mirroring. Much of what is done with mirroring is maybe not exactly subtle, but you don’t notice it because it is so natural, like you are with one of your own kind.

It is good to hate. It cleans the soul.

Anyone else accelerate time today? Have you given up on this project?

I feel like I’m mashing my brains together.

On the one hand, who cares about three years from now, I am trying to live today. On the other hand, three years from now is quite likely to come to pass, and on from there.

It seems to me that pretty much everything is just doing the same group of things over and over. Variation comes as you do different things with the same things, and it all builds on itself. There have been moments in my life where I did something I couldn’t do before, and I knew that I had ascended.

As someone who likes variation, I must also consider that things that I have experienced have given me varying amounts of pleasure as I experienced them. The more I came to know about a subject, things which involve study and practice, the more I tended to experience an evolved pleasure when studying or practicing the subject.

I wonder, how many people know what I mean when I say the word “cognitive”? Yeah dude, cognitive. Besides that, there is the experience of the practice in the moment (I suppose we could say that studying is also a practice) as well as the experience of “study.” Consuming the subject just for pleasure not really studying we can consider to count as “study” because as a doer of that thing, you are in fact doing the thing, seeding your mind with cognitive activations, which is an inherently productive activity.

In all fairness, the cult of productivity people have some pretty good shit. Whenever I consume anything involving something that I do, then I am technically being productive while relaxing. I don’t personally think about it in terms of productivity so much as absolute hedonism.

What feels so profound to me is this not really giving much of a fuck while also knowing that I am giving myself what I want. Why am I doing magick? To get what I want. Oh, right.

I once had someone stare me down, a dark pleasure arising in his eyes as he boldly accused me of acting entitled. Do people really have to do this to themselves? They have to remind themselves that entitlement is not real, every valid economic opportunity is for the taking, and tell themselves that they deserve it? Did I not just say that every valid economic opportunity is for the taking?

It has been quite a while since I felt so material. It’s nice, it makes controlling behavior so much easier.

Smile :slightly_smiling_face:

And make sure you Duchenne smile, or make it glimmer a bit. It’s like I forgot how to have a personality, and having that feeling of being there in it, in the moments as they pass by, not counting down the rituals or coming up with the rituals, but living with magick in my life. I suppose if I were that deep in it, I’d want to put some posters up as well, keep my memorabilia.

Being there, surrounded by demons, now that is living.