Help from demonologist in California


I am in need of assistance of an experienced demonologist / magician in Southern California to help with a problem I’ve been having. I’ve worshiped Satan for several years, however, I believe I approached demons incorrectly, perhaps disrespectfully without meaning to (my mistake). And for several years, I’ve been having cut marks, scrapes and scratches on my body, (chest, stomach and legs) which usually show up in the morning. I had a horrible psychic attack using the pendulum, and never touched it again.

They keep getting worse, and the pattern seem to go in threes and in a V. I’ve racked my brain trying to come up with a logical explanation- but have come up with nothing.

I have repeatedly asked it to leave me and Apologized for disrespect, but it remains. I’ve read that these attacks are…not a good thing. If anyone can help, I would be grateful.

You did, you worshipped.


I think they want you to stand up for yourself and fight back! They are pushing you around so show them what you can do! You might “worship” them but that doesn’t mean you will take their bullshit! “Kneel for none”


Yeah, this isn’t ideal. First, it’s your house and your life, you command and you don’t apologise. These are lesser entities and deserve nothing from you. They’ve had their chance, they disrespected you and are feeding off you - banish properly or kill hem with fire.

Don’t rely on others to do your work - they’ll only go away temporarily and return when the hired hand is gone. You have to show them you’re not to be messed with.

Search here for the Parasites 101 thread for details on several ways to deal with parasites.


Interesting viewpoints. I had previously considered them somewhat parasites, but not their nature. I thought I was dealing with poltergeist or a pissed off demon or one just likes to fuck with humans. After eliminating natural causes, and realized this was supernatural I entertained this was either something marking me with a blessing or an attack. I consider it an attack. I looked on the parasites 101 and didn’t really see anything on the physical assaults. But I do see parasites have different motivations to latch on to their host, some are sexual and even to drive to suicide. Either way, they or it has to go and I’m thankful for your advice.


Are they testing me or feeding off off me ?

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Can be both, so idk really… but I know you have to stand up for yourself and put whoever is fkn with you in their place…

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How do you stand up for yourself in this case? Do an evocation or get into trance and tell them to fuck off?

I do that in dreams sometimes.
I called on angels using kabbalah sigils from a book, and it worked for me, but that was for an intranquil human spirit i believe.

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There is no one way fits all. However, your higher self will guide you to the best possible solution for you to deal with it. You have to know that your higher self has your back and your best interest because you are a part of it!
Some people are powerful enough that just their words could destroy any parasite! Wear your “god” outfit and command them to leave, then when you get back to being human and know they left because its “god” well!
My suggestion is educate yourself on the various ways you can protect yourself! Especially on the ways that doesn’t involve any outside entities, because you might even need to kick out those entities… Learn some self defence magick.
Protection Servitors are really helpful because you control them! But you need to learn how to construct, program and maintain them!

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Thank you. I just did a a cleansing with sage and commanded any and all dark energies and spirits to go and never come back and leave me. I used a white candle and said ‘I use fire to burn you’ away. I also have gems in a bowl of salt to absorb bad energy. Hopefully, this will work. I was also told to invoke Lucifer, angel of light.


Did you work with Abaddon? He is so powerful. Summon him for aid facing South East

You can work with Samael too conjure him facing East and tell him to aid and help you

A very helpful spirit is Haures, call him facing South

You can also try mantras of protection and kundalini, chakra mantras. By increasing your auric fields you get resistance to psychic attacks

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I really need assistance from a demonologist that can help me get rid of this. Someone please DM me.I don’t ask for help often, rarely but I’m in over my head here.

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I’ll bump it for you. Hopefully someone who can help, will come along and see.

You’ve already gotten great advice from experienced members like @MiKu And @Mulberry what more do you need?


I’ve used the advice here, it’s solid advice but Ive tried the approaches suggested and hasn’t worked.

I’d personally come and assist you, but unfortunately I live in North California. Anyway, best of luck to you.

Since its a full moon, I suggest you try using it!
Put water bottles outside after sunset and ask the moon to charge it for you to heal and cleans. Remove it before sunrise and keep it in a dark place. Drink from it 3 times a day for 3 days atleast. This should heal you internally, charge you up and dispell any leach.


I’ve just read this and I only see you setting boundaries when it’s to late, I don’t hear banishing or cleansing at all.

Learning - Just a rerun of the principles of protection and banishing for beginners - General Discussion - Become A Living God

With the holy water please use sage too and use this in the corners.


My advise:

  1. Ground yourself. Even walking in nature is grounding
  2. Preform a house cleansing together with a banishing in every room for example ‘I Am’ method mentioned above or the LBRP
  3. Use the simple banishing technique before your ritual and after
  4. When your energy is lower, use LBRP

Ok, but this is how you followed the advice? This is not what the advice said to do:

This is not magick, it’s wishful thinking.

Never mind the candle or what color it is.
Get up close and personal. Get into a meditative state, summon it, visualise the entity, and with intention SEE it glow white hot and vaporise, screaming and flailing, until only floating ashes are left. Keep doing it until you feel that is fully manifested in that level of reality. Until you can see and feel for yourself it’s gone, gone.

There’s a lot more in the Parasites tutorials you didn’t mention so I doubt you tried any of that to be honest.

This is “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” time. Learn and try, or continue being attacked.