I decided to leave a bio for those curious to know about me.

Interests outside of this:
chemistry, art, drag, makeup, working out and random stuff on the PC, watching anime, creating shit

Books I am reading:
The unseen realm
Love with the vedis
Bio on Swami Rama
American gods

I wandered on to this site after a series of unfortunate events in my personal and public life. There was not much I could do I felt. I had lost faith in everything, even myself. This forum was one of the steps that helped me to clear out the fog I was stuck in.

I come from a devout catholic background. My extended family intertwine church with culture. I hated a lot of things I had to deal with, but looking back, the values and structure that life held my family together. I also acquired a lot of knowledge about the faith.
When my mental health was a mess and I was sexually confused, the answers from the church made no sense.

My practicing took a while to developed. I prayed a lot though.
I started divination in highschool with tarot and pendulums. Through media, I did get awareness of the occult, but I was very scared that it pushed me back from getting deeper into different gods, goddesses and spirits.
Once I was in college, I thought maybe I was an athest, coming from a scientific background, there can always be non-spiritual reasons for why things happen. I even got into an atheist group. We talked about observable things. But the deeper I got into that, the more apparent it become that they don’t even believe what they preach either.

I still experienced too many coincidences and paranormal stuff that I couldn’t explain away. Physics and Genetics classes in schoool also actually supported some of the seeds of doubt in my heart. There really isn’t enough ways to test phenomena. Measuring something alters the thing being measured.
I struggled with anxiety and depression since highschool, and I was on the search to find ways to manage it.
Culminating into things related to that, at the end of 2020. I had to change something and go head deep into what is pulling me. I weaned myself off of anxiety medication with CBD. I changed things in my life and started research on demons, angels and everything magic. Even topics that scared me off, I decided to learn about. I came to the fact that ignoring signs has caused me to be where I am. I think anxiety medication helped me for some moments in life, but it also worsened situations.

So I am in the process of learning and applying things, I would love to write a book about getting out of depression with the magic. I wouldn’t say I am out of it, but I feel so much better.

Add on instagram if you want more of my musings.

Thank you.