Hi everyone, this is my intro post!

I’ll just dive in and identify myself as a Nathul’Gahai, which is like saying ‘dreaming doctor’ but translates to dream travelling. In our ways our ‘father’ gives us dreams, songs, and visions about what we need to see to best help and heal people. I used to be a jesus freak style pentecostal, but after a series of traumatic but ultimately beneficial for me events I left christianity in the early 2000’s. I looked around spiritually, but couldn’t find what i was looking for, but i always carried the words of a girl i chatted with online that identified herself as a Luciferian Priestess; about how she honored the illuminated aspect of Lucifer, that he was equal to or better than yahweh, and considered any of the satan aspect to be propaganda meant to make him sound evil.

Long story short, my Native medicine led me to Lucifer. (Medicine people in our tribe have a very strong connection to the morning star.)

when my guardian led me to Lucifer, I started praying to him. I started officially calling myself Luciferian a couple months ago, and I’ve suddenly found myself on the LHP, but it doesn’t feel wrong. it feels like it’s exactly where i need to be to break the chains that still hold me back. I feel Alive. like the rubber gloves are off and i can experience the world again.

TLDR, Theistic Luciferian Nathul’Gahai Witch that wants to heal the world. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star_struck::joy:


Welcome to the forum.


Welcome :blush:


Welcome to the forum. Please check out my threads. They might be of some use. I will be expanding on this Lucifer healing work I am currently doing.

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