I cannot believe what im posting here

To everyone who reads this,i apologize for wasting your time but this is too good.

Lets build an army of robot wizards. No i really mean it. You probably know a game series called FNAF with the possessed Chucky Cheese robots.

I cannot believe im asking this but how would you go about fusing souls or even thoughtforms into robot bodies and other inanimate things? Again i apologize for wasting your time.

Well im pretty sure this is something obviously impossible you would expect from someone saying they are real physical undead vampires but now you can teach me why this would fail.

Hey robot bodies are probably stronger than humans so if a spirit can possess and be completely fused into a robot,maybe this possessed robot would have much stronger magick than us. Why did i post this?


Instant self aware machines without waiting for advanced technology to create artificial consciousness.

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We heard of haunted houses so why can’t the Internet be haunted?

In my opinion, a lot of dolls are creepy. Supposedly true stories have suggested inanimate objects were possessed by spirits.
Ventriloquism has a tie in to the black arts.

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Thanks. This is awesome but if that really happens,why is every town on Earth not full of Terminators,Johny Five,Freddy Fazbear,and Chucky?

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Because something has to be done to tie a spirit to an object, such as Solomon did with demons in brass vessels, genies in bottles, etc. There are some on here who are able to do such things.
Statues speak, but this may be a blind to the outside world, since often it is through telepathy or clairaudience to be able to hear a spirit.

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I suppose along the lines you’re asking would be something like a servitor anchored to an object such as a robot. Armies of servitors?
Mind you I dont know how servitors work exactly, but there are some on here who do.

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Alright. So based on what you said about telepathic talking statues,i guess even when a spirit is tied to an inanimate body such as dolls or robots,they might be unable to move or control their fake bodies the way we move our living bodies.

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I just said servitors as one option but then there is also the thought of forcibly fusing actual souls into robot bodies.

Anything that can possess a robot body and control it the way we control our human bodies would be perfect.

And this is just the beginning probably. Like imagine using magick to tie yourself to your own corpse and become the first real undead.

I don’t suppose someone can just be possessed by a strong spirit that will never let them die no matter what happens to their physical body?

Magic doesn’t work that way. It’s the same thing as thinking magic will let you snap your finger and let a fireball out. You’re not going to have literal walking corpses or literal dolls running around in front of you possessed by a spirit.

You can create anchors using dolls, poppet, etc, and servitors are created beings. But they don’t work the way you’re describing. That’s fiction.


Oh. Yeah i guess thats not too surprising. Although i thought it made more sense than Harry Potter or a cartoon wizard turning men into frogs.

You should probably scour the forums for books and posts on how magic actually works. This Thread has several beginners guides and tutorials.


Correct. Also in Five Nights at Freddies, the ghosts chose to possess the animatrons poltergeist style. The closest real life example is the Annabell doll, and similar dolls, and these only move when no one is looking at it, and of course this case has it’s debunkers so you’ll have to make up your own mind whether it’s real or not.

Other features of these dolls and other haunted objects like paintings, toys, dybbuk boxes, statues etc is bad luck that comes to the owners. Josephine McCarthy talks about this in some of her work on exorcism, sometimes someone buys a cool thing from an antique store or online, and all hell breaks loose, people get sick, die, house fires and breakages become the norm, taps and rapping the whole nine yards. It’s not fun, and they are not controllable.
If you want to get into the weird part of youtube fast search on these things there :slight_smile:


You might also be interested in this explanation here re the difference between reality and fantasy.

I’m linking the post from the Tutorials Directory for convenience as you can scroll up and down that for more titbits.:slight_smile:


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@Mulberry Thanks for explaining the reality of how possessed objects and dolls work. Also thanks for telling me i was right about how a spirit cannot use inanimate bodies like living biological bodies even with possession.

I already read that page about real magick vs fantasy magick but it didn’t make me understand how all my wild ideas were wrong. Although it did kinda remind me that reality seems to not have any CHOSEN ONES or SHOUNEN battle protagonists.

I probably will search through that “weird side of YouTube”.

I’m guessing you aren’t aware that the Warrens NEVER performed any exorcisms in any of their real cases?

Not gonna venture into the Annabelle doll topic beyond pointing out that reports have it that all their purportedly possessed and cursed objects that they collected were only locked up so people couldn’t use them or be affected by them, none of those objects were exorcised. Annabelle was supposedly locked inside a glass cabinet. What has happened to the stuff since their deaths, who knows?

The one thing that is for sure is that IF they collected cursed and possessed objects is that those things still are cursed and possessed because they never performed exorcisms on anything or anyone.

The Warrens only performed a seance in the actual case the conjuring was based on.

That said the Annabelle and conjuring movies are good movies, regardless of Hollywood’s alterations.

@ZombieDemon9000 As to possessed zombies and robots well zombies wouldn’t last very long as dead things including zombies decay.

Robots could work in the future but todays robots have a long way to go before we get robots like C3PO possessed or not.

Robots are still very limited in functionality so why would an entity possess them when they could possess a fully functional mobile human (they could do more with a human then a robot currently imo)? Just look at automotive arm robots used to build cars and the robots on battle bots you’ll see what I mean.

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@Kish Yes i just now read something from DarkestKnight that reminded me the dead decompose. Somehow i didn’t think of that when i had these ideas.

I was probably about to ask why possessed robots couldn’t get up and groove like C3PO and what makes our living biological bodies work for that but i think you basically gave me the answer to that.

I guess spirits can control our human possessed bodies simply because our brains and nervous system already work for controlling these bone filled meat bags.

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