Coming Workings

I have several ideas brewing in my head. Two of ideas I have already made threads for. My Lucifer healing is part 1, and the warrior is part 2.

What are people needing on here? I am looking for people willing to try out my ideas.

I would like to incorporate vampire/love work.

Mars/Venus. Hades/Persephone.



Oomancy (egg magic).

Lucifer Healing Threads

Warrior Threads


I think there are a lot of people on here with love/sex and money on their mind that they would like help with, but also the underlying problems with limitations that block that progress.


Highly sensitive Thelemic tunnels of Set subject for me. I will read it wearing astral “Warhammer 40k” power armor with an astral Imperial rosarius activated. I ship Venus and Aries.

This I like, I’ve been interested in this subject for a long time due to the way I understand the “Book of the Law”. Please, share with us your theories and procedures.

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