Help from demonologist in California

I will try some of these suggestions. However, since moving it seems my body is not being scratched (yet) but my car keeps being scratched, the tint from the inside, when it’s locked. I’ve had a shaman bless it, a catholic priest, I’ve saged it inside and out, I will try these recommendations, I like handling stuff if I can, but truly believe I need personal assistance in person from an experienced expert. I will travel.

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Those are also experts. You’re only going to get more of the same. It’s how it is because there’s no magick bullet for these things, you have to try things and figure out what’s going on as you go.

What people often don’t realise is sending an entity away, as mentioned in the Parasite tutorials, doesn’t stop them from coming right back again as soon as the expert has left.

So you can keep calling people in and paying out for it, but if you ARE the expert you get two benefits:

  • one, you can keep trying things free, with consistency in energy and approach so you’re not always explaining the basics over again, and
  • two, you become the repelling factor, you can fix your wards, your shields, you get the message across that you personally are not to be trifled with.

Are you able to control your actions on the astral (energy) plane? Even if you can’t get out of your body, if you can enter a state of sleep paralysis sometimes just saying the word “banish” with a sense of authority can get rid of parasites.

There’s also an ability that I picked up on by accident after experiencing angels using their banishing light to get rid of parasites. I’m not sure how or why I’m able to do this, but if I concentrate light energy and raise the frequency in my mind (almost like DO-RE-ME) and then when the frequency gets as high as my stamina can handle, it releases as a massive and overwhelming burst of highly energetic light that banishes everything in the vicinity. I used to think that only angels and fallen/dark (Goetic) angels could do this, but if a regular human like me is able to do it, then it should be possible for anyone to do it, I’d assume. It first came to me by instinct in a moment of desperation when I was being overwhelmed by parasites, but if I ever discover the mechanics behind it I’ll share what I know.

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Hi everyone, I wanted to thank everyone for just very solid advice. I have consulted a couple others and the gist is, it’s most likely where I was living at the time and connected to a roommate. I’ve had little to no activity since moving, and I’m also wondering if it was connected to my theistic Satanism. This has felt like rocks being thrown at me in the dark from different directions. And I am working on getting night vision should it be reoccurring.