I want my ex back

Yes in the end you all support the OP actually. But there is certain individual in here that discourage and judge the OP desire and it really triggers me as I have the same situation. It really triggers me as a silent reader till the point it force me to post my feeling regarding to it.


Does he work fast

I also am working with dantalion he speaks through my mind he is wonderful…i just hope things go the way i expect…but i will keep asking him questions…so far we have made an agreement I’m just waiting for the results

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He speaks to me to I still have ny agreement to he is wonderful he showed me how things would b n I actually hated it lol I grateful to him

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He did for me within a week, but I also have a relationship with some of the Lwa.

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What kind of spell did u do please

Do you mind sending some of your love spells my way? I’m still kind of starting out, had a wholesome caster perform a ritual recently with dantalion but I’m curious about some to practice myself, slowly building the proper tools to start doing more invocations and build some connections.

Don’t know if bunny will see that any time soon, she’s busy with life these days, but try this little lot:

And for more collections, they are listed here as well and many others: