Healing Work: Lucifer's Red Queen, His Beloved One

I have felt his utter passion for her. His twin flame. His equal. His other half. His mighty Red Queen.

So I got this simple image of yellow (Lucifer) and Red. Now feel each of the colors as two whole, and separate energies.

Then simply merge the two together. Use the orange color energy to heal your emotional wounds. Or in basic enegy work. Or ritual. Cleanse your stomach chakra. Whatever you feel is needed. Or just to feel their passion and love for each other, and you as well.



Out of curiosity, who is this Red Queen?


It’s either a spiritual connection. Or someone he already knows. I’ve read a lot for understanding the last couple of days on this.

Pretty interesting stuff.


Thanks for sharing! That does emit energies alright. I may need to look into it further, in the future.

Lilith is the red queen. Anyways thanks, @Purple for this🌹


No, she is not. Lilith very name is nothing more then a Jewish slur on an other old goddess.

Red… Who is rides the RED seven beast in the bible? Which is really an insult to the primordial goddess in truth? Tiamat.

I use both Babylon and Lucifer’s name from the bible because both have incredible power behind them. My own small way of reclaiming them BACK.


Ok…respectfully agree to disagree…many names many masks…thats from my experiences with them.


I have been working with this pantheon of gods for over 20 years. All the info I downloaded links up with the historical records that as survived over thousands of years.



And maybe this one called Lilith is back.

I find this interesting!

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That’s what a human would say about them. I wouldn’t say that to their faces. Each as their own cosmic history and stories.

I don’t go by human names for this beings. I have sit down and asked them to share with me their personal tales, and they have. I think they get and sick and tired of people asking them for shit. I consider them my closest friends. Saying they are merely masks is fucking insult to them and to me.


@Purple First of all, you know not a damn about thing about me. I mentioned Lilith and your easily triggered. Being a human has nothing to do with this other than thats how we humans have renamed the same deity over and over through aeons. You don’t know what I’ve been through nor you don’t know what type of relationship I share with Lucifer (Heylel) and Lilith.

Have a good day.



And we’re all entirely entitled to our opinions.

You’re a Goddess, right? So, please act like one and let us “humans” have our own opinions.

I’m learning most Goddesses are very kind and aren’t offended by little annoyances. For in the eyes of another, all are Goddesses in their in own right.

You’re offended by something so small? Excuse my smile, for the one I am next to just states: You need to see the bigger picture! :slightly_smiling_face::heart::sparkling_heart:


That’s not true at all. Athena cursed a woman because she got raped in her temple. Most gods are petty. Who is going to stop them?



I’ll never understand this forced connection with Tiamat and Lucifer, Tiamat and Apzu yes. But Lucifer seems like a stretched attempt to put him in a place he doesn’t belong as many here tend to do with the Infernal.


I personally love this and find it amusing.

Wait…so Athena cursed Medusa for getting raped?!





I’m not going to argue with you for the sake of arguing with you. The Goddess I know personally is still very human with her humanity intact.

You’d do well to learn from the humanity of your human side before you get all destroyed from the God complexity I’ve noticed with most of you “Gods” and “Goddesses”.

I’ll tell you one thing - is fairly sure she’s NOT what name was given to her. She accepted it. But she won’t reveal the name given, because she thinks it was an imposter. And right now, she just wants to be human. And to grow! To have a very human experience.

My lanta, so many complexes of nature. You’d do well to remember what world you live in. We all would. Now, I don’t know about you. But I need a Snickers, because I feel hangry.

So happy my friend has her humanity.

If Lucifer=Enki then Lilith was always his lover, now if Lucifer=Abzu which is not even close then I can see it but Lilith being Tiamat and Tiamat being Lucifer’s lover makes no sense. It’s like trying to glue together completely unrelated puzzles and going “it came like that”


There is a good reason I didn’t put a name for the Red Queen in the first place. To each their own.

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