Learning - Just a rerun of the principles of protection and banishing for beginners

I did this because I get to many messages form people that have problems with parasites.

As a beginner I would advise you to take control of your Evocation. Yes you are the boss. If you don’t set boundaries, you are a walking poster board for parasites and negative energies.

The first aspect of protection and balance is Grounding

Walk in nature for example a forest, park. And just sit down on that bench with your feet solid to the ground and imagine that your feet are going into that ground, into the earth. Feel that you have a connection with the earth. This is the way you ground. Walk in nature, be with nature. That’s the first step in protecting yourself.

The Circle of protection

Everyone can draw a circle with chalk and say the following affirmation ‘this circle will protect me against negative energies’. Drawing sets your intend. But there are two other methods.

  1. Imagine a white light surrounding you and do the same affirmation ‘this white light will protect me against negative energies’

  2. The same you can do with a circle. Imagine a white circle around you and do the same affirmation ‘this white circle will protect me against negative energies’

If you get more advanced you will play with colors. Blue for repairing aura, golden sun light etc…

Banishing affirmation to start and to end a ritual (if you don’t do the LBRP, explained tomorrow)

  1. When you start a ritual say: ‘I invite only the entity/spirit/Angel/Daemon that I work with in my temple. Other negative energies that come through need to depart immediately’.

  2. When you end a ritual say: ‘I’ve invited only the entity/spirit/Angel/Daemon that I work with in my temple. Other negative energies that came through need to depart immediately’.

Now why would you need this?

I have seen many beginners that just tried evocation and then came at a forum ‘help me’. They got nightmares and it was always a negative energy that came through with the Daemon or Angel they where summoning. Sometimes it’s a test (had that myself, I learned cleansing whole houses from my own mistakes), but sometimes it’s something you don’t want in your house.
So especially when your not advanced. Focus on that circle (even if you only use your imagination instead of drawing) and say the affirmation before you start. State that negative energy is not welcome.

A Daemon is a higher energy on a higher vibration. That is different than low level (low vibration) entities. So when your depressed, you drank a lot or you used drugs, be careful because your vibration is lower.


Lesser Banishing Ritual Of the Pentagram

In most cases you the first post will work. But sometimes you forget something, or be a bit lazy and then you get some negative energy that slips through.

You feel something (get a little depressed), it smells strange in the house. Little poltergeist activity (don’t worry, it’s not like the movies). Or have a very bad dream.
Something negative came through during your evocation.

Then it’s time to ground, cleanse and get rid of negativity. We do that with one of the most powerful rituals called the
Lesser Banishing Ritual Of the Pentagram.

A pentagram stands for protection and this ritual calls on source (Elohim aka God) and the 4 Archangels. It stands for:

  • Grounding

  • Cleansing/Healing

  • Banishing

  • Getting your vibration on a higher level and balances energies.

Now I was raised as a Catholic, I do white magick, black magick. I’m still on both paths because I think there needs to be balance.
I hate Christian dogma for example about Lucifer (my Patron). But I know how the other side thinks, talks about God (YHVH) too.

I’m somewhere in the middle and in my life I’m a mediator. I think that’s why I’m on both paths and draw my own conclusions. Forget dogma in this lesson and take this with you. It’s my opinion, but it brings more opportunities:

At this moment there is no war. There are disagreements. But both entities Angels and Fallen Angels can work together and sometimes they even point you to an opposite.

I wanted to say this because I will post 2 videos of the Lesser Banishing Ritual. E.A. Koetting (Left Hand Path) video is quite clear. But for learning purposes I personally like the video of Helen Demetriou (tends towards White Magick).It’s guided and everyone can do it.

Now keep in mind. Some people do the banishing ritual with a sword, dagger. But in the spirit world you only have your own strength, your own energy so I don’t use a dagger. But if you want to use it, go ahead, it helps you with setting your intend and that’s what magick is all about.


Vid E.A. Koeting LBRP:


Vid Helen Demetriou Guided:


Dark Lord version:


I’m a few days away for surgery, I will answer questions after that.


Thanks a lot for this :slight_smile: hope your surgery goes well

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Sorry for the silly question, but why being in nature protects us? Just asking by curiosity.

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Well the basic of magick is the Universe. Every intend you send in magick, you send into the unsiverse. The Universe consist of energy. Light/Dark (balance).
And the universe insist of elements. Fire, Water, Air, Earth (ground).
With fire you create energy,
With wind (air) you create energy
Water creates energy
With earth you control energy. You’re wall outlet for electricity needs grounding.

If you swim in sea people heal, wounds heal.
If you would use mud treatment you heal
The sun gives you energy. heals vitamine D.
Nature look at the mud, heals.

Now grounding is getting back balance, by getting back energy.
Now in magick we can call upon the energies. This will work, see my article grounding by pendulum.
But if we go out and go to the source, we get much more energy and that gives us back balance.
And balance between light and dark, protects us.

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Thank you for the detailed reply. I’ll check your article.

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And see the negative flow away going away (burning outside of your body) while imagine a blue aura protecting every bit of your body…