My Journal into Magick

In our workings we do seem to have a lot in common @AradiaX. :heart:

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6.15 Evocation of Lucifer

In my daily life, I’ve changed some things. They where reaching a boiling point. And I’ve set some goals that I’ve reached this week. Live changing goals. A part it was in my ascension learning/pact.

I’ve learned one thing that I think many people on this forum can profit from after my evocation with Lucifer:

‘The change starts with you’.
‘If you change, the universal laws will change easily with you. We block ourselves to often’

In my workings and thus teachings to you. I say: Stay positive. Even when you think something didn’t work. Imagine yourself that it did work. In most of the cases it did work but we block ourselves.

Have a blessed weekend.


We do :wink:


23/12 - 17.55 I am grounding ritual + Grounding with a pendulum
18.15 - Chakra Meditation
Pineal gland (Intelligence, Thoughtfulness, Awareness)
18.45 - LBPR

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So every evening I am doing the above schedule (I Am Energy/Grounding, LBPR and then meditation or evocation).
I will try to do meditation or evocation in the morning too. Two times a day.

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What I’ve didn’t discuss here is cleansing methods. Beside banishing this a good way to get rid of negative energy in your house (in the case of an imposter and how to prevent calling an imposter):

Preform a house cleansing:

  1. Bless water (with salt and vinegar) in the name of Source, God, Lucifer… (Choose your path), this is holy water.
  2. Then clean your house with vacuum cleaner and vinegar and stuff you always use. Open windows.
  3. Then in every corner bless the room with that holy water (sprinkle it) and in every opening (window).

You could sprinkle the water while you hold sage or sandalwood incense.

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Can I say and I don’t want this to be taken in any other way other than admiration ( from a beginner in the practising art, but I have read a lot. Its just recently got the balls to taking it further) This was absolutely fantastic and amazing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I have and will (if its ok ) come back to this for reference as I start my journey. Thanks again


Dear @Chris1, first of all many thanks for your feedback. It motivates to write more and help people develop in magick. When you are posting on a site it’s mostly a reply or a heart, but this is so good to hear.

I made this thread to document most things I encounter during my path and for others to read and learn from too. And I’m still walking this path so more will certainly come!

U may use this as a reference and come back if new things are posted, you are very welcome, as anybody on this forum!

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“I was, am now, and shall have no end”

26-05-2019 Appreciation ritual

Now in magick we try to get a better situation for ourselves.
What I’ve noticed I only worked on my pact. Only talked about working with a spirit and try to gain something out of it. I forgot the core being in spirituality that we are one with source…
I do thank spirits, but I needed something more to show my gratitude.

So yes in life I try to help others who are in need, but I didn’t show that in spirituality.

While as a Catholic we always pray for others and to be honest is nice to do something for another person. So this morning I did the following.

  1. Write down everything you’re grateful of with the date.
    Example: Being with the spirit I care about (‘I love our connection, I love when you are with me, I care for you’). Being with my family

  2. Write down everyone that needs a blessing.
    Example: My little niece, My uncle who has cancer.

  3. Write down what you hope for the world you live in.
    Example: Peace, no more war.

  4. I lighted the candles and incense.

  5. Meditate 10 minutes until you get in a trance.
    During meditation I always say the Enn of the Spirit (3 times) I work with. In this case a higher spirit or source because you want to get that energy in the Universe for that positive blessing.

  6. Gaze in the Sigil (how longer you gaze, the more you will get into trance) and recite the Enn (3 times) and call the spirit, invite it in your temple (‘talk to me in ways I do understand’).

  7. And then simply say what’s on your mind. Like a prayer, the things you noted.

Say this in the ritual (it’s an example, improvise)
‘I am grateful for my life, my being and that I’m surrounded with the spirits I care for and my family I love’.

Finish with So mote it be… or Amen

What I do to perform the I Am’s Solar Grounding ritual.

  1. Stand. Widen you’re legs a bit

  2. Breath in, breath out. with every breath 4 seconds. And yes holding your breath in and out too, for seconds, just like meditation

  3. imagine you getting bigger and bigger. So lage you get though your house, in the air above the earth.

  4. You see the sun and the earth, this is how big you are.

  5. Stand with one foot (left) on the earth and with one foot on the sun.

  6. now imagine drawing energy from the sun (the light) through your whole body (including your head and back) and push it into the earth.

  7. Do this four times and really imagine pulling the energy through yourself, guide it with your hands from legs too to head and back

  8. Rest and while your resting imagine the energy that comes from the sun through your whole body towards the earth. Without you doing anything

  9. Now repeat this 2 or 3 times (from step 6 till 8).

  10. Then take your foot of the earth and put in on the sun. Take that energy and guide it through your body like 3 times, do this one minute/

  11. Imagine you getting small again back to yourself in your home.

My experience with Samael mentioned below:

Protection. As you already read I really focus on protection. For new people in Magick and for advanced. We can easily mistaken another energy coming in through evocation.

I can smell and feel al lower energy, but not everybody can. So even if people don’t want to do a whole ritual for banishing. Please use the following:

  1. Imagine a white circle of protection around you before you evoke an entity.
  2. Say the following before the evocation or invocation: ‘I only invite the entity/spirit that I want to work with in my temple, other entities are uninvited and I want them to leave’.
  3. Say the following after the evocation or invocation: ‘All entities/spirits who are uninvited depart immediately’.

I’ve got this nice question from @Gwenevere

Yes you can decide which one you want to use. You can say your own banishing sentences. Which I have done in the message before this message. Or you can use the KOF incantation.

Remember that the I AM Solar banishing and LBPR work on your energy too. So for normal invocations/evocation you can use your own banishing or KOF. But if your energy is low and you need to banish, use the I Am Solar or LBPR.

And some people resonate more with KOF (Kingdom of Flames because of their background)

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Thank you :blush:

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Keep up the Good Work, Borgy!!!



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Thank you @Yberion (Berioth)

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Aura cleansing:


your BALG made me feel inspired to keep the hard work.


Thank you @Fallen_Human I still practice every day!